Qeynos npc chatter

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-MalletMan, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-MalletMan Guest

    I wonder if the line from the Concordium npc's about the Celestial Watch and "It's forgotten gods" should be replaced? At this point it's overdue.
  2. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Likely during the Qeynos update I'd imagine.
  3. ARCHIVED-MalletMan Guest

    They still say it on test, so i wouldnt be so sure.
  4. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    They still have the guy on the docks talking about Feerot too. (on test).
  5. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    but that guys is for the access quest to there. you remember those right? the 'yu can't visit that zone until you prove your ready to handle it' things?
    the forgotten gods thing is also still valid. just becuase we as adventurers know about the return of the gods, doesn't mean that guy does, or that he believes it. all he knows about the return is that there are 'prophets' preaching about thier god. he hadn't been to Rivervale or LS or Lesser Fay to see the manifestations of Bristlebane, Soluesk Ro or Tunare.
    he never has seen Rallos' avatar looming over Deathfist Citadel.
    and if you said to him 'Yes, they returned! I've Seen thier avatars on Norrath!' all he has to do to counter you is 'where is your proof?' cause you don't have any solid proof. your 'avatar' gear could have come from anywhere. those miracles and blessings you use in combat he can chalk up to pure luck/non divine magic. your deity pet could just be that charlatan 'prophet''s construct to help lure people into really believing the gods are back.

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