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    Incoming wall of text, if you don't raid hard mode encounters, or clear zones. Please stay clear of the thread.
    Do you really believe it should be this easy? At this point i'm not going to have a raid force by the time Underfoot Depths comes out. I really hope you plan on making some adjustments otherwise, I better open up my recruitment for anyone who wants to raid.

    We had a three week delay for this expansion, and what do we have to show for it? Ports opened up to avoid giving us guild halls and a nerf to the heritage quest gear which probably only went in because people were so adamant to have it removed.

    The raid council forums are silent, these forums are silent, discord is silent. Did you forget TLE exists? Is there a plan? The silence is truly deafening at this point. You are posting in other sections daily, accepting feedback, opening beta forums for the live expansion, yet there hasn't been a single feedback thread in the entire history of the TLE server. Why is this? Does our feedback not matter? Do you get it from specific players? If so why don't you consult the only guild's leadership who is killing your content on your server, I know for a fact no one has approached Momentum's leadership to really balance anything. Fyreflyte tried, he didn't always do the best things for the server but he tried, communicated, and that was greatly appreciated. You ban basically everyone from discord for having feedback that you don't consider constructive or don't want to hear, and then don't post here. The perception of this is that you frankly don't care about our feedback.

    Give me anything really, munzok/miragul were great, the mobs were killed pre-nerf and required 15-30 minutes of focus, strategy, co-ordination and also had a high check on your raid force. This? This isn't even close. Unless the few hard mode mobs we haven't pulled are magically going to be incredibly harder, I have zero hopes of keeping my raid around, we can get better loot for our time by going back to content that we have been killing for fifteen weeks now. Ward of Elements gear is best in slot for anyone not raiding, I know this is a post about raiding, but it's worth mentioning. No one is going to run any of your heroic/raiding content.

    I know you are trying to make mobs easier to allow more people to kill things in this expansion, but your strategy is just not working even in the slightest. Raiding is dieing. Making everything easier isn't helping it either. I want challenge. There is a abundance of easy mode content in this expansion and just a small amount of hard mode encounters, yet nothing was tuned. You have had multiple guilds fold in the past few months due to negligence on the server, and frankly; my guild is coming next. The content being discussed, no one will even get to outside of maybe four guilds, why don't you talk to those four guilds, figure it out with them. Ask them what they think, get their feedback. These are the players buying into your pay to win scheme, the people who buy familiars, buy ancients, buy the expansions they will never play just to min max their characters.

    I don't mind easy content, I actually think it is healthy for the game and allows people to jump into raids and kill some mobs. Sentinel's Fate is a shining example of that, you have the entire expansion divided into Easy mode, Medium Mode, and Hard mode. Right now it feels like everything is just tuned exactly the same. The initial easy mode mobs in Labs have under 20 million HP lower than the hard modes, how does this in any way make sense? Our raid wide is easily pushing 700k-900k right now, am I supposed to fight mobs for 20 seconds longer and accept that that is our raids challenge mode? Maalus Imbued with all of our raid in last tier armor died in under three minutes. What is going to happen once we are all 90? 250 AA's? Have the few upgrades we can get this expansion? Do we just start straight burning everything like EoF with four druids, and raid one night a week?

    Mob's don't hit hard, Aoe's dont hit hard, mobs are nothing but training dummies that we loot the boxes for at the end. 3/4's of my raid has never raided any of this content, the rest of them it has been years since they have done. Scripts we figure out on the fly, and the mobs die first or second pull. HM ox's dps check is an actual joke, we killed it with over two minutes remaining on the timer, the adds were aoe'd down, and the channeler probably went afk mid fight because of how boring it was for everyone in the raid. The difficulty to this encounter was keeping people alive, keeping tanks alive, meeting the check while dealing with the lag. Right now? None of that, it's no different than the first named in labs.

    This has been an issue since t5, but I expected after the avatars and TSO that we were finally being listened to. But I was wrong, we are now digressing in regards to raids.

    Waansu is broken right now and his adds aren't healing the name when they die, AoE's seem to not matter considering we can literally face tank 90% of them with full last tier resist jewelry and last tier stamina numbers on everything in a full offensive raid setup.

    There are 7 HM encounters throughout the first 3 zones. This means that seven mobs should be something that people have to work on, yet right now they are the easy mode mobs with a hard mode name slapped onto them. At this point we had people not even 90, full last expansion gear, no one at capped AA's, and all the mobs including hard mode's all fall over in 1-2 pulls.

