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Discussion in 'Developer Roundtable' started by ARCHIVED-Rothgar, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rothgar Guest

    I'm in the process of making some changes to the quest journal and looking for feedback. Do you know of any bugs or have any complaints about the way it currently works?
    One of the things I'd like to see changed is to re-orient the quest list and detail pane so that they are side by side instead of on top of each other. The information is easier to read with a taller list rather than a wider list. If you've taken a look at Profit UI or some of the other third-party UI's, they've rearranged the quest list like this.
    Increasing the number of active quests isn't really a topic for this thread, so lets keep it to just changes with the interface.
    We recently added the ability to sort collections by other means and to sort quests by name. So anything like that, that makes the quest journal more usable, is the type of thing i'm looking for.
  2. ARCHIVED-Sinaari Guest

    Is there a way to possibly color code the quests somehow to know if they are solo, group and raid/epic? So at a glance you can tell like we have now with the level colors?
  3. ARCHIVED-Grumpy_Warrior_01 Guest

    On the Completed tab each quest usually gives a one- or two-line description of what the quest was about, which doesn't always jog my memory especially if it was a long, detailed series of steps. Many times I have wished I could see the various steps that went into finishing the quest as well as the reward links, similar to when the quest was active. Any chance of that?
  4. ARCHIVED-acable Guest

    I'd like to see a quest helper that will display multiple quests if you choose.
  5. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Rothgar wrote:
    It would be great to have a hide check box next to each collection. I have characters with 200 open collections and most of them I'll never complete (those from EoF, RoK, where there is one item for several platin while the rest only cost 1 copper and the reward is crap).
    An option to mark those collections and hide them unless you add an item to the collection or use a "show hidden collections" command would be a great way to make the collections more managable.
  6. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    Rothgar wrote:
    When ever you zone and then reopen the Quest Journal every quest is open and have to reclose it
    Some quests are unable to be deleted, I believe these are under the Hallmark tab IRC.

    I would like to see quests that share similiar mobs to be killed be able to be linked somehow on the UI. So maybe have the UI show up to three quests that share the same mob on the UI without having to reopen the Quest Journal to check.

    Oh, and the Collection Quest journal I believe should have it's own UI instead of just being tabbed with the rest of the Quest Journal.
  7. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    I just want my default quest to not be A Darkened Shard. Every time I complete a quest it goes right to that one and it's annoying. If you could make it so that it just moved down the list,preferably next in the sort order, I'd be content.
  8. ARCHIVED-Beghauns Guest

    Pretty happy with the collections and active, but the completed quests could use some other sort options or some way of condensing it down. I've only done a bit over a K of quests but it becomes hard to find the quest you’re looking for when the list is sorted by zone. Would be nice if "by expansion" was an option and then by zone under that.
  9. ARCHIVED-Iamken Guest

    I would like to see a new tab called 'Favorites' and also have the ability to drag in and out current quests to it.
  10. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    1) Sort quests alpha as an options.
    2) Search box / filter for quests.
    3) A filter for only quests each group member is on.
    4) A clear indicator of quest line in the quest description. Ie, if the quest had a pre-req quest its name would be in the description with a hotlink to the clompleted version. Simplify the task of catching group members up to the same step.
    5) Ability to search for other players LFG on same step of quest
    6) /browser as a default refference link. Lets just accept its a universal source and provide connectivity to it.
    Thats all I can think of in 3 minutes. Hope you like some.
  11. ARCHIVED-TygerMeow Guest

    It would be nice to be able to sort quests on the completed tab as well. When I'm playing with new/lower people and I want to share a quest or find a quest/questline they would be interested in, it would be nice to be able to sort in various ways.
    Obviously the existing sort options on collections would be great for quests, like sort by nearing completion, completed, etc.
    This isn't a journal thing, but for crying out loud, can we get a shard quest giver amenity for our guild halls? I never remember to go back out and turn in my quest and I see lots of people with the same problem and it runs into other problems where you can't share quests once you've entered the zone because someone still has the shard quest from yesterday. Going to CL and Lava and Moors to gather these shards onesy twosey is a pain.
  12. ARCHIVED-Dreyco Guest

