PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Primaeval Active Member

    Appearance slots should definitely be in principally because almost all of the T5 armor looks atrocious. The lower level sets look infinitely better than most of the "super duper amazing pieces". Also, I want DB to sell appearance items.... them making money off of cosmetic stuff is the best avenue for all of us to get the support that we all want for the stuff that actually matters.
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  2. Koppar New Member

    Yes remove the fame bar, no one asked for it.
  3. Primaeval Active Member

    I would guess that 95% of people that want to Exile would be fine never returning. Heck, even if some of us get forced to stay in a faction, I don't expect people to show anymore respect for those in that faction than they would any other enemy.
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  4. Koppar New Member

    I enjoy looking like a ****** in mixed armor. Dont get why this is such a big deal, especially on a pvp server?
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  5. Primaeval Active Member

    It's definitely not a big deal... just don't see a reason not to include it as an option is all. Always in favor of giving people more choices than less.
  6. Neluk New Member

    I dont think the majority of players would object to Exile being a one way ticket, as long as we can exile. We want the added PVP that comes with exile.
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  7. Xeos Well-Known Member

    ... Seriously? The consequence is them getting their a$$ wupped again and again. I love rez zerging people. PLUS it is STILL PVP. You are fighting a player, yes over and over but it is still PVP.

    I personally prefer being an exile for the fact that I can attack anyone I want. A easy fix, reset all spells/cas to apprentice and make it so once you exile you can only return to that city once. Meaning you can betray and return 1 time to either faction. On the second time of exiling from that city however you may NEVER return. As they will forever consider you a spy/traitor. So it means you can be stuck in exile forever. This will stop people from flip flopping. I mean usually when you are exiled in any context you are gone for good.

    More PVP, happier me!

    Appearance gear, add it back in. Simply lock it to what your class can actually wear. Problem solved, and no more looking like you just rolled out of a garbage can with your salvaged rusty armor.
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  8. Creasote Well-Known Member

    Regarding exile faction: I am all for it. I think it is a great option. It promotes PVP in my opinion.

    Regarding faction imbalance and the winning side. What will be considered the winning side? There are no more Warfields to win. Do we know what the factions will be fighting over? Avatars? PVP writ givers (are these even in the game on test?). From my experience, the players who changed faction were guilds who were decent players to balance the faction (good thing IMO) or bad players who were terrible and died at the foot of the WF towers.

    The winning faction could be different depending on what time zone you play.

    Perhaps a compromise to exile would be to allow betrayal back to your original faction only? For example, once you are Freeport, you can exile but only go back to Freeport.

    I see exile as a plus on a PVP server.
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  9. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    how is being able to betray making pvp unfair? now people will just roll another toon on the other side. Your assumption of there being plenty of pvp if people stick to a faction is contingent on people being consistent with the faction they are currently on, and is a pipe dream. People cant be forced into playing on a side, it will only deter them from playing. Especially if they are already used to being able to be an exile.

    People will flip flop to the winning side, exile or no exile. It happens in 2 faction pvp. The most asked question in channel chat when this server goes live will be about each sides population. Your reasons as to why exile is bad for the game dont make sense. Its a unique part of this game. Now people wont flop factions, they will just dissapear, reroll on the other side. and you wont know why or what for. This isnt going to stop a pvp problem, its going to create an even larger one. One that existed on every WoW server ( a game based on 2 factions, at least initially) where one faction out populates the other. Yet all we have is open world pvp. So there isnt any premade match with set rules like wow. So we will just have battles where one side will win consistently, and all the players who are undecided about their faction will suck it up and die constantly, or roll on the other side to win constantly.

    I find it a rare occurence for atleast eq2 for a player to think " hm i am killing this side too easy, im gonna go play on the harder side". If this mentality was the norm then people wouldn't roll overpowered classes so much, and beta wouldnt be filled with summoners with broken dummy pets before the initial beta wipe. People just want to win, and they will tip the scales in their efforts to win, whether it be through the overpopulation of one side, playing a broken overpowered class, cheating, the list goes on.

