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  1. Season Active Member

    From my experience, there is a very small number of people that this is true for.

  2. Wigglesngiggles New Member

    Only that in TLE server it's more like you paying for bread and water while the guy over is getting a steak for the same price, and you also have to pay extra for silverware.

    You haven't read what Adon has said very well have you? At least the fact that you claim people are being arrogant leads me to believe so. Are you also insinuating that Adon and his guild do not help others because they are "#1"? lol
  3. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I don't think he realizes that a lot of players in my guild don't know game mechanics perfectly, or understand the game back and forth, i'd say majority don't as opposed to those who really know the game.
  4. kitleez Member

    Please fix heroic gear, and mark gear, and give people a reason to do zones. It is hard to tune raid content when you have so many more variables that makes the content so much easier, it is even easier now then it was on SH which is amazing. I agree on making hardmode more difficult even if its a blanket hp/damage buff for them.
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  5. Atan Well-Known Member

    Actually I do. From watching streams and looking at parses from a number of guilds, I'm 100% sure pushing the right buttons is a significant contributing factor.

    The next most significant factor is not understanding gear and picking what is the best gear for the encounter.
  6. Atan Well-Known Member

    A number of us have repeatedly offered help to other raid leaders and players.

    I personally invested in more guilds being more successful, for me it means a healthy server, healthy game economy, and continuation of the game.

    I also agree with Adon, Momentum is not hard core at all. It's a casual guild that happens to have a few players and leaders that are knowledgeable, but you'll find many of our members unadorned, and lacking knowledge in game mechanics. We only focus on correcting the most egregious behaviors that prevent progression.

    The closest thing to a HC guild on FG was Neustart, but they were really just HC on their raid schedule, their mechanics knowledge, dps, etc were not well optimized. But like us they had a couple of skilled players and a few wallet warriors to be good enough to be #1 till content got a little hard.
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  7. Khun New Member

    I’ve read every post here, and i agree with adon for the most part. Hard mode dov back in the day was an excellent raiding experience for me and the itemization/gearing was well done and rewarding. I think we would all like to see that on this server. It’s not going to happen thought. At most they’re gonna add 50% hp to all the mobs and then take extended Christmas vacations.

    . I think the only mistake you’re making is because your guild is so well coordinated you assume everyone can get there. The problem with that logic, is you can only control 1/24 of a raid force, and influence others. Because there’s not proper itemization, previous content’s bis still reign supreme. Of course content is going to be easy as a result. For players who don’t have all the best gear, Hunter items, avatar charms, etc, they’re limited on their maximum potential. And as Adon was saying, a lot of players do play suboptimally , not all of us have the luxury of shirking/replacing them.
  8. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Quoted because I was so amused by this line about DoV having great itemization.

    We cleared two zones tonight missing a enchanter, and boxing a dirge all night. We also boxed a channeler through one of the zones. The hunter item's are whatever, avatar charms (lol?).
  9. Caul Shivers Active Member

    He also threw in the "we semi-fixed it before you got there" rubbish.

    Gimme a break, most if not all broken charm mobs are easy to get to and competent guilds got to them the same day (including QQ, what in the world makes you think you were the only ones to give feedback of the charm resetting the mob - everyone got to it the first day the zone launched... We saw the charm, reported it and "noped" out of there - being the last guild on SH I have no interest in fighting broken mobs on FG, having done it before), and it's not like Silverwing, QQ, Xebnok etc. are locked behind some unbeatable wall of content that the rest of us peasants can't begin to comprehend.

    No encounter on FG or SH in terms of difficulty, challenge or organization has been anywhere nearly as frustrating as Silverwing resetting a million times before they fixed him.
    So, yes, FG is, and always has been in a much better state than SH.
  10. Davito Active Member

    There are a few, but honestly not as many as you are making it sound like. And I'm not saying that to be a jerk. Moreso saying it to prove a point. If you sent me a list of 5 I can gaurentee I can find a minimum of 3 things wrong or could be better on their spec, let alone their cast order or gear choices.

    First of all, no you don't. Secondly, we spoon-feed strats to guilds constantly who are having problems and we have no problem doing so. We legit want the server to be healthy enough to have competition - since that's what makes playing even more fun. We gave Exodus the strat for Master P in shard of hate just the other day for example.

    Most of our utility doesn't parse real high either tbh - and it's w/e. They do however for the most part know how to buff correctly. And that's the difference. Which is directly correlated to the statement you made right after this sentence that I also addressed just below.

    The same buttons? Sure. The same order, or similar order - No. Otherwise the same class wouldn't be parsing 3x+ the next highest on server. Again, not saying it to be cocky - it's just the truth.

