PvP writs in Rise Of Kunark!

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by ShadowCat, Jul 30, 2022.

  1. ShadowCat Graveheart

    When will pvp writs be added in Rise Of Kunark zones??
    Players who previously received orange decorations and pvp items now have a big advantage. Because for other players, these things are not available now.
  2. Creasote Well-Known Member

    I am not against adding pvp rewards for ROK.

    But to complain others have an unfair advantage because you did not support the Tarinax server and pvp during EOF is laughable.
  3. Sunlei Active Member

    /joyyyyyyy Kander The Dev said on EQ2 discord, "Sooo, level 70 buff bauble available in-game [1 per character] and new pvp Writs with new stronger adorns coming on Tuesday, August 9th"


    You'll still have to work to dress/gear yourself like everyone else does. GL :)
  4. ShadowCat Graveheart

    do you mean exchanging pvp tokens with your alts?
    i saw all factions do it all the time in Looping Plains. sometimes whole raids