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    Explanation -

    Strength Line -
    Primarily the reason you spec into this line is for Catalyst. The extra crit. doesn't hurt either. The dodge is useful there have been numerous times where I have pulled agro on a single add and this single talent kept me alive for the 2 seconds it took for the tank to pull it back to him.

    Agility Line -
    Recovery speed, this is the time between when you cast an ability (CA or Spell) in which you can cast another, current default is 0.5. Side note: this also affects the amount of time a spell is available after it (the spell) is resisted, which seems to be more of beneficial value than the time reduced between casts.

    Stamina Line -
    You receive some physical mitigation, which helps again when you pull a mob off the tank, sadly it won't really help in a raid, but you might get luck with the parry skill.
      • Disruption: "This reduces your target's resistance to your Disruption spells." Mechanically, it decreases the odds that you will be fully resisted when casting a spell.
      • Ordination: "This is how well you use spells that augment your friends and weaken your enemies." This skill reduces the full-resist chance of debuffs and affects the power cost of spells that use this skill.
      • Subjugation: "This is how well you use spells to command pets and control monsters." An increase in this skill decreases the odds that a spell that uses this skill will be resisted.

    Wisdom Line -
    First off we get Freehand Scorcery at max lvl it gives you 28% more damage on your next ability. Later in this guild I will more or less explain the rotation. However, I will simply say if you pair this spell up with any spell in your arsenal, it becomes godly especially with Ice Comet, Fusion, or Rays of Disintegration.

    With Ward of the Sages the wizard gets some extra warding vs spells. Works great for those pesky aoes most mobs in games do.

    Brain Storm Wisdom gives extra damage to all of the wizards spells, these points are very well spent because it is a passive ability meaning it affects every single spell the wizard casts.

    Sagacity reduces the power cost of all your spells. In simple terms its allows you to cast more spells in a longer period of time, which also ups your dps ( less time regening mana, or using items or spells to replenish it ).

    Mental Acuity simple adds crit bonus. Crit Bonus is the amount of damage that can possibly be done when a spell actually crits. With no Crit Bonus the spell will still crit, but with Crit Bonus it will crit for much mmore damage.

    All in all there are quite a bit of useful skills in this tree. There are some points in which you could move around, however I have founds this spec to be the most damage increasing spec you will find. However I would not recommend using this spec in PVP even with full PVP gear.



    Fortify Elements - At max level increases your mana by 20%. As stated above more mana means you get to dps for a longer period of time.
    Magi's Shielding - Grants the wizard a ward in which absorbs all incoming types of damage. This is really useful while raiding. It will save you, and if it doesn't it will provide your healer with a little more time to get their heal off on you.
    Ice Spears - Simply put it lowers the chance a mob has of resisting your spell, while also doing a small amount of damage. Later I will explain its part in your rotation, but for now you need to make sure it is the first ability cast on a mob, while also making sure it doesn't fall off. Its not there to deal huge amounts of damage, however it is there to help your other spells do more damage as a whole.
    Immolation - At max level this skill benefits everything about immolate. Its a good investment.
    Magma Chamber - At max level this skill benefits everything about Magma Chamber. Again a wise investment.
    Fire Storm - This is your one of your most commonly used aoe spells. Putting points into this line increases the range of this ability, as well as reducing the power cost.
    Ball of Fire - Decreases the casting time, while increasing the Crit. Bonus, and reduces the cost of mana. Later you will get a skill which causes Rays of Disintegration to refresh its cool down instantly. In short this spell should be used on cool down as soon as possible.
    Incinerate - Again a good investment. Though it is not used as much it ever.
    Glacial Wind - These 2 points are used here for aoeing adds or trash however, you could take these 2 points and place them into Mail of Frost which would give you a tad bit more survival.
    Surge of Ro - Increases the duration of the buff which forces all spells to be heat based.
    Storming Tempest - More damage quicker, yay!
    Ice Comet - The bread and butter of our class. Free upgrades to it, well heck yeah.
    Fusion - The strongest point blank directional aoe we have. It hits very hard, and is almost worth casting even on a single target. Free upgrades to this spell would be foolish to turn down.
    Frigid Gift - Like Surge of Ro, upgrading this allows your duration to be increased, which later you will learn why this is so important.
    Manaburn - This is one of the largest debated spells. It does hit very hard, but can not crit. However it does leave you with no mana. If you are very good at replenishing your mana then this spell is for you, if not you may not want to use this spell. However, like I stated it does do a holy a lot of damage.
    Iceshape - Makes all spells cold damage.
    Shield of Icicles - Another great ability in our arsenal. This ability is put on the tank of your raid, for the nest 3 hits the tank takes this shield returns damage to the attacker. It has a low reuse time, and a very fast cast time, and the damage from it is not to be taken lightly.
    Burning Storms - Again one of the most commonly used aoe abilities we have. Increasing the damage on this is a huge plus.
    Ball of Flames - As stated above this spell should be used on cool down, so adding extra damage to it is very very awesome.
    Frost Sword - Any upgrade to the Frigid Gift ability is a most welcome one.
    Elemental Surprise - Deals extra damage to any mob over 80% health. This should give the wizard ample time to "pad the meters"
    Fiery Blast - This spells in short takes all the damage you do in a period of time holding it and at the end of the cast time releasing it as a huge damage ability. Later in the rotation more or less I will describe how to get the most effectiveness from this ability.

