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    I'm a level 35 Woodworker, and really want to keep leveling so I can make my own arrows and whatnot, but for the past few levels the essentials books have given me like 3 recipes each. 1 for a wand or club of some kind and 2 imbued versions of that wand/club/etc. So the new item bonus is pretty small and I end up just repeating writs endlessly. Every few levels I'll get a few kinds of arrow, but then it's back to the standard.

    I'm wondering if I'm missing something. My alt is an Alchemist in her 20s and she gets a massive number of recipes with each book, between spells for all the different fighters and scouts plus potions and whatever else. I don't expect this to slow down in the future either as people get new spells every level.

    I make sure I have vitality when I craft, and I even have the Ring of the Skilled from LON for a little extra boost, but I've always hated the feeling of grinding. As soon as I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything it's like I have ADD.

    Anyway...if this is just how it is then I suppose I'll just tough through it. I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything.
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    Woodworking is one of the worst to level as you get very few recipes per level. Alchemist, Sage and Jeweller are all a lot easier and faster.
    My woodworker is now lvl50, you do get some more recipes as you get higher and totems and arrows usually sell well.
    I would suggest doing rush orders for your guild, you get extra XP for completing the quest and it does speed up levelling a bit.
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    At least with woodworking you get the two imbues of the one item to make a total of three recipes per level. With carpentry, it's just the one item. I don't think there's a carpenter in Norrath that can look at a bear rug without getting the jitters.
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    Tradeskill writs (Rush Orders) makes the time fly. Woodworking has one major thing going for it and that is that the raws are fairly cheap and easy to obtain. Just grind rush orders and you'll get there.
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    Thanks for the input. I bit the bullet and ground out a few more levels last night...I guess in the grand scheme of things it's not such a big deal. Again, I just hate soon as I realize I'm doing something JUST for the exp, it takes all my strength to keep me planted there. I'd much rather hop on an alt or go finish a quest or try to find a group somewhere.
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    It's not too hard to reach 50 if you use the writs as others have suggested.
    Once you are 50, the Mara crafting missions could be an option with a little variety. The crafting itself is more challenging, and you have the possibility to get the Far Sea Innovations (gives T8 rares plus some crafting materials that drop in T8 dungeons only) if you hit the counters correctly which makes things a lot more interesting. Plus, you get loot at the end. And of course you can buy crafting and harvesting items from the Far Seas Division.
    There are other TS quests too, they aren't worth the time if you just want to grind to 80 asap in one go since they take time to complete, but if you pick them up as you go and do them while adventuring they are a little extra tradeskill xp.
    If you harvest yourself and don't have a provisioner to supply, always pick up the hungry halfling quest from Thundering Steppes docks for the area you will harvest in. It's free tradeskill xp if you are harvesting anyway, and you won't have 6 types of food mats cluttering your bags.
    EQ2 Traders Quest overview
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    I just leveled a WW and got to 40 within 4 days (about 3 hrs daily in rl). After that it slowed a bit. What I did was solely rush orders.
    I used the ROK statue buff every hour. I also used any gear I could wear that gave me crafting stats, so I did all the tradeskill quests as soon as they were offered to me at various levels. I also had my sage-tinkerer make me crafting charms. I also used the pots only when things slowed down to a crawl. And I still have tons of those pots left! I ended up using all the 45min pots plus one 1 hr pot.
    After I reached lvl 50, I would wait a few days to build up my vitality as my XP would increase a lot higher with higher vitality. It also helped that I have 5 other lvl 80 crafters, too. The 40s and 50s I did each in two days... breaking it up in to 5 level increments. The 60s I did in 3 sessions (days). The 70s took me 4 sessions, but that's because I was busy with the live events of the spires, moonlight and nights of dead!
    I only used one buff at a time. I never combined the ROK statue buff with my pot buff, so my buffs remained pretty steady.Whenever I was doing a pristine, I always made sure I was buffed with either the statue or pot and that was the first thing I did. Some peeps don't do pristine until they do the writs first. Then they go back and do any recipe that didn't have pristine during a writ.
    I would do pristine first, and included all blessed and imbued items. I would do those when my vitality was at its highest point and added a buff. Many times, just with that, I could get to 40-50% of the XP bar. Then the rest of that level was done solely by rush writs (2-4). So get those advanced woodworker recipes! They do help with more pristine items. The low level ones, sell to the vendor and get your fuel costs back. Items such as arrows, throwing hammers, throwing daggers etc. and totems - throw on the market with a low price for those leveling up. You'll get your fuel cost back plus a bit of change. Don't expect to make a killing at that level.
