Raid Testing Open to the Public [Please Read]

Discussion in 'Raid Discussion' started by Gninja, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Gninja Developer

    We will be opening raid zones in Planes of Prophecy for testing starting tomorrow (November 8th) after the normal update.

    Some notes:
    - In order to enter the first raid zone (Plane of Innovation: Wasteyards [Raid]) you will need to have 75% of your raid force having had cleared all three Plane of Innovation heroic zones to receive the key. This requirement may not carry over to live but we are using it to make sure the new code for the 75% requirements works like it should so please pay special attention to it and feel free to try to break it. Just make sure you notify us if you do break it!

    - In order to unlock further raid zones you will need to clear all available bosses in each previous raid zones in this order to receive the key: Plane of Innovation Raid, Plane of Disease Raid, Torden, Bastion of Thunder Raid, and Solusek Ro's Tower Raid. Only the tier 1 bosses are available in these zones so all you need to do is clear all the tier 1 bosses to get the key to the next zone.

    - All raid zones aside from Plane of Innovation will require that all members of your raid have gotten the key from defeating the previous raid zone tier 1 bosses. Again, this may change before launch.

    - All players in the raid should use the beta raid gear from "Narf" in Plane of Magic aside from your Epic 2.0. This will allow the gear to scale up to the stats you need for facing tier 1 raid bosses. If you would like to attempt them without that gear that's fine just make sure to let us know about it when reporting any bugs.

    - Keep in mind that the hit points on these bosses are going to feel rather large but the mitigations for the new creature tier are still being tweaked, so no need to report this unless the health will not move at all.

    As always, if you have questions feel free to post them here.
  2. Uncle Active Member


    you gonna offer some leway on this due to the heroic keying being buggy and in some cases not being able to be compleated

    casue soem of these zone are rough and need smoothed out imho
  3. Gninja Developer

    If they cannot be completed we need to know about it. Be specific and make sure you are in a new zone when testing.
  4. Uncle Active Member

  5. Sentrasia Active Member

    Ran the three required zones today and 5 people got the unlock achievement and one did not. All six members were present for all 3 zones. The one that didn't get the achievement had previously completed 1 of the heroic zones prior to the achievement being available. Our current assumption is that this is the reason he did not get it.

    If it is due to having previously cleared the zone this will prevent over a group of our raiders from being able to get the unlock achievement and may prevent us from hitting the 75% mark.

    Speaking of the 75% flag requirement we attempted to zone in with the six that completed the zones today. We were unable to until the one that didn't get the achievement dropped.

    We had two that had not completed the sig quest quite yet so we had them drop, and tried to go in with 4 (3 with unlock achievement and 1 without), but we were still unable to enter until the one without the achievement dropped.

    The zones were all fresh zones.
  6. Gninja Developer

    Yes, it looks like the achievement is not completing if you had already gotten the previous achievement. I am looking into it.
  7. Towkin New Member

    Several other guildmates and myself were also unable to get the key for entering tier 1 raid zones. We had cleared one instance prior to this key flagging aspect. Being thorough we reset, cleared all 3 zones twice and were not able to attain any flags to get into the raiding zones.
  8. Gninja Developer

    Should be a fix in for this in Monday's update. It should be retroactive... in theory :p
  9. zcindyzzzzxd New Member

    well due to the broken zones our guild was unable to get keyed.
  10. Sentrasia Active Member

    Thanks for the quick fix. So far has been retroactive for those who have checked in our guild.
  11. Dzir Member

    Good afternoon!
    The system does not work 75+
    We at 18 people fulfilled the requirements: "Plane of Innovation heroic zones to receive the key"
    However, if we try to accept someone, the right of entry is lost (1-6)
    Also, the system for opening to the next T1 mobs does not work
    We killed 4 raid mobs in the Plane of Innovatio, However, the following did not open
  12. Gninja Developer

    did you get an achievement for killing the 4 bosses in innovation? I will check into the 75% thing.
  13. Dzir Member

  14. Gninja Developer

    Think I found the problem, should be in tomorrow's update and should be retroactive.
  15. Dzir Member

    not fixed....
  16. Gninja Developer

    There is some weirdness on beta today, once that gets worked out I will look into it with all the abundant information you have provided :p
  17. Ganador Member

    Killed all 4 mobs in Wasteyard tonight, no achievement no other raid zones available.

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