Question about 'Makeshift Arrow'

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Kiril, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kiril Guest

    How does the 21st level art 'Makeshift Arrow' work?

    Do you need to gather components of any sort?

    I see a 10-minute refresh. How many arrows does it make?

    Finally, are the arrows 'good' ? Or are they a last resort when crafted/purchased arrows run out ?

    -Thanks in advance

  2. ARCHIVED-Audio Guest

    It makes 10 everytime at App. 1. As you increase your skill it makes more. I think App.2= 15, App.3=20, etc. (not positive on the exact numbers but you get my point)

    It does not require components. You make them from items in your surroundings (ie. you summon them). They are very basic arrows. I forget but I think they are tin hunting arrows or something of the like.
  3. ARCHIVED-Kehoe Guest

    i sure hope we dont get like 50 tin arrows at Mastery in this skill.. would be more lucrative to get 10 carbonite arrows instead, i sure hope it works like that, i mean, it's not like the ranger doesnt get better at making arrows, instead of just gettting better at making more :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Archanis Guest

    Yes, they are basic arrows. It has a 10 minute refresh timer. At appII it gives you 15 arrows. I only got it up to app2 before beta ended, so i can't confirm how much adept1 and higher gives you.
  5. ARCHIVED-Kagara Guest

    If this is true, what is the point to the skill? To give you the most basic of pulling amount? This is something that needs to be changed.
  6. ARCHIVED-tharvey Guest

    It gives you arrows to use for skills that require them - such as Back Shot, Open Shot, Wounding Arrow, etc. Skill use isn't dependent on weapon at all (Shadow Blade with the starting dagger or a pristine iron rapier will do the same damage), so it doesn't much matter how much damage they do. If you want to use archery outside of skill use, then the skill might be useless to you.
  7. ARCHIVED-Kagara Guest

    the type of arrow you use does have a giant impact on your damage.
    Carbonite does far more damage on special attacks than tin
  8. ARCHIVED-Kagara Guest

    I just dinged 21, and make shift arrows summons 10 Carbonite Arrows at level 21.
  9. ARCHIVED-Dovaj Guest

    It summoned Carbonite arrows in Beta. Glad that did not change.