    No exiles really only benefits the devs. Less work for them, and since you cant betray and must reroll, giving you less access to a class you have to make another toon, which they hope you will use marketplace items to level.

    but hey lets keep pretending that exile is bad and broke eq2 pvp, just like all the other things that people have claimed over the years. lets pretend for a moment that 2 factions fighting, is going to just be fun and balanced and rewarding, when the population on beta is already lacking balance, even more so because the ability to betray being removed.
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  10. Swigar Member

    You will be missed.....
  11. Swigar Member

    does anyone find it a Little lopsided that Qey's can go to DLW but Freeps cannot get to FFS?
  12. Swigar Member

    unless someone rolls a Sora and doesn't play it... then we will see Sorax or Soraa or SSora
  13. Fetish Well-Known Member

    Wait...did they announce the launch date?! ...or just another wipe?
  14. Swerver New Member

    What about mounts? I know the speeds have been decreased but why make them all 29%... whats the point of spending 10p and thousands of status on a horse when you can get the same speed for say 4p and no status
  15. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    I dont know why when you started playing eq2 gives your argument any merit, but thanks for informing me.

    I dont know what you are stating that is going to change the idea that people will flock to whatever side wins over the losing side. Exile doesnt prevent people from doing that. Like I said, people will just re roll.

    so your only argument against betrayal because of faction hopping is moot, because people will just recreate their toons to flock to the more popular faction.

    and now you are saying that exile isnt bad, after thanking the devs for removing it? Its hard to see what your opinion really is here. Aside from only letting people betray once ( which imo is also dumb, and removes the freedom to customize your class/race combo).

    Also I cited wow as an example because before things like WSG were added to the game that was exactly what happened with its open world pvp. There was barely a balanced fight to be had in open world. Since alot of younger people played, they tended to flock to the major side to be on the winning team.

    But yeah, surely that wont happen to eq2's future 2 faction system. I mean the players love to have a fair fight, and would never just play a class because of its broken'ness or OP'ness.
  16. Enkefalos Member

    Is it just me or was the Good recall point set to Qeynos before the wipe?
  17. Trivursar Active Member

    RIP TLE servers.

    It'd be nice if they didn't do a blanket fix on both of the servers. Half the fixes are based off of the fact that the servers have to be as close to launch as possible.

    Well, launch sucked, and PvP didn't exist then, for good reason. If people want a nostalgia server, then it should have been left on the PvE server. Stop constantly sh*tting on the PvP servers with the catering aftermath of PvE. After reading the posts originally about these servers, I was excited to finally see something that looked promising. Now, it looks like some blue server plebe who just got his sub renewed for his birthday sat down to dictate the outcome of the servers.

    Starting naked and forcing players to go out and harvest to make their own gear just to survive through the quest lines enough to collect more gear and then rinse/repeat to do the same thing for the next tier is stupid. We might as well remove levels and gear completely and run around killing each other with sticks.

    Pumice stones being 6 gold and X status....

    Really now? I don't think I'd see 6 gold till the end of wanderlust. But hey, good thing charm still works. I'll just help slaughter the rest of my faction. Oh yeah, the status part...well I guess having someone else play my toon for 15 minutes out of every hour isn't so bad. Turn charm into a mezz for x amount of seconds in PvP and leave it alone. Id rather be mezzed and standing there casting an unobtainable pumice stone than trying to use it while throwing death swarms at my groups faces.

    Make exile a faction. It worked. It didn't kill PvP. The only thing it killed was the egos of the terribad players out there who had no idea their health could go from 13k to 0 so quickly. Besides, it was nice being able to betray and kill the obnoxious channel trolls.

    Appearance gear literally serves no detriment. If you can't glance at a players buffs to know what class they are without wondering if the sword and shield looking buffs on them means they're a tank or a pretty pink robe wearing mage, then you might need to have your face harm touched a few times.
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  18. Jait New Member

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  19. Trivursar Active Member

    IDK which server you came from, or what time, but exile had never ben anything but a balancing system.

    Just because you smeared on every surface you were by 24/7 by exiles, doesn't mean the faction is bad. It means you are, but that is beside the point.

    The point, is that forcing and restricting the entire population to play on either Freeport or Qeynos is asking for issues.

    The biggest issue I can see right now is just population imbalance. One faction is always gonna be heavier, thus controlling the outcome of PvP.

    Not to mention, class availability on either faction. I don't think Lucan is gonna lose his sh*t if he sees a Templar running through Freeport asking his guards for directions.
  20. Faabio Active Member

    How can anyone say that Exile killed the server? Exile came out mere months after Nagafen came out when the game was at its most popular. Ya'll are deluded and just don't want to get stomped again.