Question on Necro "Control Undead" Spell

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Sigrdrifa, Jan 7, 2022.

  1. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I have a baby necro that I've just run through the VoV sig line. Lots of things that seem like they should be charmable using Control Undead aren't in VoV.the skeletal prowlers in Mahngavi can be charmed Just Fine.

    Are there any guidelines for what you might expect to be able to charm this way, other than trial and error?

    And is my necro the only necro who even uses this ability? LOL
  2. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Well, i Never rly use that one.
    I tried in vov heroics, without any success.
    I don't bother with it in solo , Nevers tried there . imo should work... Or not ;)
    I never see a guide like that.
    In short, It doesn't help much;)
  3. Twisty Well-Known Member

    mobs have been lacking undead classification for 3+ xpacs that should clearly be undead. just one of many things devs dont have time for to properly launch an AAA status xpac

    it would be a serious issue if charming mobs was useful. since the charm nerf (which was needed, but as usual we can't have reasonable things), it's now strictly an RP thing anyway
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  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Hmm. I was considering the charmed critter to be equivalent to another dumbfire I could toss at a foe.
  5. Phellen Member

    It was reported in beta and promptly ignored, much like all summoner input. Control was marginally useful in BoL but I don't think i cast it even once in RoS and it's pretty useless in VoV so far.
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  6. Twisty Well-Known Member

    generally, considering things works better while looking at evidence. i encourage you to investigate
  7. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    She's VERY new! You're right, though, I haven't looked to see what ACT says a charmed thing is doing in the way of damage. I will investigate. Eventually I'll get down to the Excel worksheet and calculate spell efficiency and cast order.

    I'm at that stage where I'm trying all my spells to see what they do and how they work with her. I boosted her this summer to help out with farming ethereal trackers by running solos in RoS, so I'm basically learning the necro from scratch. I figured I'd have sort of the basics since I've had a conjy for a long time.

    Twisty, do you know of any online necro guides that you think would be helpful for a beginner necro?
  8. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Could be interesting to have twisty's opinion Being a reference on this class. There is no existing guide to the necro, clues scattered here and there in different topics , that's all.
  9. Twisty Well-Known Member

    i do not. doesn't mean there isn't one, i just dont know of one

    i'll be happy to answer your specific questions as you come upon them, just not the "how do i get better" type. charm is trash tho, i can succinctly summarize that for you
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  10. DENSER Well-Known Member

    for what it's worth, not raid, rather heroic player and from what I have remembered since my return 2 years ago.

    Pet.... You ll take and up your scout one. And use it either in dps or tank mode for solo. It does the job, I did not feel the need to use the tank in solo. Mage, seems slow to me.

    Skills.... U want to up boil blood II, blighted hord and others launching pets. Imo ther's no as many skills you will use in your rotation. But those above, you will want to cast eme as sooon as they rdy.

    AA, addorns, u can check my wire, again i use mostly what i found in heroics, solo.
    If u check twisty, he's from another. World so you might see some AA or addorn that will not suit a lower necro, but better for a op one like him, and raiding, Placing those there in comparison with his usual group
  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Thanks. Since I have a conjy, I'm already pretty onboard with all this. I upgraded the Epic 2.0 all the way, and I'm using the Nightshade plus all the dumbfire pets. I'm really kind of pleasantly pleased at how much more devastating Necro dumbfires are when compared to the conjy's.

    I'm unlikely to ever raid on this toon, but I wrestled all my baby alts up to 120 this summer so I could make them do Solo Weekly missions to help me catch up on Ethereal Trackers (I was out for five weeks this summer due to illness, so there was lots of catch-up to be done). Now that we're in VoV, I figured I'd save myself trouble by going ahead and getting everyone through the adventure sigline at least!

    This has been a really good thing, because I'm learning a lot about how several classes work that I just hadn't really ever played before... they were all max level crafters.
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  12. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Ye sigr I did the same making 3 alts to catch up those ethereals, well 2 old toons from 2010 and a new monk.

    Necro is still my main but no time now for raiding, My carefree student years are far behind.
    You will like it , i'm sure.
  13. Occam Well-Known Member

    At the beginning of BoL charmed pets were overpowered to the point of being unbalanced. My necro charmed pet was easily doing double the DPS of anyone else in the group, and coercer pets were one-shotting nameds. They definitely needed to be tuned down. Unfortunately Caith doesn't understand the idea of incremental change, so as usual he went from one extreme to the other and nerfed all charmed pets into uselessness.

    I honestly can't understand how he still has a job. This game is constantly unbalanced because Caith makes extreme changes to mechanics that just need a subtle nudge. Then when the players raise a cry because he just ruined a class, he ignores all feedback and instead makes changes to a class that is working perfectly fine. The current situation with mage DPS is just the latest in a never ending string of imbalances that could be resolved by someone who has a lighter touch and actually LISTENS to feedback from the community.
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  14. Banana Tree Member

    Much like the Necromancer's great 'signature ability' Lifeburn, Control Undead is absolutely useless afaik.
  15. Thand Well-Known Member

    a Soulburn and Elemental Blast for conj etc