    The ideas and changes that you have planned are great!
    The only feedback that I could offer is to the quest journal's relation to the quest tracker. Being able to flag more than one quest to be tracked in the quest tracker from the journal would be of serious benefit. Sometimes you're trying to juggle quests from large zones like the Kunzark zones or Moors, and you have twelve at a time. Being able to track more than one would help immensely in that department.
  13. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Often when I'm looking at group members journals, and group members get updates, the journal stops updating on my end.
    VERY often the quest journal will jump to another quest in my journal for no apparent reason. This seems to occur the most when I complete a quest, and it always jumps to the same quest.
  14. ARCHIVED-Malachani Guest

    +1 for Quest Helper that shows more than one quest. Side by Side as well is awesome.
    My number 1 most annoying thing about the quest journal is defaulting to some random quest whenever you earn status. I'm really tired of seeing that i need to visit the gnolls in Splitpaw or whatever the default quest is for my characters.
    Also, having the collapse/expand options actually save! I can understand not saving if you camp completely to desktop, but to have chose to collapse all headings and 5 minutes later, there are 2 to 3 opened even though I did not choose to...
    Functionality in the Group tab would help a great deal. Sometimes the quest details do not show up when I select a quest, so I have no idea how far my groupmate is along in the quest.
  15. ARCHIVED-wushupork Guest

    I agree with Malachani, the quest "A Darkened Shard" seems to pop up everytime something is completed. I'm pretty sure it seems to default to first alphabetically sorted quest. It would be better if on completion of a quest it would drop back to the most recently updated quest.
    This of course is referring to the Quest helper, not the journal specifically.

    I do completely agree the explorer type quest journal is much easier to use, it's the reason I had even started looking at third party UI's back in the day.
  16. ARCHIVED-KerowynnKaotic Guest

    I'll add my vote for a search bar for the Journal, for all parts. Current, Collection, Completed & Group.
    And, is there anyway you can change the Completed Default to first look to see if you have a more quests in the same zone you are in and display one of those instead of however it works currently?
    (ie: after completing a quest in whatever zone, even if I have 10 other quests for that zone, my journal immediatly displays the splitpaw final epic quest, which I will probably never get around to finishing .. plus I hear it's bugged, anyway .. )
    If not it's okay .. but .. I really want that Search Bar. Been tons of times when people ask me if I have completed XX quest .. and .. I'd not know without a lot of manual searching and every single time I had wished for a bloody search function!
  17. ARCHIVED-Malachani Guest

    Oh and let me add that having the journal stay on the collection tab after you add an item is SO FREAKING ANNOYING. If people like it, make it an option. But when I open my journal to check out quests (since we can't have multiple in the helper) its just annoying to have to tab back to the quests again.
  18. ARCHIVED-Bratface Guest

    Deson wrote:
    You beat me to it lol
    I thought it was supposed to be fix a while back so that it moved to the next quest in the journal, but I still fall on A Darkened Shard every time I finish a quest.
  19. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    My current 'default quest' is now the multi shard zone one from Everfrost. It used to be the Nek Forest HQ.
    My desires for a quest journal:
    1. Sort by level to be either ascending or descending. As it is now, I don't use that sort since I have to scroll to the bottom for what usually is relevant to me.
    2. The ability to search, like the recipe book search, but also for zones and/or targets (i.e. content), too, in addition to just on names. Maybe even search the quest giver name, too.
    3. The ability to 'mark' a group of quests and have them 'rise to the top' in my journal regardless if they're in the same zone or not.
    4. The abilty to filter/sort by level range. As an expansion on my desire for level sorting being ascending or descending.
    5. Search ability on the completed and the Group quests.

    As an aside, I -LOVE- that you can do a broker search direct from the journal for collection quests. That's a function I use a lot.
  20. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    Please let us delete the access quests to everfrost and zek if we decide not to do them. I know they don't count against totals, but having that grey quest in my vision all the time is just a ginormous pet peeve of mine. I use profit and they are side by side and works well.

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