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  1. Ebernote New Member

    How many people play here? I’m excited to be back
  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Sadly, you'll usually see from 3 to 8 players on a /who all Qeynos side, and maybe 9 or so on the Freep side. Gankers and griefers will never stop running all the new blood off the server until there's no one left; it doesn't matter how many new PvP TLs get launched, it's always the same.

    Of course, pay to win cash shop RNG items encourage spending $1,000 per character to make players impervious PvP gods (which the buyers openly brag about on the official Discord); that's not helping maintain any sort of population, either.
  3. DENSER Well-Known Member

    As long as it pays for the first months, why deprive yourself?
    An announcement effect with an upcoming innovative idea for the server, a beautiful ptw chest just as tempting and presto, all they can do is wait the cash.
    Anyway, it's not just an idea applied to pvp.
    The whole game works like this, window dressing. Maintenance surfing an iconic game, who deserves to be always present, despite what they have done with it
  4. Frostfang Member