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  1. Nslavyur New Member

    We all know the server died quickly after people PL'd to max in a day and got bored. Haven't seen any chatter about next season if changes will be made or just cancel the whole thing. Anyone know anything. Seems to be less than 10 people on most of the time. I just need to know whether to cancel my sub since PVP is the only thing I came back for.
  2. Frostfang New Member

    I think they will do a second season. It will definitely be less populated than the first was but they might even fix a few of the major issues if not just the discovery exp exploit. They said that there will be a break in between each season so it might not be for another month.
  3. Frostfang New Member

    Caith on Discord: "Season 2 is still planned, we're working on some updates and fixes from season 1."
  4. Thunderfoot New Member

    Think i am done and GW2 looks like next best fix, any one want my loots to date?
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  5. Frostfang New Member

    I'd be surprised if you get a taker but sorry to see you go. Keep an eye on the forums once in a while, season 2 might actually not be trash like the first was.
  6. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    You are exactly the type of person DBG is hoping to sucker again. You think the exp "exploit" and the player base were the cause of Nagafen 2.0's demise lol??? I guess a season 2 with no "exploits" will be what it takes for you to wake up.
  7. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Nah Fam.

    The server died due to the lack of balance, improper itemization, pay to win, and lack of communication.

    The powerleveling meant nothing when I hit 1-30 in five hours with zero pots. People were in the high 30's with pots before the disco exp was discovered. /Shrug.
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  8. Dagada Member

    There were multiple factors that killed it. Once people realized that there wasnt much to do that was worth a reward, why stick around knowing that any fixes will happen after your character gets wiped? DBG has to find a way to get people into the rest of the map.
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  9. Eradani Well-Known Member

    what does the "rest of the map" have to do with rewards? this is a PvP server and the reward is ... wait for it ... PvP
    note for the t2 boxers: seriously? you can't win with 1 toon at a time in t2 so you box? lame, just lame.

    as for a 2nd season: i don't know that'll i'll resub unless they give us more than 1 slot per account - maybe 2. i don't mind paying a x2 sub if there's no p2w at all but there's no way i'm paying x3 or x4 like many people did.

    ya, put all your stuff on the broker for cheap in case one of the last of us needs it. there's lots of missing items, like cloaks, ts books, food/drink, and totems, that are either impossible to find or require mind numbing creative farming to find.
  10. Dude Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, all of that will get wiped in two weeks anyway.
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  11. Eradani Well-Known Member

    in the meantime, he offered his stuff and there's still people there
  12. Trasor Active Member

    I think the player base should bear some responsibility. Sure, the server parameters encouraged it with 1 month per expansion. This server was anything but about PVP - all the top players (look at yourself in the mirror) spent ridiculous time doing PVE and gearing out tiers above everyone else. There was way too much PVE going on, and when it came to DoF the PVE was broke and everyone left. Certain classes will always be a flavor of the month - everyone should just accept that.

    That said, I will give them credit for recognizing their mistake, trying to break up and disperse and allow others to catch up. IMO, however, the damage was already done and we lost a good percentage of the player-base.

    Really what DBG did was create the wrong incentives and keep the bulk of the server to be pre-KOS, when PVP didn't even exist then.
  13. Dagada Member

    The rest of the map is exactly that. This was never meant to be BR. Its an MMORPG with a massive amount of real estate with things to do.
  14. Gildon New Member

    I was having a blast - me and some of my friends who came back to "re-enjoy" the game.

    None are coming back or resubbing - main reason is the absolute black hole of communication on the server or issues. That makes it very clear the importance of us that play this server to DBG.

    We would of resubbed if there was even a SMALL amount of engagement by them. Sadly we all see here just how much our subs mean to them by this forum alone.

  15. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I'm in pure awe you are even going to try and put any blame on the players.

    First of all, it's not OUR fault that the best in slot gear was coming off of PVE raid encounters and not from PVP; the way the server should've been run. It's not like the feedback on the broken proc gear wasn't given, and the lack of pvp rewards sans the crossbow that people were farming with 9-10 accounts and just selling.

    It's a competitive server, if players want to be at the top they have to do what is forced on us to be at the top, which is raid PVE bosses to get pvp gear. Not our fault that the design is this way, we can only play the game that is given to us.

    DoF PVE was fine-ish, we killed quite a few encounters and got the godking weapons, I quit after we got quite a few bosses down, however the patch that went in during DoF made it virtually impossible for any guild but Hail to really progress and get the items due to both lack of player base and skill.

    There is a myriad of feedback both here and the Nagafen discord, the developers only ask specific players for feedback at this point and ignore the rest. I have low expectations on season 2, hopefully it starts or locks in an expansion that allows players to all gear out and actually fight. Personally, I would enjoy zero gear gap between players, you log in and are max level, AA, and geared out (with non lols proc gear longer than player CC gear). That way there is no gear gap excuses, spell excuses, or AA excuses. Just pure PVP.