    You clearly never pulled Miragul or Munzok on FG with the charm bug (In addition to QQ which had same issue but was super easily 1-pulled after adjusting to the no pets). They instant reset over and over if there were any pets up -including but not limited to dumbfires, appearance pets, and familiars. The simple solution that was to simply remove all of these from being a viable charm option. In turn making the fights a lot harder due to lower DPS. Also made mobs hit crazy hard because you couldnt have the channeler pet up - and the current content was actually tuned for having a channeler in tank group. Miragul wasnt killed for weeks after they fixed the charm AND nerfed the crap out of hp/damage on Miragul. Even AFTER fixing the charm AND nerfing the encounters HP and damage, there was/is still only 1 guild that has killed Munzok after 10 weeks as well.

    Again none of the above is to call you guys out really. But the comments being made are fairly ignorant and uninformed.
  11. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Cleared Tox Lair/Labs. For the remainder of our raid days we will double clear the zones, first full week of raids, double clearing zones.

    Killing a few easy mode mobs in under 30 seconds and having people parse 200k without any gear upgrades is also fun, can't wait to see how fast we can kill a lot of these mobs once we have new itemization changes/new gear.

    I also can't wait to kill 3 sages hard mode and 4 rune theer to get loot worse than frostfell.

    Edit: we also cleared the hard modes with the entire raid wearing christmas hats, thats the secret to killing hard modes.
  12. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Have they said anything about what exactly will be updated? All hardmode raid bosses? Will heroic gear be relevant so we can farm marks for more than apperances? What about sig lines, most of that gear is awful, especially the tank items.
  13. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    No, i'm pretty sure we will find out thursday and then they will mute the fallen gate discord channel again until DoV pokes around in which case they will maybe throw out a few one liners and change a few mobs.
  14. Caul Shivers Active Member

    I literally said that.
    We pulled QQ, got the reset, reported it and"noped" out of there.

    Stormhold QQ we killed with no pets, we saw no point in doing it again in a broken state on a another server.
    Also, thank you for explaining how to kill a mob we killed in the exact same way on SH (and it was never fixed).
    We did it on SH, we saw no point in suffering through broken content for stuff we killed already on two different servers (Live back in the day and then SH).

    Literally every mob that could have been broken on SH - was broken. From Silverwing, MMIS vampires, Xebnok, Perah, QQ, Miragul, you name it, it was broken. And that doesn't take into account that about half of Kingdom of Sky raid mobs were unkillable because adds were overconned as epics.

    So yes, again, FG is miles ahead of what SH was in that regard.
  15. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    I didn't even know master P had a strat, other than exploding like a cheap pinata at mardi gras
  16. Season Active Member

    I mean, if everyone presses the same buttons we should just have two guild's switch toons. I play some guilds SK and they'll play mine and so forth for the rest of the guild. See who kills more.

  17. kitleez Member

    The mobs would be more fun if you didnt allow people to wear super OP broken frostfell gear that you know is not intended. I understand it is there and it is tempting to wear, but everyone who has seen that gear knows the difference it makes.
  18. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Only 1/2 our raid has it, and I was wearing one piece last night compared to our other t1's wearing 3-4 pieces of it and we were all still doing 160k-200k+ on some nameds.

    But it's also frostfell in norrath, I can't expect my raiders to not get into the christmas spirit and not where christmas gear!?!!
  19. Davito Active Member

    Lol that was more of a troll because it should be. But watching them wipe 4 times on stream last week we had to let them know what they were doing wrong.

    Haven't had a chance to help any guilds this xpack yet. But last xpack I did zone other guild leaders/officers (3 or 4 diff guilds) into our cleared instances and showed them positioning and explained the strats in detail. They then went on to kill stuff the following raid that they had been working on for weeks.

    I also like to stroll through streams and always help when I see people are stuck on something.
  20. Doomey Member

    Lol, that's pretty bad. The total lack of effort put into tuning and itemization on fallen gate is unsettling.

    Part of enjoying a new expansion for raiders (especially on a TLE server where most strats are known) is having something to work towards. Theres always been a road block where you need gear or x item to get past certain encounters. It's fun setting goals and aiming to gear everyone up so you can overcome the obstacles. That's completely gone now. In addition to that, the items arent even upgrades. What in the world has happened?
    Even the easy mode raids are totally laughable. I understand they are easy modes and they were easy on live when SF came out but it sure took more than just having 12 people with a pulse. My guild killed a few mobs the other day with 2 and a half groups and a lot of people in worse than woe gear using apprentice spells.

    Things need to change. I guess on the bright side if we could have Christmas gear in every slot we might be able to get some statistical upgrades!

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