    Toxxulia is easier than the hard modes we have already cleared, the same thing was waansu. This leaves me arkanthis/4 rune theer to work on for 5 weeks. Theer's ghost add can actually be burned down, which removes the exploding add portion to the encounter that made it so hard for so many guilds to kill it. So that leaves us with just having to deal with another mob that our main tank is tucked into the corner of the board for and another set of adds.

    All of this is topped off with itemization having absolutely zero changes to it yet Kander saying that loot was being changed before the expansion launched. At the moment i'm looting things off of hard mode encounters to transmute, off the first kill. People don't want to bid on anything, majority of my bids were hopes that the random itemzer would make the item better than it is now.
    I don't even know how to give feedback, developer responses in this section are lacking, there is zero communication between players, developers won't respond on discord.

    You have easily three years of feedback on TLE's so far, people want enticing itemization and a middle ground on difficulty so players of all types can enjoy the game, you failed to do both of these things, every single expansion launch now.
    Where is the carrot really.
  2. Okanagan Member

    Well said
  3. veredeth New Member

    As long as they only make changes to the "hardmode" mobs and leave rest alone. Tired of the top raid guilds whining wanting everything harder harder harder and making it tougher for the non PTW players and people that don;t play 24/7, or the less hardcore to kill the raid bosses.

    Personaly I rather leave the raids tuned where they are and have itemization fixed first.
  4. Okanagan Member

    Have you pulled any of the current raid content, or are you talking without having done it?

    The current content, is the same damage output and HP pool as last expansions content (level 80). If by 'easy' you mean, everyone in your raid can go afk and auto attack the mob to death then I'm going to have to say most of the casual players you claim to represent are going to disagree with you.

    There is no scenario where raids should progress backwards. It makes zero sense from any point of view for raids at level 80 to be harder than content at level 90. What is the purpose of doing the level 90 raids if they are easier and drop worse loot?
  5. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    If you actually read what I said you would see I said hard mode mobs. There is over 3x the amount of easy mode content as there is hard mode content this expansion. Even more when you factor in the week six content, which adds 20-30 more easy mode mobs and 8 more hard mode mobs. Majority of those in wing 3/hm construct/vaclaz I'm confident only momentum will kill.

    Hard mode should be hard, there should be something to get players to want to play, none of the current game's situation is doing that.

    If itemization is fixed and mob's aren't tuned you will have pug raid's clearing hard modes.

    Here is a post from over a year ago with tons of feedback from stormhold players and yet the same things happened. Again.
  6. Davito Active Member

    So you would rather have current tier raid content be 75% clearable by a single group (6-man) of players just 2 days into the xpack? Because that is the current status it is in. We have 3 mobs left in the xpack just 2 days in, and we couldnt pull them because we killed other versions of the mobs. The iconic HM mobs of the xpack will die in 1-2 pulls next week (next raid day) and you will have the server die as a response.
  7. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Excellent statement, Adoninilol. Voicing substantive feedback is probably the only real way to get some useful response.
  8. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)]KanderToday at 12:10 PM


    We will be doing a pass on buff packages for raid bosses, end bosses/hard modes will get a bump, which will be temporary, then later in the expac we will reduce them, again, for the more casual guilds. We will be doing a small pass on Raid itemization . Most will come the 13th, we cannot patch until then due to EverQuest’s expansion launch next week on the 11th. That is the soonest we can do anything, we have had a lot of end year stuff come down the pike. We will also, in the same process, do a pass on the Hole Raid and the Icy Keep raid as well. [Yes, Shard of Love will be coming with those].

    Kander Discord post, I really hope he plans on doing an itemization pass for everything, otherwise I better prepare to start one grouping some raids with pick ups.

    I'm also amused that he is catering to the casual players considering they already have over 3-4x as much easy mode content as we do hard mode content.

    Apparently there should be no reward for killing hard content, instead it all just gets nerfed for the casual players to kill it. Unless they plan on nerfing the scripts themselves it's pointless as the scripts are too intensive for any of the casual guilds.
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  9. Wigglesngiggles New Member

    Could not have said it better myself and I agree with every single thing you said. I would be hard pressed if anyone legitimately disagrees with what you said and has valid points to back that up. This game has turned into a joke and all of it is due to negligence on the part of the devs towards content and communication.

