Raid Council Signups 2024! Deadline - 2/23/2024

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    Hello, Norrathian Raiders!
    We are doing a review on the raid council roster and are opening up for new applications. If you or a member of your raid party would like to be represented on the raid council please send an email to the address listed at the bottom of this post and answer the questions provided prior to end of day on Friday the 23rd of February, 2024.
    A little info on what the Raid Council is and what do they do:
    • The Raid Council is a controlled space in both forums and discord where raiders from all playstyles can discuss current state of raiding as well as bring up concerns found while enjoying (or not enjoying) the content.
    • Raid Council members help with making decisions about how to handle specific situations that arise that could potentially impact raids in EverQuest II. Though feedback is heavily considered it is still up to the dev team to make the decision, this allows us to be more informed about aspects of raids we don't tend to see personally.
    • Expansion and Large Game Update beta tests are usually discussed and arranged within the Raid Council.
    • An NDA, Discord handle, Forums handle, and valid email will be required to join once application is approved and it is highly encouraged that you do not change your forum or discord handles while a part of the council.
    • Each raid force can have two(2) raiders representing them in the Raid Council. This applies to alliances as well. So, if someone is in an alliance and a normal raid guild and they have Raid Council access, they will count as 1 of the 2 members for both raid forces. This keeps folks from signing up with a different guild to get larger percentage of representation for another guild.
    Application questions (all are required, even the silly ones):
    1. Character Name/Level/Class/Favorite color? :
    2. Raid Guild or any Alliances you raid with :
    3. Are you the raid leader for your raid force? :
    4. How long have you been raiding? :
    5. Time Zone (GMT/PST/EST/etc.) and Normal Raid Times? :
    6. Have you taken part in past Beta tests? If so, which ones? :
    7. Do you prefer Discord or Official Forums for giving feedback? :
    7a. What is your Official Forums handle?
    7b. What is your Discord handle?
    8. What do you feel you can offer the Raid Council? :
    Once the application window closes (Friday, February 23rd) everyone who has signed up will receive an email about the status of the application. If accepted, the email will contain instructions on what to do next.
    If you have any questions or wish to submit an application, feel free to reach out at

    -- Sorry, application window for this process has expired.

    Happy raiding!
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