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  1. ARCHIVED-Aethelred24 Guest

    I am curious as to what Antonia and Lucan are up to presently - Are they just sitting in their castle's playing solitaire, or sneaking about in disguise to check up on things?

    Are there any plans (that can be shared in part or in whole) for allowing players access to the castles to speak to NPCs within to get more lore (like the Library in PoK - EQ1) on present day happenings, or even to face Antonia or Lucan or an avatar in an epic fight, or speak with them to get high level quests?
  2. ARCHIVED-CuddlingWolf Guest

    I seem to remember "something" about Antonia making regular visits to a certain part of the city.

    Also, though she is not Lucan, an NPC Teir'dal that gives the Teir'dal newbie quests in Longshadow Alley mentions that the destroyed knowledge portal is used by the Foci for her regular visits to longshadow alley.

    True, she's not Lucan, but I would love to meet the Foci (as a GM event) visiting Longshadow Alley one day.

    For anyone who does not know, the Foci is the Teir'dal woman who is essentially Lucan's right hand... she caused the rain he took credit for, and apparently serves him quite loyally. It makes you wonder.. he has the loyalty of a Teir'dal.. he gave the Teir'dal their own home in the city, something no other race got. And... his scar is exactly the same... as a very very famous and important Teir'dal from the PnP... Someone else brought that to my attention, so I won't take credit for it.. but it is interesting..

    I hope that dosn't derail the topic, i've been looking for a good opportunity to mention it.
  3. ARCHIVED-TheManInTheBox Guest

    Well, sort of depends on where your coming from. Presently Lucan is taking credit for the changes in the Commonlands by developer statements.

    As for Antonia affairs. Her and Lucan are both trying to retrieve the Qeynos Claymore. As for who really gets it would depend on further lore that we will probably never see as you can retrieve it for Qeynos or steal it for Freeport as a player.

    We have not heard anything about of the developers about entering the castle in Qeynos or Deathknell Citadel. As much as I would like it, I doubt it would happen anytime soon.

    For your final question... To put it simple... no. Unless they changed some major lore event happened and one of the rulers was overthrown would we face and kill Antonia Bayle / Lucan D'Lere. I could maybe see one of those fights where we get them down to 5% or even 1% then they go unkillable and escape. But don't ever expect it.

    I've been hoping as a citizen of Qeynos to meet Antonia Bayle since launch.
    Maybe one day they will finally add it in, but don't get your hopes up. :smileysad:
  4. ARCHIVED-CuddlingWolf Guest

    "Well, sort of depends on where your coming from. Presently Lucan is taking credit for the changes in the Commonlands by developer statements."

    True, but he also claimed he killed the gods at the doors of freeport, that he killed the avatar of war and soulfire is rightfully his, and several other things. In the lore from the Will of the Overlord event, it shows that when he "called forth the rain" he turned around and said 'now' to the Foci, who cast a spell, and then the clouds came.

    The overlord is a dirty naughty liar man..
  5. ARCHIVED-troodon Guest

    You can see the Foci in the Academy of Arcane Sciences, but she doesn't say much to you.
    I'd say Tayil is more his right hand lady.
  6. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    The Foci and Tayil are two seperate people.
  7. ARCHIVED-CuddlingWolf Guest

    I dunno, he certainly does seem to rely on the Foci for a lot of things too... then again in Lucan's eyes, i'm sure neither of them or anyone else is his "right hand". I'm sure he likes to think it is all him...
  8. ARCHIVED-Troubor Guest

    Yes, Draxehn, that someone else is Killashack on our server, Lucan D'Lere. It's his hypothesis.
  9. ARCHIVED-CuddlingWolf Guest

    I know, I've spoken to Killashack, but since he dosn't post on the forums and says he never will.. I didn't want to drop his name to the forum people... I really hope he dosn't mind that you just did, but I kept him anonymous for a reason...
  10. ARCHIVED-Troubor Guest

