Qeynos Aligned Carpenter LF Guild Nagafen

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Cheribomb, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Looking for a good home for my level 95 Carpenter Elinor on Nagafen. Elinor is retired from adventuring these days and is ready to be hired to be your GH decorator or to just join your guild as a crafter. Elinor has been loyal to a Qeynos guild for the last three years and is ready to share her award winning decorating skills with other worthy guilds that will appreciate her artistic qualities.

    Since Elinor is looking for a home she'd really fit in well with; a crafting type guild is welcome to send a private PM or in game mail.

    If you are looking for a decorator; Elinor is looking for a guild with a healthy active membership as she doesn't like her hard work to be under used or under appreciated. If you have a level 70+ guild on Nagafen with a healthy active population of players then please send a private PM or in game mail with the name and location of the GH you currently have. T3 Guild halls will be eyed wearily as they require way more energy than Elinor currently has to give for decorating projects at this time.

    Also, due to the PVP restrictions on Nagafen; Elinor cannot work; nor is willing to work with any Evil aligned Guilds on Nagafen.

    You can checkout all projects by Elinor and her sister carpenter Cheribomb on Antonia Bayle by clicking on the website in this signature. Thank you.