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  1. Ealdwulf New Member

    So much about this game has changed since day one, I am wondering about changes to tradeskills. My day one main is a Wizard who is about a level 60ish tailor. I have moved to melee toons with a Zerker that is a 50-something armorer. I have 3 other alts that are getting more playing time. If the game will allow it I would prefer to make my wizard the tradeskill specialist and just pkay all others as Adventurers who also harvest while out in the world.

    I have taken several long breaks from the game over these many years but find myself coming back eventually. So I missed a lot of information on changes especially to tradeskills. Can one toon become good enough at all trade skills to keep my alts equipped with Mastercrafted armor, weapons, spells, jewelry, etc at least to a high enough level when player made gear is not good enough? Say through the 80's?

  2. Katz Well-Known Member

    For the primary tradeskills, it is still one per character. For the secondary ones though (adorning and tinkering) you can do those both on one character along with whatever primary tradeskill they have. Transmuting can be done on that character too.
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  3. Prissetta Well-Known Member

    It takes me about 4 minutes on any level toon to do all three secondary tradeskill dailies: adorning, tinkering and transmuting. For adorning and tinkering, as long as the first bar has completed, you can end the combine and get credit for it. Consequently, I am now doing these on all my toons (and I have a lot).
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  4. Meirril Well-Known Member

    So lets talk about the definition of a "secondary tradeskill". That would be a skill that can be learned regardless of your primary tradeskill and its max skill is based on the highest of adventuring or crafting skill levels. Those skills are Tinkering and Adorning. Transmuting use to be Adorning, but it was broken into 2 different skills, and now Transmuting is a Harvesting skill, which is only slightly different than a secondary tradeskill.

    Primary Tradeskills (or just Tradeskills) are the 9 crafting classes that can be chosen. Everybody can produce anything upto level 9 where you specialize into 1 of 3 subclasses. At level 19 you again specialize into your final tradeskill class.

    To answers the OP's question: no, you'll need more than a single crafter to produce crafted gear and spells. 8 of the crafting classes produce items for adventurers. You can narrow it down a bit if you want to though. Tailors produce armor for Monks, Druids, Channelers and all casters. Armorer produces armor for the rest of the classes. I do not recommend a weaponsmith, even if they make weapons for every class in the game. It is too easy to buy an acceptable weapon. Sage produces spells for Mages and Priests. Jeweler is a must, both for jewelry and Scout CAs. Alchemist for fighter CAs. Provisioner is a daily need sort of thing. Woodworker produces ranged weapons and ammo.

    Figure out how many of these you want, and create the characters now. That way you can accumulate vitality. I suggest alternating between characters to make sure you only work on toons with vitality to save yourself some grinding. Leveling tradeskills is easy as long as you do Rush and Work orders. Good luck.
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  5. Ealdwulf New Member

    Thanks for the responses.
  6. Anhari Active Member

    Agree with Meirril on this one. After 15th level as a crafter, do the work orders. Not only do you gain personal status and status with the local crafting guild, you don't "produce" items when you are only wanting to level your crafting skills. You gain a level very quickly (one per work order at lower levels,) and you will gain your levels quickly.

    Don't forget to get your books before a work order crafting "session" so as you level you can scribe level appropriate skills, and get higher level writs to do. You do have to have the necessary Tier of resources available, either on you or via the gu9ild harvest depots if that is available and you are doing the writs in your guild hall.

    If you can afford it, get the Advanced books, except for sage at lower levels. I avoid these because I have found that the expert level spells just don't sell very well on the broker. If someone contacts you in game and asks you to craft an expert level spell, then you can either require them to provide you with the appropriate advanced tome, or you can hope to find them as you level up a main (adventuring0 toon. The other Advanced tomes are spotty in need. Again expert levels of the essences and runes don't sell well, but the jewelry and the tailored/armor are usually good sellers, again depending on levels. I am a bit of an alt-aholic and I have 9 toons so I can have the 9 crafting classes.
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  7. Gudum Active Member

    The advanced books, except for levels 40-49 and 60-69, can be bought from merchants for fairly low cost. Some tiers require completing a tradeskill questline, others need sufficient faction with some group. You also can get a single advanced book in each of the 40-49 and 60-69 range as a quest reward from the Trades Coordinator NPC in any of the city crafting areas.
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  8. Huygar New Member

    New to the game. Would appreciate Tradeskill recommendations for my three characters. Thanks for listening.

    Dark Elf Wizard, level 12

    Kerra Monk, level 6

    Wood Elf Ranger, level 6

    "Life's too important to be taken seriously." Oscar Wilde
  9. Sogapa Active Member

    I'd suggest that tailor (wiz, monk armor), jeweler (jewelry on all characters, spells for ranger), and woodworker (arrows can get costly early on).
    Instead of woodworker alchemist might be good (potions, poisons for ranger, monk spells).
    Some of the woodworker items can sell also- even the low level stuff in some cases.
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  10. Meirril Well-Known Member

    This probably can't be stressed enough. Make the Ranger a Woodworker. Being able to carry a few stacks of materials to craft arrows is more efficient than carrying stacks and stacks of arrows. Its also a lot cheaper to make them yourself and player made is going to be the best you can get most tiers.

    While making gear is very tempting, making consumables that you'll use constantly is also a consideration. Provisioner is usually my first recommendation for a tradeskill because everybody uses food. After that I'd recommend either Tailor or Alchemist.

    Tailors make armor for monks and wizards. They also produce cloaks, backpacks, quivers and throwing weapons for some odd reason. Also some fist weapons. Usually you can find backpacks for reasonable prices on the broker, but being able to make them yourself is nice. A downside is you really only want the top tier backpacks, and its a decent slog to get to 100. If you go tailor, stop adventuring for a while and just grind to 100. If you have trouble with mateirals join an active guild and ask for help getting to 100 tailoring. Someone should be able to loan you 100p for fuel and a well stocked Harvest Depot will make the rest easy. Oh, and of your characters the Kera has a racial to help with tailoring.

    Alchemist makes fighter combat arts, poison for the ranger, and potions. Potions...aren't exactly great. Better than nothing, but honestly they take up inventory space that is probably more useful as somewhere to hold loot. Seriously, most potions are really weak. The cure potions are the big exception, those are really handy. If you decide to make an Alchemist Dark Elves have a racial bonus.

    Jeweler makes Ranger combat arts and jewelry for half of your equipment slots on all characters. It is a seriously good choice. Dark Elves have a racial bonus for jeweler.

    Wood elves also have bonuses for tailor and jeweler, but your wood elf should 100% be a woodworker. Every ranger should be a woodworker, end of discussion.
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  11. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    I would say that step one is for you to just try crafting to begin with to make sure it isn't mindnumbingly boring to you. After that is done, I'd recommend provisioner then and scholars. Anything else is basically worthless due to how easy gear is to get.
  12. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Jeweler good choice
    You will be able craft etheralist and geomancer spells
    Alchemist good choice as well
    Portions (heals/power) although easy to buy always nice to be able craft by yourself also alchemist make thaumaturgist spells
    But if you want to save your plat big time - make provisioner :D

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