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    Pet of the Gods - Deity will be explained later, but for the time being this pet will increase your dps.
    Hearty Constitution - Free HP is always a bonus.
    Enhanced Mine - Free Mana = Harder hitting Mana Burn.

    Runic Protection - Adds more HP, and Defense. Which in turn again will help you survive any fight or give your healer an extra second to heal you.
    Arcane Barrier - More mana, YAY, but also ups not only your resists, but your groups resist! Don't go getting all support crazy on me.
    Arcane Bewilderment - If you go crazy at the start with damage, you will learn to love this ability.

    Flames of Velious - Great spell, personally I don't use it as much as I would like to. Other spells do more damage, with the rotation I use sometimes I do not have the time to use this spell.
    Sorcery Mastery - Increased damage to all spells, how awesome is that?
    Critical Mastery - Increases your crit damage. Oh my goodness....
    Thunderclap - An instant cast moderate damage spell. It is will worth picking up.

    Battle Harden - More physical mitigation. Again will help to keep you alive longer.
    Icicle Lash - Increases the damage of Ice Lash when it procs. Again this spell is totally awesome.
    Atomic Reaction - Upgrades the spell Fusion, which is your hardest hitting aoe ability. For sure a good investment.
    Icicle Furry - Pretty much increases the damage by 30% which is huge and well worth snagging.
    Void Tempest - More damage faster. You don't need math for this one.
    Heat Mastery - Extra damage to all heat based spells. To me this is a no Brainer.
    Hailstorm - Very strong damage over time spell.



    Contribute Prowess - Increases all of your base stats. Next best thing to gear.
    Expertise - An increase to potency makes all of your spell hit harder. This is an absolute pick up.
    Critical Genius - Increases the amount of damage each crit has a possibility of obtaining.
    Thunder Clap - Increases the damage plus increasing it further the closer you are to the mob.
    Sanguine Sacrifice - Increases the damage of all your spells at the cost of health. This is risky to use, but if used right it would be a huge dps gain, assuming you do not kill yourself.



    Energy Redirection - When you cast spells you have a chance to increase your groups hp, mana, & healing received. Looks like you are support not, seriously though extra heals are awesome.
    Super Heated - Again Fiery Blast is one of your best abilities this increases its damage, which is a great thing when used right!
    Arcane Storm Bringer - This skill is only good if you plan on aoeing quite a bit, however, you need abilities further in the tree, so it has to be picked up.
    Mystical Leadership - This increases your chances of getting a spell double cast. So this to me is a no brainer, and a must have.
    Disintegrating Fire - As I stated earlier this spell has a chance to refresh the reuse of Rays of Disintegration which is another high damage spell, it stinks it has such a long cool down, but if you follow it up with Fireball you have a really good chance of being able to cast it almost back to back. One of the best aa a wizard could have.
    Frozen Burst - Like I said above I use this spell as much as I can but not as often as I like. Doesn't mean its a bad spell to use, but this aa point will ups its damage when it is used.
    E'ci's Frozen Blast - This shares a cool down with Ice Comet however this is an AOE version of Ice Comet, exactly what you have always wished for.
    Frozen Thoughts - Gives you a chance to clear the reuse on Fusion.
    Arcane Force - For every 12% Crit Bonus wizard gains 1 potency. Free stats are always a plus.
    Lord of Arcana - For every 12 potency, the wizard gains 1% crit bonus. More free stats, however, Arcane Force and Lord of Arcana feed off one another.
    Incineration - More damage for spells you normally cast.
    Arcane Tyrant - Pretty much a free damage proc to you and your group.

