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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. AstroElventy New Member

    Hi all. Why i find some stuff TSO+ like this:


    It will be removed ?

  2. GBlack Active Member

    It won't but it will be useless. Adornments books, grandmasters recipes or whatever you call it - it is just trash for vendors.
  3. Aquaskaientos Member

    I saw today a player who somehow used appearance slots at beta pvp (inspected him - as usual two rows of items). So it is possible? I missed something? (I have screenshot if needed)
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  6. Siren Well-Known Member

    Logging on right now to see if they put it back in already!


    EDIT: Okay, yeah, oddly enough, everyone that you inspect, even FFS landing level 1s, show two rows of slots for helmets, cloaks, shoulders, forearms, hands, legs and feet, although primary, secondary and ranged weapon slots only show one row.

    On my level 1 I happened to log in with (I didn't bother to re-level anyone after wipe, sorry), though, she only shows one row of slots for everything when I look in her own character page. So why are other level 1s showing the slots for a 2nd row of all that stuff when I inspect them?

    What level on live do appearance slots open up? My live toons are all wayyyyy too high level. Didn't it used to be level 20?

    Okay, now I'm confused. The screenshot Aqua just posted here shows a level 16 with both rows filled.
  7. GBlack Active Member

    He is 29 woodworker. You were unlocking app slots by reaching 20 lvl in adventuring or crafting. It is good that appearance slots are back
  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    Okay, I just rolled a new character on live as a test, and the appearance tab is in there on live from level 1 on. There's no more unlocking it. But on beta right now, my level one does not have the tab at all (even though when you inspect other level 1s in FFS, you can see two slots for the gear I listed in my previous post).

    Not sure if we'll have to unlock it at 20 or what now, or if it's just buggy because they yanked it out on beta then stuck it back in apparently.
  9. Aquaskaientos Member

    I have 39 woodworker, but no appearance slots :( So I wonder how he managed to do it.
  10. Siren Well-Known Member

    Target other people and inspect them, Aqua. For some weird reason, even level 1s show with two rows of helmets, chests, legs, forearms, boots, cape slots etc. (although none of their appearance gear slots are filled-- and my own level 1 does not have an appearance tab). It's only the weapons of other players that don't seem to have two slots each.

    What is going on here then?
  11. Hoiyay Active Member

    Only thing I can guess is that he's using a /command of sorts to equip it.

    It's obviously bugged one way or another. Perhaps dbg just took the option off your toon to prevent you from clicking an item and dropping it into slot. But they didn't think to disable the command to equip it.

    Ex: /equip appearance super uber outfit.

    I dunno what the command is for appearance slots but I know they have them for reg slots
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  12. Nachu New Member

    Can we get a change to how carnage flags work? As it stands when someone with a carnage flag engages on you first (something that is a recent change) and you respond you get a flag for defending yourself. Then their red con friends can have a field day with you. I propose that carnage flags be assigned upon killing someone with a flag. And not assigned at all if the kill is on someone from green-orange con if you didn't have a flag before.

    any better idea is welcome too
  13. Aquaskaientos Member

    Maybe appearance slots are going to be back just not fully functional yet because of beta)) I hope so! Would be very disappointed if it was just a bug :(
    Tried to create a macro. Not working...
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  14. Malorik Member

    So what class are you guys going with for PvP?
  15. Bisquette Member

    +1 for appearance slots.

    Is this what happens with no appearance slots?

    Arasai SK: Haha, there's that swash, revenge time. Nooooo! I must not engage, he has the Dwarven Ringmail Tunic! Curses, foiled again.

    Or is this what happens?

    Wood elf swash: Yeah, i'm lookin' good, this Blackened Iron Chain set isn't so bad.

    (equips the Dwarven Ringmail Tunic)

    Gahhhhh! Please wait while I jump off a VERY high cliff.
  16. Ilovecows Active Member

    Guardian, of course. I will destroy everyone!
  17. GBlack Active Member

    IoR is back and that is very inspiring!) Maybe they will even revert the stat system to it's former glory in the future? :D I wish so)

    But now it is time to see the other patchnotes =)
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  18. Caith Developer

    Not from where I'm sitting...
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  20. Busko Glads

    lol Gninja & Caith
    sitting in their chair with their finger over the server start button thinking "shall i or shant i...mmm think il just wait little longer" cracks open cuban cigar and sit's back in their chair reading the forums.
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