Raid powerfeed - Illy or Coercer?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by VivoDivo, Sep 11, 2022.

  1. VivoDivo Member

    Healer is my "main", but guild needs Enchanter raid alt for powerfeed. So, just considering powerfeed, are Illy and Coercer equal or one better than the other?
  2. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Illy I think can do better power feed and fair dps, a Coe can do decent power feed and better dps. Your mileage may vary :)
  3. Muffincookie Active Member

    I always heard Coercers mana feed better. But maybe it has changed after I read it.
    It has been a while but dont they get a groupwide mana cloak and Illu only single target?
  4. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    This is based on what I see in groups and raids. However, the quality of the player behind the toon can make a world of difference.
  5. Harek Member

    Coercers have a massive power regeneration arsenal. In addition, group wide mana flow can be targeted on another group and keep them in decent shape as well in all but extreme mana drain fights..
  6. Skunkee New Member

    I raid main an illy, and also raid intermittently with my coercer and troub. This comment probably won't keep well in to the next expansion, given how much things change, but as it stands right now, strictly in terms of power regen utility to your own group, it's unquestionably Troub > Coercer > Illy. The idea that coercers have the ability to cross-group mana flow in VoV raiding doesn't hold water; if you're running without a pf, it's better than nothing, but that's all it really is. It can be timed right to counteract a lot of the power drain fights, but imo it's not something that can be consistently relied upon (15 seconds to take effect, and 45 seconds to recast).

    Coercers have always had better power feeding capabilities than illusionists, and the trade-off is that an Illy has better buffs. My illy always keeps my group with enough power to function even in power drain fights (except for those ones like when trak just wipes everyone's power to zero). Illy ability to feed outside of group is giving 40% to 1 person every 60 seconds.
  7. Jrox Well-Known Member

    When I play my very under geared Illy in Contested in current content, my grp is never less than 80% of power. Except on a full drain and Savante fills them right back up immediately. Just put Manatap at #4 or 5 in your macro and your grp will always have power, hit a moment of truth, pop Savante and your good. But their DPS is horrid. Coercer hands down DPS's better than Illy. Illy grp buffs used to be better, in the current state of things, when on my main [Swashy] I prefer the Coercer buffs.

    I betrayed my Illy to Coercer yesterday. Going to learn the class more as I played an Illy as my main for about 10 years and just got sick of them never doing anything to balance with the coercer and main swapped mid way through BoL. I test him at the beginning of every xpack and try to make things work, but the DPS is always horrid. Zero fun just keeping the blue bar blue and the support buffs are 90% until canceled or someone dies. Absolute snooze fest. I would say the Coercer also has a leg up on crowd control now with the charm being so effective and lasting so long. iirc the illy's longest mez is like 48 seconds? Where as the Coercer can charm a mob for quite some time.

    So my vote for grp power feed, if that is all your concerned with, Illy is top of the food chain. Coercer second and Troub last. The troub requires you to be withing 6 or 8 meters to get the feed. Most mages like to be about 10-12 meters out for certain spells. Illy is more reliable of a feed. "if" all your worried about is feeding power to your grp. Not too mention the Coercer out-parses Trouby's by a mile, and a Trouby's DPS is more in line with Illy DPS.