    This sums it up for the AA portion of this guide. This is simply how I spent my points. In theory I think this is going to yield the highest dps. I am only 92 at the moment, so I can not say for sure. I did some research and such. This is also open for debate as I am interested to see what other wizards of the community have to say. Please do not post until the thread is completed.
  3. Estred Well-Known Member

    You probably should have included "Guide" somewhere in the thread title. I sat here trying to figure out if you were saying some AA were not worthwhile or if there was something that should be tweaked. Reading the end of your post though this is an AA Guide for Wizards correct? Also you may wish to define what is "completed"

    Few things to keep in mind, good luck with your guide :)
  4. Plavem Active Member

    Yes the AA guide is complete. But im going to be adding so much more to it. I will add more to it when I have time. Any questions you have you can go ahead and ask. Ill simply make another thread when I have more time.
  5. Chronus Active Member

    Congratulations on copying Koncept's aa spec aa for aa rather than talking about the viability of Conussive Blast for some fights for some people.

    Also make sure to include all the stuff on the flames forums, make some effort into it finding all the great threads including those that are on page 2 and stuff.
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  6. Le Clown Active Member

    tell me again why STA line > INT line? Also, i might add that the casting skills don't simply work towards resists, they also raise the minimum dmg on said type spells. But, for that quantitative info you might have to read else where ;)

    Also, that thing called concussive blast saves lives. Gratz on clicking the links i gave you in flames tho bro :) I see you found it useful.

    your welcome,
    le clown

    +1 tho for the screenies, could have done w/o the self-proclaimed justification for each AA tho lol.
  7. Le Clown Active Member

    <3 chronus
  8. Dinwiz Active Member

    don't forget to post on flames this is gold
  9. Mystere Member

    I just looked up Koncept's spec and it is exactly like this Plaster guy's spec. LOL nice catch. As for Concussive Blast, I think it may be a little beyond his abilities to discuss, seeing as how he seems to be asking all the wizzies on Flames to come up with a wizard guide to help him parse better. IDK /shrug
  10. Daray Well-Known Member

    Taking screenshots of someone else's spec, and then trying to reword the tooltips isn't really the way to do this. And by the amount of misinformation in your posts, you aren't doing any new players a favor.
  11. Plavem Active Member

    So much hate i think it is funny.
  12. Plavem Active Member

    Like i said its going to take a lot of work. I am not done at all. And I would have done it on the flames forums but you guys are a bunch of ***** to people.
  13. Chronus Active Member

    If you are going to construct a guide, and take a lot of work as you point out you will you might want to do one thing. Get it right.
  14. Plavem Active Member

    And I will finish it. And actually no I didn't copy someones spec. I copied multiple specs. Look at about 20 wizard aa trees today, and picked where I wanted my points for when I started raiding.

    Chronus I would imagine that reducing irresistibly would mean less mitigation vs said spell type which would overall increase damage. I thought that would be common sense :)
  15. Jacck Active Member

    No, you wouldn't have done it on the Flames forum. As a matter of fact, you demanded someone else do it, then talked down to them as if they wouldn't be able to fulfill your expectations. Then, after this startling post in which you glorified yourself and then essentially wanted a quantitative breakdown of the entire class handed to you, you seemed to be surprised that the same people whom you criticized and belittled didn't just hand everything to you.

    This is beside the point of, while dated information is present, quite a bit still applies to raiding and grouping (an overwhelming majority to be more precise.)
  16. Plavem Active Member

    There is nothing wrong with the guide so far being it is completely far from finished. I am also going to say what points I would move around where.

    Hear is an idea why don't you go back to your eq2flames forums where you can be complete a$$es to everyone there and suffer no punishment. And I will stay here. If my information is incorrect I will gladly fix it, but sense most of the wizards on eq2flames are absolute douches it is a start. If you don't like it... that is not my problem.
  17. Jacck Active Member

    That is not correct. Resist is a completely seperate mechanic of mitigation vs. your spell damage landing on a creature. This is a prime example of not knowing what is going on.
  18. Plavem Active Member

    I would have done it on the flames forums. If you read my post there, I was looking for the community to do it as a whole.

    I guess my guide is less correct because I jacked some information of the wiki? I mean serious go away.
  19. Plavem Active Member

    No Jacck the reason spells don't always hit is because is RESISTS the mob has. Its kind like a fence if you will. If you lower their resists it allows more damage over the top thus increasing the amount each spell hits for.
  20. Jacck Active Member

    Oh, your comment on the "Wiki". Alot of information there is incorrect and mroe out of date than anything you will find on Flames.

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