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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Tomshindo, May 18, 2018.

  1. Tomshindo Member

    I have a few questions about upcoming update, GU 106.

    You're going to add portions named ' Elixir of the Expert', which is designed to let all kinds of players play Expert zones. But I'm afraid that it is an item that we can purchase on the market place. According to the preview of the item, it says the caster can gain tons of potency, fervor and Resolve. But when they use it, there is a huge difference between the caster and the non-casters even if they are OP raiders. Especially, to be at 100,000 potency seems to be like in solo zones. I've thought at a glance it was a typo.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Is it an item that we have to buy on the market place? If so, how much?
    2. Can we gain the buff in the Expert zones without the portion?
  2. Tomshindo Member

    Sorry, I missed those statement. But my questions still hold on to some extent, whether this item is purchasable.
  3. Gninja Developer

    You obtain it through in-game means. It is not going to be available on the marketplace.
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  4. Tomshindo Member

    Thank you for the quick reply.
    Although it's going to take a long time to finish one zone without the buff, looking at the increase in potency of the Elixir.
    Probably some of us have to run regular instances for the portion to get in and finish expert and new heroic zones.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to this GU. Good luck with your work.
  5. Perciful New Member

    Where or how do you obtain the elixir? My guild group could not figure it out last night. Our experience with our first expert zone was not great. Thanks
  6. Chillispike Active Member

    I got one after each of the 3 Expert heroic zones we did yesterday.
    Not sure if there are other ways to get it as well, but i do hope that there are other ways as well.
  7. Kari Well-Known Member

    You should be able to get one in a solo mission reward crate. I got one from an expert and one from a regular heroic last night.
  8. Grumpy1 New Member

    it also claims its lore/heirloom but it will not go into the shared bank , shouldnt it say no trade then devs?
  9. Doomravin Well-Known Member

    Think you can snaffle one from normal heroic zones as well, though I don't think I got one today

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