Quest "Against the Elements" removed?

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Kicks, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Kicks New Member

    until recently there used to be a quest where you could get an ancient spell as reward. I leveled another toon and can't find the quest giver in commonlands. Has the quest been completely removed from the game and if so is the ancient spell obtainable at a merchant like the one you can get from the panda NPC?
  2. Korucuu Well-Known Member

    To quote Kaitheel

    "The Chaos Descending prelude event, Against the Elements, will conclude on Tuesday 3/26 at 7am pac. The Return to Guk Ancient Spell Scrolls rewarded to level 110 players through the event can be obtained from Pas Yu, in the Sundered Frontier."
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  3. Kicks New Member

    Ah thanks for the update. Would have been nice though if DBG announced it on the forum somewhere. And it would be even nicer if they reinstalled the quest or make the ancient spell obtainable at a merchent.
  4. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    It was a prelude event. You have to expect prelude events to go away once the expansion launches.
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  5. Drona Well-Known Member

    I have no problem with them removing it but I do have problem with them announcing it on a developers' private twitter account which is not even linked to the forums....
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    It would have been nice to have a formally announced end date, yes, and better communication from DBG here in the forums should be something they work to improve.
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  7. Menko Member

    just adding my 2cp to this topic.
    i understand its a prelude event, and those generally end after what they prelude comes out.
    however, it is a very common criticism i hear again and again the difficulty new and returning players are having playing catch up. not to mention, the options for -any- toon to get their ascensions upgraded are limited and/or costly.

    it is only one spell that a toon receives from this quest. have we become so money hungry at dbg that even allowing -one- spell, of which you still have to get the previous grades before you can scribe it, remain easier to obtain is simply out of the question?

    its all fine and dandy. im already committed to getting back up to speed. but i am still asking for this to be re-implemented if at all possible. i know this request is falling on utterly deaf ears, but had to make it anyway.

    its such an uphill battle trying to become even competent enough to be accepted by a raid guild atm.

    dbg...this would be an amazing gesture to let returning players know, hey thanks for coming back, you have one way to get one ascension ability's ultimate grade relatively easy.

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