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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Plavem, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Plavem Active Member

    Hey guys,

    Ive been playing eq2 on and off for close to 7 years ( maybe less ) honestly I can't remember.

    Anyhow last year I decorated my house. I don't use the layout or anything. When I recently came back to the game I saw there were some leader boards on my server. I decided to go and look at some of the top rated houses in the game or on my server. After looking at most of them I was very unimpressed. My house is 3 times the house of any of these people. At least in my own opinion.

    Well I started wondering how do I get my house on the leader boards for people to come look at. I don't associate myself with people outside my guild ( which is a full time raiding guild ). However I have put a heck a lot of time into my house and I think it would be useless if people actually had to visit my house through an invitation.

    I even tried spamming general chat to get people to come look at it.

    Ive been to eq2 housing websites, but most of them don't seem up to date.

    Anyhow, my name is Plavem and I am on the Nagafen server. My house is one of the big ones in gorowyn. Directly behind the auctioneer upstairs. If any of you would like to come look at it be my guest. Only 1 part of it is not finished but I should have it completed by tomorrow night.

  2. Afista Well-Known Member

    Anyone can publish a house on the Leaderboards, so yes, you will probablly notice a lot of places just published with Guild Hall doors in them. Just type /house inside of the house you wish to publish and click the Publish icon on the menu. It will ask you to name the house and then allow you to take a screenshot. Once you publish a house, you cannot move, place or retrieve items from it, so be sure everything is the way you'd like to preserve it. If you unpublish your house to move/place items, you will loose the "Overall" votes places on the home.

    Once published, houses can be rated by visitors. Each day, awards go you to the top 5 in each "Recent" category. If your house is #1 in recent creativity for the day - you would receive a gold and silver award for creativity. If your house is number 2 through number 5 in the recent category, you would receive the Silver award in creativity. The same is true for the style category.

    "Recent" votes fall off after 7 days. So, if a friend votes today, their vote will carry for the week and then fall off and they would need to vote again to keep something recent. It will always hold under the "Overall" category though. House titles will go through color changes based on how many awards they have received. (ie. 10 awards -yellow, 25 awards etc...) When a house obtains 50 awards (any combination of trophies), it is moved to the hall of fame and you are mailed a Houre Rating Trophy item and obtain a new decorator title.

    Anyways, that's just a quick overview :p Hope it makes sense... didn't have much time to type it out. I think someone can probablly find the link to the walkthrough on color changes of titles and title achievement awards. Off to work now : p Good luck and happy decorating!
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  3. Plavem Active Member

    Thanks for the reply. Is it only per server or across all servers?
  4. Mythical House Item Active Member

    This is per server, if you want to see the leader boards on other servers you have to make a character there.
  5. Plavem Active Member

    Can you also explain to me what prestige homes are?
  6. Afista Well-Known Member

    Prestige homes are obtained different ways. Currently, most housing deeds are purchased through the Station store with station cash. But, there are a few available only through Legends of Norrath loot cards and one home that is a raid drop. Most of these homes also have the same access point in either Qeynos or Freeport to tour by clicking the stone and selecting which house. (again, a couple of the prestige homes have their own unique access such as the Thurgadin Grand Hall and the magical manors in Freeport, Qeynos and Gorowyn).

    The nicest thing is that Prestige homes do not require upkeep (money or status) and also have the option to have a "portal object" that is placed in other houses or halls that allows transport directly to that home.
  7. Plavem Active Member

    Do they have a different layout. The Thurg Grand hall is it a guild hall or a home? Where do I find the magical hall in gorowyn?
  8. Kaian New Member

    All of the Prestige homes (apart from the LoN Magical Manors) have unique layouts - most (though not all) are modelled on/inspired by certain areas or instances ingame. If you want to see them, you can access tourable versions of all the Prestige houses (apart from the Magical Manors, and the Thurgadin one) from the Housing Portals in South Qeynos and South Freeport - just select the house you want to take a look at and then choose 'Tour' to be whisked into an empty version of the property.

    The Magical Manors are simply versions of the large houses in the respective cities, with the same layout etc, but with no cost or upkeep. They can only be obtained via LoN loot cards. I'm afraid I'm not sure where the one is in Gorowyn.

    The Thurgadin Grand Hall is a home, not a Guild Hall. It can be accessed from within Thurgadin itself and you can choose to tour one in the same way as the other Prestige Houses.

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