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  1. Goldenlocks New Member

    Hello. I'm having a good time starting up my main character..a swashbuckler and was wondering: do I need to level two characters to lvl 90 / 280 AA to start leveling from 90-95. Read something like it on the description of chains of eternity expansion.
  2. Ragna Active Member

    You read it wrong ;)
    Only thing needed to level past 90 is 280AA. CoE gives you 2 tokens that boost a lvl 90 to 280AA.
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  3. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    You must have the DoV expansion to get past Level 90, as it was this that raised the level cap to 92. If you don't have Dov, the only way you can get this is to buy CoE and in the process get a level 95 cap.

    In summary current game download includes all expansions up to and including sentinels fate and level cap of 90. If you have or got Dov before CoE release then your cap is 92 and if you have or get CoE your cap is 95.

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