PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. GBlack Active Member

    Some of the taunts don't work, afaik.
  2. Pomakik New Member

    thats lame that they broke it.
  3. Pomakik New Member

    no but why knee jerk buff/nerf things that AA's will fix.
  4. Pomakik New Member

    no but why knee jerk buff/nerf things that AA's will fix. however druids should probably just get a nerf. healing was always way too strong in pvp
  5. Daarkstar Active Member

    Because even with AA's shamans and clerics still suck. Not as much, but they still suck. And who knows how long we will stay at 50-60...

    Don't nerf druids then we will have 6/6 useless healers in pvp.
  6. Dixa Active Member

    there is nothing wrong with druid healing numbers. what is wrong is healer sustain and all of the suck except the three that have mana regen abilities. all we are really seeing here is what happens when you play the base live classes without aa's and how much aa's fixed that balance.

    right now on the tle pve, no single healer is going to be able to solo heal any end game tank without some serious power problems. power costs of heals and other abilities have not been adjusted to account for the lack of all those cost reduction aa's we do not have access to.

    don't go buy the allakhazam and eq2u numbers on the abilities - they are woefully inaccurate at all tiers. in game, actual healing is quite...tiny.
  7. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that Freeps have a T2 crafting questline that requires them to go to the crafting area in New Halas. Getting one-shotted before reaching the quest NPC would not be good.
  8. Adevil Well-Known Member

    That actually means 12AM PST, no? As if nothing can ever go wrong when launching a new server :rolleyes:
  9. Aquaskaientos Member

    Let your crafters not reach 10 level - problem solved :) Anyway city pvp would make crafting process difficult.
    Edited: ah, you mean that guards would kill FP on the way)) Any guard can be avoided (except epics at Neriak entrance - not sure about them), don't think this tradition will be changed.
  10. GBlack Active Member

    Why freeps should go to NH craft area to do quests? Don't they have that questline in DLW or Freeport?

    I still remember fights in the instanced crafting basements in Queynos back in the day. You've always be able to slip through the guards if needed. But can't remember someone complaining hard about that. There was CF and plenty of capped ppl in the city killing intruders on sight,
  11. Siren Well-Known Member

    I thought that FFS crafter NPC who sells the Expert recipes was going to be eliminated from the game so that neither side could get them? Expert recipes will still drop, though.
  12. GBlack Active Member

    This time when I rolled a char and went crafting the recipe vendor sells 1-9 advanced books. T1 is not a big deal as for me. But T2 advanced books is no longer available. Essentials only. So I used to buy it from the broker as it should be. So rly what is all talking about NH crafting? =)

    Just logged in to check this again. No T2 books.
  13. Siren Well-Known Member

    I could swear that the crafting recipe vendor has always only sold T1 advanced books and never T2 advanced. But the crafting quest line that opened up all the Expert trainings for every tier wasn't in the game at launch, or for a long time afterward, so I'm glad it's being taken out. They would have had to put one into DLW to make it fair, but it's best if it's more launch-like and it's not in-game at all for either side.

    It gets more people out onto the landscapes questing and getting loot drops this way.
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  14. GBlack Active Member

    You can jump to Freeport for that vendor. No big deal.
  15. Frinch Well-Known Member

    *If* they're unwilling to move the NPC, one of those two guards could be made lvl 25 or something so people can train or sneak by. Or one of them could path. There are still lots of ways to hail NPCs without aggroing guards. Stein of Moggok used to require this (before we discovered we could get Freep friends to hail guards for us so we could talk to him). It was much more fun that way. Also, you don't have to use the Halas crafting area to complete that quest line.

    Edit: I like idea of doing quests in enemy territory as long as they're a) possible to complete and b) the other side has to deal with something similar. The vendor was indeed the major issue, but I think that people also liked the easy leveling via that series of quests and the free rares. If they've taken out the vendor, that's fine. If they've also taken out the questline, that's fine, too. If they've left the questline in, and only Freeps have difficulty completing it, then it's BS and should be fixed.
  16. GBlack Active Member

    And why Qs can still communicate Freeps? I thought they removed it. Just chatted with a freep in Halas. I think we should not be able to chat. Less trashtalking + pet trashtalk was fun =)
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  17. Daarkstar Active Member

    +1 for removing cross-faction chat
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  18. Adevil Well-Known Member

    The T2 crafting quests are only in NH. They get you to about L15 crafting and used to (haven't tested to verify that they no longer) unlock the vendor that sells the T2 advanced books.
  19. GBlack Active Member

    No unlocks now. You still doing quests with rare mats rewards, but there is no T2 advanced books for sale.
  20. GBlack Active Member

    Refferring the mount quest. Is it normal to obtain a mount equal to the 10p one from the stables in such EZ way? It makes almost all the mounts available for purchase irrelevant. Sound pretty bad as for me. It is good to see this quest removed or nerf the reward mount's speed so buying a mount from the stable will have some sense.