    Honestly the best route to take at this point would be to enable battlegrounds and possibly flag a specific zone for pvp on Kaladim and just let the pvp fan boys run wild.
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  16. Nightmares New Member

    Valid points. First of all, my point of view is drawn from not playing the first season, but putting countless hours into this video game back in the day mainly pvping then into pveing. There is pros and cons to all the systems in EQ2. Pre-pvp gear era was a blast, and subsequently pvp gear was fun.
    How to obtain pvp gear is a problem -- So methods previously in EQ2 PvE(crafting, Ever"questing"), Tokens, Writs, battlegrounds. These methods all require time... now the question is how to you want to spend this time. Do you want to spend this time socially PvEing figuring out strats making it work. Do you want to spend time looting boxes mid pvp fight, or do you want to have writ givers in zones, or lastly battlegrounds.
    Pve: Pro: Learning to play your class another way and a diving deeper into mechanics/dps (if you so choose). Con: doesn't necessarily help everyone get better at playing their class in pvp (different rotations ect). Now this is pertaining to grouping, raidings, solo pveing mainly (solo pve can get a great teacher).

    PvP Token system: Pro: Fun to solo pvp and collect those kills and loot tokens. Interesting itemization (check cons though) Cons: Interesting itemization caveat - Procs which most people hate. Personally i did especially when exile because it made solo pvp vs players in factions literally impossible to win if hey waited for cooldowns. Promotes behaviors like griefing, farming alts, investing time in going back and forth to NPC's.

    PvP writ giver: Pro: centralized pvp making it easy to have fights, gear rewards, promotes pvp. Cons: centralized pvp caveat - open world pvp was one of my favorite parts of EQ2 (however, gives rogues a huge advantage with tracking). Open world pvp picking where you are fighting, using terrain, and uncertainty of where you will find someone was a huge PRO in this game for myself.

    Battlegrounds: Pro: centralizing pvp again, gear rewards, promotes pvp (similar like an instanced writ giver). Con: Again open world pvp is amazing in my opinion.

    One issue with open world pvp is time investment as well. Having to search for people, and not being able to stand around if you want to get kills and truly have fun. Personally, it was a thrill and added a whole different, fun, rewarding aspect to PVP in my opinion. I'm sure there are plenty of things i'm missing and could be added to, but this is just a quick overview of a few things that came to mind.
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  17. Trasor Active Member

    I think we can agree the latter would have been better. My problem is that you have to have a little situational awareness which no one seemed to have in Hail until after it was too late.

    No other guild had numbers to even form an X2, and Hail had their prismatics within the first week. If you want to have a productive PvP server, players need to at least feel they have a shot at winning - which in most cases, they did not.

    This game is not really a "skill" game in that sense. If you have a large gear/spell advantage (amount of playing time really), even if you are not that great of a player, you are still likely to win. One would have thought that since the server would in fact wipe everything, that people would not have gone through the extremes so quickly to have such a gear edge. Again, you have to be blind if you did not notice a population decrease within the first few weeks.

    The best part of this server, to your point, was Beta - no one felt like they needed to gain that edge and everyone fought each other.

    My point is, for season 2 (if there is one), hopefully some on the server do not treat this as a shot at being the best PVE guild out there and treat the server for what it is, something completely different than what we had before. If you want to prove that you have the most free time in your life to dedicate to the game, then by all means prove it and take that same attitude into next season.

    Hopefully, DBG can help to reduce this behaviour, sure, and I hope that they do by increasing the length and disabling some of the procs.
  18. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Not sure why people are whinging about PVE. To reiterate, EQ2 has always been a PVE game with an added layer of PVP. It's fine, the problem was having 3 or 4 upgrades in the entire xpac.

    Kaladims crossbow quest was great - would have created PVP on Nagafen and been better than the exploitable mess we got. Things that encourage PVE and get people in the game world are good for PVP.

    While I think the seasons model is fine - I don't think any temporary server will last in this game. I think a better idea would be to create a new server, leave it in one to two xpacs for an extended period (3/3 kos/EOF) then transfer all toons to kaladim.
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  19. Satyr Well-Known Member

    The attitude of players towards PVP was quite lame on this server too. You lose nothing by fighting - but in KoS people would fae speed off the edge of an island if they so much as saw me, a guardian. Hail spent all of DoF in a stacked 6 man ganking solos. I think fame needs to go. It's exploitable and meaningless anyway.
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  20. Nightmares New Member

    Back in the day that would draw other like minded groups, or a raid to form and try to take you out. After checking Hails roster they have some old school heavy hitters (<3 - you know who you are). They probably were just trying to get 30 people to form up and try kill them while they whip their *** with 6 people for a challenge. However, I do get your point it is lame to gank solo's (when you are the solo), and nothing forms up. Use to break group after awhile if no one would take the bait for a good fight. More often than not it would just force more pvp. ~
    Although with this server there is another element to consider. Individuals may still want to pvp, but are playing a class that can't solo well which kinda sucks.
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