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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Ohiv, Nov 19, 2008.

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    OK this morning i did the heroic tradeskill mission solo, and it was fine, but afterwards I read on alla that it was possible to make multiple in advance of when you need it. For example you need to make 9 different items 12 times. Would it be possible to just make the 12 items at once,and then just hail the guy and give the parts to him? I ask this because I obo'd (not hard to do when your tired) and made some items without the quest, but wheni got the quest there was no indication that I had already made 2 of the items. SO I just deleted them and turned around and made 3 more. Another poster mentioned if I had (sigh didn't think of this lastnight) just made 1 of the item it shouldhave autoupdated the other 2.. I guess I'm trying to find out what is the exact behavior one should be expecting here.
    The 2nd question (sorry I type alot) has to do with crafting gear. I got Artificer's coker from the mission. Yea me, anyways I understand the +5 to artificing, but my question is it says that you get +5 critical chance bonus if you have 3 pieces. Is this critical chance bonus tied specifically to artificing? or is it just generic?
    ok 3rd question.. stacking, can I really stack the tinkered items for success chance up with all 3. Example have Screewoggins' Bag of Spices (+3), Gnomish Therometer (+2), and Izzitedibilforpepl Probe (+1) for a total of +6 success chance? The "buff's" appear to stack so it would seem yes, but really I haven't seen anyway in game to actually confirm it. Of course because of these Missions is why I'm asking more chances to succeed is very valuable versus normal crafting I could normally care less. Also since these are worded generically I would "assume" that it is a global chance and again not specific to the partiqualar tradeskill.
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    Ohiv wrote:
    I did this exact thing for 8/9 tradeskill components. I completed the last item in batches of three using his quest. This is what the journal said at the beginning of each stage:
    • Stage 1
      • 8 out of 9 items showing 3 needed
      • 1 out of 9 items showing 3 needed
    • Stage 2
      • 8 out of 9 items showing -6 needed
      • 1 out of 9 items showing 3 needed
    • Stage 3
      • 8 out of 9 items showing -3 needed
      • 1 out of 9 items showing 3 needed
    • Stage 4
      • 8 out of 9 items showing 0 needed
      • 1 out of 9 items showing 3 needed
    Unfortunately I can't answer the rest of your questions.

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