    I got banned, I think it was around RoK, from their discord for pointing out that itemization was still broken after the second time they tried patching it. Which is why I, and some others I played with are quitting. I loved this game, and I was ecstatic to return after life forced me to take a break because of the TLE server. Yet time and time again, DBG fails to listen to their customers and even worse they silence them. Do they think if they get rid of the more critical feedback that players will think everything is all peachy? If that's the case than they think their players are ignorant and oblivious,

    I sincerely hope they wake up and take what you said into high consideration.
  10. Season Active Member

    The super casual playerbase has been killing hardmode content in MMOs for years. For some reason they feel that they should be able to kill everything and that it is unfair for some mobs to be out of reach
  11. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    I dont understand why they want to kill off heroic content on this server. No one on this server raids more than 3 days a week and the other 4 days there is hardly anything to do, theres no reward or anything.

    Why not make legendary gear have 4 blue stats and a slight upgrade from previous tier fabled?
    Why not make fabled gear 5 blue stats and a bigger upgrade from previous tier fabled?

    Why would anyone do the weekly and daily now? There is no point in the yellow marks and EVERYTHING you can get and upgrade now comes straightly from raid content. I mean how hard is it to make all content relevant really? I look forward to the raid changes, but goddamn, why do insist on killing off group content every time a new expansion is unlocked? I just dont get it.
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  12. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I agree, heroic content is where youll spend the most time, if heroic content had any reward to them.
  13. Spelzguk New Member

    Heyy i got banned today from their discord for pretty much saying what everyone has been saying about the blatent lack of attention to this expansion and not setting it up right. Hell if they needed another delay, what choice do we have but to wait?But yet again it was rushed and here we are. I just think its funny to throw down the ban hammer to any negative comment calling them out on their lack of attention. Sorry but when I put a lot of money into something then there's just a few things I expect and answers to simple questions is one of them.
  14. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    You aren't missing anything, there's pretty much like 3 or 4 people left that post in that dumb channel, since they pretty much kicked everyone from it. Occasionally Kander will post some smug nonsense but that's about it.
  15. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Forums are still being ignored. No plan has been presented to solve our issues sans a small one liner by kander.

    I guess they really don't care.
  16. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Oh also before I forget, frostfell gear is best in slot.

    I remember like three weeks ago I was joking that they would forget to take out the frostfell gear tuned for a later live expansion equippable at 90, and I was correct.

    I wish I had a place to tell them about this kind of stuff before it comes in but, I email kander and I get no reply, I post here and get no reply, and i'm banned from discord.

    Why raid when you can go to frostfell?
  17. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Even though Fallen Gate is following in the foot steps of its predecessor, there are still good things happening on the internet.
    has surpassed 500 million views!
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  18. veredeth New Member

    Oh Boo Hoo

    You hard mode big time raiders got your way with TSO and catered to and had mobs buffed which left the slower guilds that don't PTW and rush content to be first unable to kill a lot of the raids. I remember On Stormhold in KoS xpac when they catered to the raiders and borked everything for the casual player. Hell you raiders even have a " raid council " where you can do input with the Devs, something the casual players do not. I say stop catering to the raiders on everything, but hey Kander said they were going to buff the hard mode, so congrats on getting your way again and screwing the rest of the player base. I guess its only good when the top couple raid guilds get what they want and screw the rest. Well I say screw you guys.
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  19. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    I wonder when you, the so called "casual" player base will learn that his has nothing to do with P2W what so ever. This is a learn to play issue.

    There is no content in eq2 TLE where you need to pay to win anything, you didnt need in in previous expansions and you most likely wont need it in SF either. The level of players on FG is incredible low and there might be no more than 50 to 60 compotent players playing on the server. The rest should stick to decoration or trying to improve instead of trying to push content you one pull two times a week for 12 weeks.

    And how do I know this? Well ive seen some raids on twitch from several of the casual guilds on FG and let me tell you this, the numbers are awful, the raid setups are awful, the raid and tank positioning is awful, healers takes 4+ seconds to cure anything and executing the few raid scripts that works fails 9 out of 10 times.

    If you people had YOUR way, you would want everything to be tank and spank with more Health Points.

    Sorry if this offend you, but its the honest truth. Now get back to the point of this thread, items being horrible, which they are.
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  20. Season Active Member

    I've killed everyting since I've started playing and i literally bought the one familiar that doesn't come from the crate and thats it. I played for 6 hours first day, which is a lot for me. That got me level 90 and ER because we play well and get things done. You have plenty of stuff that is literally just stand there and hit buttons til it dies. Why does it bother you so much that the Hard mode stuff is goign to be HARD. Is it your egoing getting hurt that you aren't capable of getting it? Then try to improve, its not a big deal. If we can do it with a lot less P2W than you think then so can you. Plus with less time raiding than most of the other guilds. We only raided 2 nights a week late in TSO.

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