PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Kahleem Active Member

    Pretty much the overwhelming census is to re-enable appearance slots. There was absolutely zero need to disable them as it does NOT effect PVP, and negatively effects how attached players can become towards their characters.

    I for one spent THOUSANDS of plat and tons of RL $$$ buying cosmetic items to customize my Zerk on Nagafen to how I feel I wanted to present him.

    The only game I've ever found people hating on appearance slots for PVP was on Anarchy Online where people would REFUSE to duel or fight you if you had "X" item because they knew they didn't have a guaranteed chance to win the fight. (hence why pvp died in Anarchy Online)
  2. oakmiser Active Member

    It's going to be up for vote prolly in our first set of votes.
  3. Kahleem Active Member

    Oh god I hope they ACTUALLY think this one through first.

    They need to EXPLICITLY say: "Enable or Disable APPEARANCE SLOTS on DeathToll" rather than "Appearance Items" like the last poll or w/e it was.

    I spoke to many people on the server, reddit, in my guild, etc thought they it was marketplace cosmetic item related poll, and NOTHING to do with Appearance Slots!!

    Only a very minor few elitists were concerned about tanks in cloth armor (why should this matter? It is a pvp server, fight!)
  4. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    What is needed are tailored POLLs specifically aimed at PVE, PVE or both - where appropriate, and only sent to those accounts that have active characters on the TLE servers.
  5. oakmiser Active Member

    Pretty sure that's what will happen once they have them up and running for a month or so.
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  6. acoloss Active Member

    i think i prefer no appearance slots.
    You know if someone is using a shield, 2hander, wearing master crafted gear or whatever.
    People can see in PvP Videos if you killed someone wearing junk or if you was wearing junk.. things like that

    not a biggy though tbh
  7. GBlack Active Member

    I may be wrong but I recall something like that in EQII back in the day. Or that was for weapons only? That is simply the best solution
  8. Caith Developer

    Them's fighting words.
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  9. GBlack Active Member

    Is there a chance to see the changelog before we're all go crazy and will be zombie swarming the TLE at noon?
  10. Adevil Well-Known Member

  11. Bisquette New Member

    That's a great compromise, Sheep, but brings to mind two things. First, you can't really know how a pvp opponent cons until you fight them. There's always the guy in uber gear who can't play to save is life, literally. And there's going to be the guy in modest gear who kicks your *** out of skill. The first encounter is always caveat emptor.

    Secondly, I remember many (many) years ago on my old home, Vox, meeting in exile a duo of two Kerra rangers. Their preferred look was to wear black robes, and the poor things were actually wearing cloth armor to get that look. I rather doubt anyone mistook them for a pair of mages, and that wasn't their intent, I'm sure. I felt sorry, and still do, that they couldn't look like they wanted to without taking the mitigation hit.
  12. Forks New Member

    I thought plate could wear anything equal to or lighter than plate in the appearance slot. So a tank could look like a clothie, but clothies were stuck with cloth and couldn't scale it up to plate.
  13. Forks New Member

    Appearance slots let you appear to wear anything you could actually wear. As I recall it.
  14. Adevil Well-Known Member

    On live my warlock is dressed in "plate". The bloodiron stuff from the recipes that drop in Najena have a plate appearance, but are categorized as cloth.

    Edit: Bah, wrong gear. It's Magmatic Bronze.
  15. Minko New Member

    That would work Sheep but then you get those few pieces of cloth gear that looks like plate mail and IF there is marketplace cosmetic gear it would all be cloth. And forks is right as I recall, being that you could only put what your class can wear in appearance. And you could only have a shield over a shield and a weapon over a weapon (1h over 1h - 2h over 2h)

    My 2 cents though is that appearance gear shouldn't matter in pvp if you're not a complete nimrod. I can tell a class by a quick glimpse at their buffs or how their abilities looks (ie pets, particles, etc) As for marketplace cosmetics, I wouldn't really care if they were disabled on Deathtoll (PVP) but I don't see why you would. It's basically free income from the pvp player base to fund the server and further development. Then possibly they will have the means to get rid of the absurd stat overhaul and add the diversity and balance back into the game.

    Edit: Adevil, thanks I forgot about that magmatic stuff while typing this, but that's a perfect example of the few cloth pieces that look like plate.
  16. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    There's plenty of Cloth based appearance gear that looks like plate, especially rewards from the collection quests,
  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    hello everybody this little rat has been hibernating just found this thread
    I did not feel like reading through all this pages sorry
    I was wondering , I know there is a black market broker called Fuddleprock roaming around Antonica
    and his fees are not outrages.
    I would like to know if there is any black market for the Freeport side I found a name on the map in Commonland
    but it says he asks 40 % fee and I also was not able to find him.
    G Thal wile I had the pleasure ( not ) to meet the black market brocker for Qeynos the hard way ( got killed by the guards )
    not expecting any to be in that spot.
  18. Satyr Well-Known Member

    To spawn the black market in Freeport you need to get a quest from the gnome on the island in the middle of the harbor (if the fence isn't up). You need to kill someone from Qeynos, talk to him again, and then the broker will spawn at a random location in the Commonlands. If you ask a guard in the Commonlands where 'thal' is they will mark your map. Alternatively you can build Sootfoot faction and use the Lavastorm broker.
  19. Eradani Well-Known Member

    i was looking into this but hadn't done it yet. it looks to me like you're getting negative faction 35k to -10k before they'll let you use their broker. is that right?
  20. Satyr Well-Known Member

    I think that's right, but I never got around to doing it. I just schlep the pleb way and spawn the CL one.
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