PvP Time-Locked Server Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Fleshdecay, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Slant Well-Known Member

    Group ward cast time is cut in half in pvp. Personally I love having a sham in group pvp. I think they can make burns weather-able in a way no other healer can. That being said they will always be secondary heals. BTW Merjen i've been trying to get a hold of you.
  2. Xeos Well-Known Member

    There is definitely merit to your words. You were one of the best Shamans I ever fought. I hope to see you return.
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  3. Savne Member

    Thanks Xeos! Hope to see you in game as well--you were a great player.
  4. Raff Well-Known Member

    Why does it matter that "all" classes are balanced? Just because someone wants to play it? They are not going to be balanced. Daybreak trying to give us the best they can with the tools they have.

    I'm totally okay with that. Play an inferior class if you just want the challenge of making it work, but don't try to screw up the entire process over a couple of classes.
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  5. Huja Member

    Well, I say we take this second chance for what it is, complain when there is something to complain about.
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  6. Ecno Well-Known Member

  7. Hane New Member

    Looking forward to it, never really gave EQ2 a chance.

    Every other MMO out there is terrible atm. TLE PvP Progression server should be entertaining for a while, my no life neckbeard crew will be there at live. Will meddle in beta too.
  8. Ecno Well-Known Member

    Everquest 2 PVP Rules

    #1 - Cardio
    #2 - The Double Click
    #3 - Beware of Trolls
    #4 - Wear your Jboots
    #5 - No Torches or glowing attachments
    #6 - The "Clicky Items" Pwn
    #7 - Travel Quickly
    #8 - Get a KICK ASSSS PARTNER OR 5 or 23!
    #9 - With your jumpy boots
    #10 - Dont swing slow
    #11 - Use your hotkeys
    #12 - Bounties on your Head
    #13 - Wait for revive sickness
    #14 - Always carry a big stick
    #15 - Snowballs
    #16 - Opportunity kicks the door in
    #17 - Dont be a hero or should you?
    #18 - Dont get mad cause bad
    #19 - Take a break and come back later
    #20 - Its a jungle out there, dont forget to sprint...
    #21 - Avoid naked players claiming to be your friend
    #22 - When in doubt, pact of cheetah outttttt
    #23 - Carpal Tunnel
    #24 - Use your Evac
    #25 - Engage first
    #26 - A little smack talking never hurt anybody
    #27 - INCOMING!!!!
    #28 - Double Check your Buffs
    #29 - The Buddy System
    #30 - Pack your quiver
    #31 - Bank your coin
    #32 - Enjoy the challenge
    #33 - Never GIVEUP

    The original... http://www.zombielandrules.com/

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  9. G.Black Active Member

    Guys, have you pvped already? How it is? Good enough?
  10. G.Black Active Member

    More detailed impressions please :)
  11. Nagoo New Member

    it seems that the npc "Ambassador Brutus" in Freeport is missing, so I can't complete the
    'moving to Freeport' quest (starting, of course, in Neriak) :(
    The Gorowyn Ambassador is still there, but Ambassador Brutus isn't ... bug?
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  13. G.Black Active Member

    I was surprised they got back item drops from pvp. Very good ^^
  14. Shnozz New Member

    I missed most of this. My only thought regarding level locking.

    Allow it, but make every title you have in pvp, increase the level range that can attack you. This will allow the twinking to happen, BUT, it will make it harder for them to retain a title as they must be aware of all levels in the zone. Each title increase increasing the range of lvls that can attack you by 1 or 2 ought to do the trick.

    Think through the snowball effect when titles become harder to protect if you're level locked, seems like a win win.
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  15. Pailll New Member

    Looked all over and cant find it on the forums.

    Can someone fill me in on the easiest way for a freeport player to get to new halas on the new servers?

  16. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    commonlands>Nek Forest to docks> Thundering steppes i think. You might have to go all the way to ant docks to get to it not 100% sure
  17. Pailll New Member

    Thats a good start thanks!
  18. MasterCrafter New Member

    Here is my thoughts on level locking.

    I've played EQ2, on and off, from the beginning. Obviously, the game has that "something" that brings me back to it. With the rehash of the TLS, I'm back. I am also trying to play on the PVP server, just for some spice. On the PVE server, I leveled locked my characters so that I could craft my own gear of appropriate level before questing at those levels.

    The TLS server has been on for less than a week and PVPers are leveling fast, already, to 20 and level locking so that they can kill lowbies. Anybody that is actually trying to level up are going to get tired by being gawked by level locked characters. I feel that they should level up while trying to get better gear. Let the majority of the PVP happen at the highest tier. So I say disallow level locking if you want the PVP server to survive and continue to grow in population and be financially viable to bring revenue for EQ Next.
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  19. Mopeygothic Active Member

    Removal of locking made tons of players quit originally

    Leave locking alone!

    Go level somewhere else or group up with some friends, this is an mmo after all
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  20. TS (Throat) Active Member

    I wish folks would consider the ways they can alter their play and decision making on how to handle these challenges ... rather than "this doesn't work for me, remove."

    Yes, PvP is happening and simple tasks are sometimes not convenient. There are decisions and tactics to address. Might not be the same cookie cutter path as everyone else ...