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  1. Ozzio Member

    Do different races still get bonuses to certain tradeskills? When looking at my character's tradeskill stats, I'm not seeing any bonuses at all. So I am just wondering if these were removed?
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  2. Daryx Well-Known Member

    They are still there. The last line in your racial traits is devoted to choices for tradeskills, but you have to actively choose them as you gain your adventuring levels (every 10 levels). Some races get one defaulted for the race but they seem to be mostly to increase harvesting skill or speed (e.g. all wood elves get a 0.5 second reduction for foresting and gathering time), and those show up in the first line of the racial traits page.
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  3. Ozzio Member

    Very helpful, thanks a bunch. :)
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  4. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

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  5. Riverbear Active Member

    Retaining Stat allotment proportion as in the beginning, throughout all leveling would make race relevant again :)
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  6. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    It never was to start. From the very beginning of this game, they made it absolute that your race would never have any official form of objective advantage over other races in combat that wouldn't eventually become trivial after the first 10-20 levels. Some races have natural tracking, others natural water breather, and other natural featherfall, but those out-of-combat abilities don't make those races better than those who don't have them.
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  7. Riverbear Active Member

    It A L W A Y S was AT the start :)
    The point as stated still stands my friend. Ogres could and should hit harder than the other races.
    Huge & Strong might ring a bell.
    IF the beginning disposition of stats was retained, it would cement relevance to racial choice.
    We could go into the minutia of each further stat and each race, yet I suspect, we get it by now ~
    No one said it was/is/ or will be that way as cannon.(LIU)
    ~The way of science.
    ~The way of common sense.
    ~The real.
    "Retaining Stat Allotment as in the beginning ( like when your toon first sets foot on the boat - the beginning )
    throughout all leveling would make race relevant again" ~ like it was in the........................................... Beginning.
    Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence all USED to matter in specific ways in relation to every toon.
    Now an 8 ounce Arasai hits as hard as a 300 pound troll.
    Now (for the purposes of this talk defined as post lvl 20) race is trivial.
    That is my point.
    IF racial stat posture were to be retained, the races would matter.
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  8. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Yeah no. They made the point very clear from the very start of development. There was a lot of great speculation in the beta forums about what possible race/class combos would be restricted like in EQ1, but then they revealed that all races could be all classes. There were certain archetypes that certain races were recommended to play, but they stated that it ultimately would not matter and wasn't going to, as a low intelligence Troll Mage would be just as powerful as an Erudite at higher levels with only very superficial stat differences like maybe a couple individual points of mana less.
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  9. Ayodi Active Member

    Yeah, no. The author you are answering clearly put forward the notion of maintaining to settings of proportion in Start stats would enhance the differences in races <presumably in class selection>. An aspect you yourself so eloquently acknowledged as prevalent through level 20. No one is debating the vague hear-say of what 'They' <whomever that may mean> said, posted, intended or even did. Stats did matter in the early levels. You support that yourself. The poster just suggested carrying that fact forward ever-on. While the qualities of the musing can certainly be debated, the idea itself cannot be.

    -the Ayodi
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  10. Riverbear Active Member

    They didn't exactly say "Prevalent", there Pal.
    ~That level 20 thing did loose them the match however :)

    Game set & match to the Ayodi

    Be Well !
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