PvP Time-Locked Server Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Fleshdecay, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Slant Well-Known Member

    No but I've played with my share of them. Hey, still great solo though right?
  2. Fetish Well-Known Member

    "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
  3. Xeos Well-Known Member

    Haha well honestly I did fairly well in group wth him. Just needed brief periods of running out of taunt range and running back in full burn. But otherwise solo yeahc they were great. But solo PVP was non-existent after a while.
  4. Ecno Well-Known Member

    Assassins and Rangers are garbage... end of story :cool:

    Idk why anyone would want to play either of them. I am rolling a Conjy because they are clearly superior...
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  5. Kendayar Active Member

    It's just a game m8. All it takes to get caught up is a decent writeup and a couple of hours to get used to pushing the buttons again.

    Not everyone is a knuckle-dragging troglodyte.
  6. Sirvandal Active Member

    Pathetic, you don't even know who I am and you start making statements. Wow, you are calling me inferior to you? I can kill you with one finger in my nose. You are a toxic garbage can with an ego issue. You are calling me a zerg but you are the one who needs numbers of Quaggits to kill me. You are a nobody when you are solo.
  7. Faabio Active Member

    Give them some credit...it took them 8 years to figure out how to play the game so it's a fair assumption in their mind that it'll take everyone else that long to learn the game again.
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  8. BulletCatcher66 Active Member

    Yes... yes we will. I also hope the PvP TLP community can keep the server locked to that time in KoS/EoF. Was very fun.

    Ahh... this will be so much fun. I can't wait.
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  9. Des hen Member

    Not sure if it was mentioned somewhere, but is there a day to determine which AAs were will be available for each class? Would be nice to look through to remember which AAs I can get on my chosen class at launch. Trying to decide on Healer or Fighter
  10. Spelzguk New Member

    Either they have really been working feverishly or this may not be what we all want..they just tweeted about not expecting a long beta! GRRR /facepalm /wtf /notagain Guess we will see what they have done tomorrow.
  11. Humakt Member

    What will be the AA and level caps, levels and restrictions for the PvE and PvP Servers?
    • Exp01: Desert of Flames, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 60, Guild Level Cap Increased to 60
    • Exp02: Kingdom of Sky, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 70, Alternate Advancement Subclass Window unlocked with a 50 AA cap, Guild Level Cap Increased to 70
    • Exp03: Echoes of Faydwer, AA Class Tree Unlocked, AA Cap is Raised to 100, Tinkering, Transmuting, and Adorning Unlocked
    • Exp04: Rise of Kunark, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 80, AA Cap is Raised to 140, Guild Level Cap Increased to 80, Guild Halls
    • Exp05: The Shadow Odyssey, AA Shadows Tree Unlocked, AA Cap is Raised to 200
    • Exp06: Sentinel's Fate, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 90, AA Cap is Raised to 250, Guild Level Cap Increased to 90
    • Exp07: Destiny of Velious, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 92, AA Heroic Tree Unlocked, AA Cap is Raised to 300, Flying, Leaping and Gliding Mounts
    • Exp08: Age of Discovery, AA Cap is Raised to 320, Mercenaries, Apprentices, Reforging
    • Exp09: Chains of Eternity, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 95, Prestige Window Unlocked, Guild Level Cap Increased to 95
    • Exp10: Tears of Veeshan, AA Dragon Tree Unlocked, AA Cap is Raised to 350
    • Exp11: Altar of Malice, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 100, Prestige Class Tree is Unlocked, Guild Level Cap Increased to 100, Legendary, Fabled and Mythical crits
  12. resonate Active Member

    you guys still stuff way after pve servers so dont worry if all u are bads
  13. Savne Member

    This is really exciting, except when I think about how many classes were borked through various expansions. For example, I'm not looking forward to the ROK period where shamans will be next to useless at healing in group PvP (unless of course they re-bug the damage shield set bonus or the overloaded heal procs!)
  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    They said they're making a fresh balance pass, but that will likely be over the course of the beta, along with re-enabling procs. We're starting out with current code, though, class-wise. It's only BLs and Channelers that won't be available at all; the rest will be as-is, as they exist today.

    Everybody keeps forgetting there is no old code left, even though the devs have said it often enough!
  15. Ecno Well-Known Member

    Just bought all access, and I am ready for the madness... be there or be...., well at work or doing something else you probably should be.
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  16. Savne Member

    The balance problems shamans had are something I can't see them fixing. For example, shamans were bad in group PvP because wards don't have as much heal potential (when they're spread across a group) compared to HOTs and reactives. Add that to slow casting, no steadfast, lack of anti-CC, and lack of real group heals and if it weren't for broken overloaded heals (multiples of this group heal could proc at once, allowing you to heal your group while warding them) and broken damage shields (which dealt stupid OP damage, giving shamans a space in PvP groups), they would have been worthless. If they upped ward values, that would just make them OP in 1-2 player PvP.

    I don't mean to pick a class and go on a charade, but it's just an example of a lot of problems I foresee. I just don't see them being able to address these major balancing issues or those of other classes. We'll probably just have to avoid rolling certain classes since we know how some of them end up.
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  17. Ozryc Active Member

    Come back after a week vacation and this thread got real. The flaming has started and I love it. Cannot wait!
  18. G.Black Active Member

    And even with that the old game was waaay better than now. + They don't have the original data, so I think the classes will be smth like current state.
  19. Unit New Member

    Whats ETA of the server coming up..

    been trying out defiler as per conversation above and at lvl 50 with all raid gear and no AA fighting other 50s with raid gear.. and fact with best gear lvl 50 has to offer by raids Maelstorm still takes 45% power and group ward is ridiculously long with interrupt no stun/stifle cure... no room in pvp in my eyes which is sad cause I wanted to play that class.
  20. G.Black Active Member

    There is no such info yet.