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    ( R e l . I n . P o r ) on KALADIM is recruiting ! Both core raiders spots open as well as casual members and backup raiders.

    Fury - high priority
    Dirge - high priority
    Enchanter (Illy or Coe) - high priority

    Caster DPS - low priority
    Scout - low priority

    Our raid days/times are WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY & SUNDAY 730pm EST ... we generally raid 3-4 hours. (Always try to keep it to 3) We've nearly cleared T1 RoK raids and are aiming to get through Tier 2 and into VP ASAP. WIll be doing many raids for mythical updates.We also host an ALLIANCE discord that we share with a few other raid guilds all along the same tier as us.

    We are family friendly with a really active core for questing, grouping, grinding. We have a GUILD HOUSE setup with many amenities for crafting, collectible "plant" (burynai), etc etc. We use a raid signup system on our website that also keeps track of DKP / raid attendance as well as Discord for voice chat on raids.

    Please message me here or contact MINGLE, COVIK, IRRUS, SEPSSIS or TWEEEK in game.

    Mingle / Sephrok

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