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Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-irk2000, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-irk2000 Guest

    I am getting mixed signals on my server when asked if duel weilding or 2h is better for a monk.
    Seems like half say go with a 2h Bo staff and the other half say duwl wield.
    So which one is it or does it not matter?

  2. ARCHIVED-AustinB Guest

    Dual wielding will produce superior DPS in most circumstances. A 2h can get close if it is an exceptional one (such as the one from Vigilant x2), but still won't produce as much damage in most circumstances.

    There are a few scenarios where a 2h can produce better DPS than dual-wielding. If you have a good 2h weapon you will get better DPS on AE encounters if you have a good amount of AE auto attack, such as when you hit Craneflock. 2h weapons have another advantage in that they produce better spike damage, which can make a good 2h weapon excellent in PvP where burst damage is important.
  3. ARCHIVED-Qiao Elu Guest

    This debate is almost as old as the class. I think it comes down more to personal preference and play style *if* you are comparing similar quality 2H vs DW. I used the Ancient Velium Stave until I got the Venomous Chitin Bo. I reluctantly moved to DW when I got my epic. Currently I'm using my Epic and off hand Jo Jo Claw. I've lost the bid a few times on the Supple Dogwood Staff but I'm guessing that the SF expansion will produce something nicer anyway and have mostly given up hope on getting it.
    The pros of a 2H are it will have a lower chance to be riposted/parried/blocked than DW. Each hit generates more damage which in turn generates more hate (if you are going for that). If you have an auto-attack timer you can much more easily time your CAs to fall between hits with a 2H-er which will improve your DPS simply because you are more efficient. With my Bo I can get off 3, sometimes 4 CAs between auto-attack hits and I rarely balk on an auto-attack. Since primary and off hand weapons have different timers, pretty soon you'll have a hodge podge of hits with nary a moment to get in a CA without balking one of your auto-attacks. Since you only have one weapon, adorning cost are lower and repairs cost 1/2 as much. Ok, maybe a stretch but it's true. ;)
    The pros of DW are you can adorn each weapon differently and in most cases swap hands to proc the effect you prefer. Only the primary weapon will proc so if you have matching weapons, or weapons that can't be swapped (like the Claws of Jo Jo) you'll only need to adorn the primary weapon. It's also possible to equip weapons that deal different damage types, so if you know mob (A) is crush resistant or particularly vulnerable to pierce damage you can be sure that at least one of your weapons will hit nicely. Because they are generally faster, they should have a greater chance to proc hate gain/reduce of dragon/mongoose stance so that's good.
    So more than likely the choice to DW or use a 2H-er will depend more on the drops you win the bid on rather than personal preference. At least that's what I've noticed.
  4. ARCHIVED-Jacobian21 Guest

    Barbod@Nektulos wrote:
    Why on earth do your weapons have different timers?? they should both be 2.5 sec so you should only see ONE autoattack bar, not that hard to time CA's in between one attack chime.
  5. ARCHIVED-swbles Guest

    There is a nicer 2 hand weapon for monks now its Nanthera's Ivory Bladed Yuri
    Personally if your DPSing i'd go with that weapon. I'm running the zone as often as I can until it drops. And for tanking I would go with 2 one handed weapons. I've seen both 2.5 second & 4 second delays for brawler weapons this expansion.
  6. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    DW is vastly superior to any two handed weapon in the game now. If you have done your epic weapon quest and can drop your epic finally your best bet for weapons are the high hitting 2.5 weapon from battlegrounds and the 2.5 fist from Theer. For people who don't have access to raid weapons the 2 battlegrounds weapons should be your choice.
  7. ARCHIVED-BlueX Guest

    BChizzle wrote:
    I hate PvP, so this is very irksome. It doesn't make any sense to have to PvP for the best PvE weapons.
  8. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Xerq@Crushbone wrote:
    Its not like its hard to pvp for a few hours and get it.
  9. ARCHIVED-Xanrn Guest

    Takes more than a couple of hours to get the 60 Gears 60 other tokens, for the pair.
    But yes I am using them cause they are sweet.
    So Theer drops a 2.5 fist? I thought all brawler raid weapons were ment to be 4.0
    Admitelly the ones in the x2 aren't but Wyrmbone Knuckles (with its stupid fethin proc) and Fist of won't drop however many times I kill that stupid bird are 4.0.
  10. ARCHIVED-Mosha D'Khan Guest

    BChizzle wrote:
    just wondering how do you rate the 2hander from the x2 compared to the other weapons. i personaly have found the x2 weapon better than my myth weapon and nightmare fist wraps, just wondering
  11. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Mosha DKhan wrote:
    The 2 hander is great for PVP ironically, but the PVP weaps are better for PVE. Not sure what you are asking but you are comparing the 2 hander to 2 weapons from 2 expansions ago of course its going to be better there are heroic weapons in SF better then the wraps and myth.
  12. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    BChizzle wrote:
    I meant 4.0 fist from theer just noticed that. Obviously dont mix delays.
  13. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    Barbod@Nektulos wrote:
    This can't be right since I have used fabled dropped weapons that have their own effects, and adorned both and both have had their effects go off (both of them).
    I have also used quested weapons, each with their own effect that work just fine.
  14. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Brigh wrote:
    Correct off hands will proc but only on mainhand swings.
  15. ARCHIVED-BlueX Guest

    BChizzle wrote:
  16. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Xerq@Crushbone wrote:
    Is Theer PVP? Are you forced to get PVP weapons? I meanseriously QQ some more that this game isn't absolutely 100% catered to your play style.
  17. ARCHIVED-BlueX Guest

    BChizzle wrote:
    Have a bad day? Geez.
    No, I'm not forced to PvP and for that matter I'm choosing not to get the PvP weapons. It simply doesn't make sense that PvP is the best way to support a PvE activity.
    Following your logic, maybe some of the T2 raid gear should only be from BG. You can always choose not to get the T2 or else QQ about it.
    Regardless, I went and looked at them, and they didn't seem that much better. So I don't care really. It's not worth doing something I hate for a minor upgrade.
    The folks I raid with are not at Theer yet, but working towards it. Thanks for asking, though.

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