    I did notice, once I reached 70, my vitality replenished a lot faster and stayed high, and thus my XP stayed higher - around 3-4% per combine plus 5% with rush writ turn-in.
    It helps to maximize the button pushing. The first half, you are mostly pushing durabilities. Then it begins to change. When you notice the durabilities don't get you as far, add in more progress buttons. You'll see the increase of progress better and the time shorten for the 6 combines you need to do with rush orders.
    I began on September 7 and reached 80 on November 4 - 2 months. I wasn't in any real hurry. I did adventuring on the character as well as crafting and adventuring on my other 5 characters. I did not craft every day. I think if I did a concentrated effort on leveling the WW from 1-80, I prolly would have accomplished that in like 2-3 weeks. But, then I'm never in a race! LOL
    BTW, when I started, my inquisitor was level 12. When I finished my inquisitor was lvl 43 with 74AAs. I had XP turned off with the slider 100% AA XP. LOL
    Good adventures and good crafting to you!
    BTW, with the MARA (Fallen Dynasty) Tradeskill quest, you need 240 harvesting skills in order to receive those quests. It beings with Improving Relations with the Locals - then you can receive the TS quest for a charm and XP. You can, however, get the harvesting quest at any level from the boy who is always swimming in that pond. He must be waterlogged, by now... heh
    And the Far Seas Division crafting missions in Mara require you to complete the sequence in Moors first - Ship Out (lvl 50). At 80 adventure level you should not have a prob with this and they would give you a bit of diversity while getting XP. The solo quests are once per week, the group instances are daily but can be done solo if you have the time.
    Another diversion is the LS crafting quests beginning with Purria in the Shrine of Thunder at the docks. Nice crafting XP here, too.
    And, of course, the craftsman timeline given by your Grandmaster in your city - Q is Ironforge in NQ; FP is Coalition in WFP; GFay is Tunare's Pages in Kelethin; Neriak is in Dockside Markets and Gorowyn is in the Wards. You can get those quests at crafting level 20, 35, 45, 55 and 60. Each one provides XP plus a little something to help better crafting.
    All these provide nice XP plus diversion from the "grind." :D
  9. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    I've leveled several crafters to 80. WW has been the WORST ;) Well, my carpnter was really, but I'm not adding her into the mix cause she was leveled BW and BD (before writs and before Domino). It's likely be somewhat better now.
    But, my illy likes illusions (totems) and my ranger is standin gin line for arrows, so it's worth it, but wow....torture :)
  10. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Caethas@Permafrost wrote:
    Rush orders you get XP, Status for your guild, and faction with your city.
    Follow the time line here also for speical quests which will get you nice thingsand again status, faction and money.
    Once you hit 50 start doing the far seas daily missions either in a group or solo nice loot drops ther, tokens and money, as wells as faction with the far seas supply division. . and also has the added advantage of being a bit more exciting especially if you are doing it solo and have to use skills you havn't since your aprenticeship.
    oh and watch out for bonus xp weekends and claim your bonus potion vet rewards they have a tradeskill potion to give you an added bonus. used a few of those on those bonus weekends and got quite a few levels.
    and harvest your own mats when you can. if you have good guild mates like I did ask them to give you what they dont' need for htere toons.
    edited to add: oh and btw i started as a tailor came in to the game just before Kunark got to almost 30 and then switched. was 80 before TSO came out. so did the harvesting quest while my toon was still in her late 60s early 70s adventure wise. with the help of a good friend of mine some stealthing when alone I did got the harvesting cloak. jUst got back from a 8 month vacation from EQ2(not by choice) and finished the epic tradeskill i"d started in one afternoon from teh Jum Jum step(thanks to the wonderful Tradeskill community on Guk thanks guys.)
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    I do understand how boring writs can be. I can rarely be bothered to do more than 2-3 at a time. I generally need something more interesting to motivate me to level my crafters.
    I think at 39 you get wolf totems which used to sell fairly well.
    AT 49 you get the invis totems, whcih still sell well. My woodie got the best part of 10 levels from selling them, though that was just after RoK came out when the demand was enormous. But even now they they are still quite good. Of course making lots of them is a slow way to level, but the profit and being able to sell what you make adds variety.
    At 50 you can go to Mara and do the quests there and expand your options greatly.
    The live events can also be useful at low levels. At 35 you you have benefitted from all the level 29 Night of the Dead recipes. My 41 armourer found them useful.

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