    My intent was to give credit where credit is due. Since he thought up what I consider a unique and interesting theory, I wanted him to get full credit for it.
    As an aside, when he told me the theory, he did ask that I remember to state who thought of it, since he was proud of the theory. So, thus my reason for doing so.
  11. ARCHIVED-Koehianna Guest

    Who's the one in the EQ2 trailer?
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  12. ARCHIVED-WarSheol Guest

    The dark elf female in the tralor thats standing near Lucan is Tayil.
    You can actualy speak to Tayil if you have KoS expansion.
    In west freeport go to the tavern, you will find a quest giver in there who speaks all about Dethnell, yes that spelling is correct. He will send you to chat with Tayil in KoS, TT which is off Commonlands.
    I tested this for any lore seekers a level 10 can get to her but didnt test weather or not they could get the quest lol.
    Tayil has a lot to talk about was a bit suprised the overlords top assassin/officer would go into detail about her childhood though.
  13. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    Tayil and Murrar Shar can both be found on the Isle of Refuge and in KoS for both cities. How the heck they can be in 3 places at once (before the betrayal changes, they were right there with Lucan and Antonia as well) is quite a mystery... >_>
  14. ARCHIVED-Troubor Guest

    I kind of give it poetic license in my character did the Isle of Refuge before the revamp to have a unique version for Qeynos & Freeport, but I RP it as if he spots Tayil or Murrar in their respective home cities, then they aren't at the Froglok Refugee camp on Temple Isle of TT at the time.
    As for my newer alts, they have only encountered them on the respective Isles of Refuge.
    I'll deal with the situation of someone in let's say guild chat mentioning Murar on the Isle while I'm standing next to him in KOS if/when that comes up. <chuckles>
  15. ARCHIVED-IrishWonder Guest

    No offense, but Killashack wasn't the first/original person to come up with that hypothesis :smileywink: Someone posted it in these forums some time ago... and if Killashack says he's never posted here, then it couldn't have been him. Also, not to burst any bubbles, but the hypothesis was later proven false (perhaps) by the fact that the scar from Teir`Dal general in the PnP series and Lucan's scar are on opposite eyes.
  16. ARCHIVED-Troubor Guest

    I'd have to see the posts, but if someone else posted said hypothesis, then I do believe it's a coincedence, that Killashack came up with it independently.
    As for the scar being on opposite eyes...well, that could suggest that Lucan's scar and his are coincedence...but could just be misdirection too. Having said that, it is all hypothesis again.
    Anyway, my intent was to post where I first heard it, and I think where Cuddlingwolf/Draxehn first heard it also, to the best of my knowledge.
    As an aside, there's a thread called "My Theory on Lucan" that was just posted by Killashack, if you wish to see his whole theory, it's only a couple hours old.
  17. ARCHIVED-troodon Guest

    The posts
  18. ARCHIVED-Sartredes Guest

    I may be misremembering something, and as a tangent to the original question, but isn't the 'Foci' Opal Darkbriar? I could swear I read or heard that somewhere?
  19. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    It is.
  20. ARCHIVED-Lingsch Guest

    Well, I don't think that there's anything to suggest that they're ACTUALLY in more than one place at once. Think of it more as separate points in a timeline. For instance, for my main, the battles against Darathar and the Godking are in the past, but for others, it is yet to come; despite that, I can use my Prismatic Swiftblade of the Scale, wear my "of the Shard" title and still group with them (which coulld be seen closely to these character's positions in the world as a contradiction in that, to this person, the events of darathar's theft of the egg have not occured, thus the egg has not shattered and created the sword). Similarly, for the person who is only to the point in their adventures where they are on the Outpost or the Colony, then that character ist here, administering to their training. To the person who is (was) betraying she was there (looking 100% unlike herself I might add. Didn't look anything like Tayil) watching them being carted off to their (supposed) execution. For the person who is at the higher end of their adventures, they are up in Kingdom of Sky, searching for the Qeynos Claymore. It's kindof a complicated paradox to have two people looking at them in separate places at the same time, while conversing with each other.

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