PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Frinch Well-Known Member

    No, he's right. Sometimes you still can without totems/see stealth buffs/being obscenely higher level).

    With all that mit, maybe they're supposed to tank in the new new meta?

    I agree with this too, with limits. For example, no guards in the crafting area is ********. No guards near the brokers: also ********.

    In order to achieve a better balance between safety and rewarding skilled play, I'd like to see more pathing guards than stationary 25s. Skilled players should be able to circumvent them with time and determination, but let's not have bads setting up shop wherever they want.

    Oh, and the guards should ****ing work, ya?
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  2. Frinch Well-Known Member

    'cause the only money he had is the money he looted from you.
  3. Daarkstar Active Member

    Scouts will only get better in KOS/EOF as well. Shamans were still pretty terrible all the way to TSO. It's not like Shamans are the only ones who get AA in KOS :(
  4. Daarkstar Active Member

    Please tell us you at least know they are broken. Ignoring continuous posting about 4 totally broken classes isn't cool.
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  5. Pikaboo Member

    I agree Healers outside of druids need to beefed up a bit, Not a whole lot but make them somewhat competitive with wardens, and furies atm. I would love to see mysics/defilers and temps/inquis have an actual role/chance in group pvp. But Keeping in mind when balancing healing, making sure GOOD dps that's coordinating attacks properly can still kill them. Not turning it into a power battle. Lasting forever.

    Balance takes time, but I don't want to see a server full of wardens/furies it will make raiding and over all pvp such a bore.
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  6. Wojo New Member

    Glide has worked for the entirety of beta. I'm one of the few non-fae's playing but just curious if they're still removing Glide? As fun as seeing 80% of players floating around with wings would be....
  7. Daarkstar Active Member

    Will glide and windwalker make it to live? I'd love to know. Don't want to play a Fae/Arasai but I will for the obvious advantage if it's getting left in.
  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    They mean gliding mounts, actually, hence why they're lumped into the comment about flying and leaping mounts too.
  9. Savne Member

    Exactly, all we need is a statement/acknowledgement before all healers end up rolling druids on Tuesday.
  10. Balbasur Active Member

  11. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    I'm still shaking my head at people complaining about secondary issues when it seems too many primary issues left unaddressed...unless as was stated earlier players are willing to ignore 4 of 6 healers as a class choice among others...bringing things up like glide/etc repeatedly muddies the waters as it were....charm being 10 mins in pvp, shamans and clerics being walking targets these are issues that need desperately to be addressed other issues such as glide can be addressed later...as for the first vote to move forward past the 50's...I would hope we would stay for at least 3 months if not more before the first vote on that is held.
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  12. Pikaboo Member

    Charm has been fix to 1.1secs app 1 in pvp....
    Glide/run speed can be addressed at a later date or taken out completely for all I care.

    The big issue is making healers effective in pvp/pve specifically Shamans and clerics at the moment they cant even hold a candle to druids, this issue needs/has to be addressed ASAP. I don't want Op healing in the game, but I would like competitive healing from all classes making each healer viable for PVP. As it stands Wardens are the only real choice for a PVP healer, Furies are a second option but a weaker one at that. Shamans and Clerics need a buff.

    This is coming from a damage playing class such as myself because I have the foresight to see this is going to be a major issue down the road. With lack of healers and of those people choosing to play a healer will only make wardens/fury's making raiding and healing a bore. But I don't want healers to be too overpowered and turn every fight into a Mana fight. Shamans/Clerics need a buff wardens/furies stay nearly where they are and just make all classes viable for PVP.

    I really don't want to have to search forever to find a healer when the game, launches. Hopefully this issue can be addressed soon. Not asking for the Classes to be OP just asking for Balance/less of a gap between healers.
  13. Peak Nagafun

    Charm is 1.1 seconds? That seems... overly nerfed.
    It's basically a stun now.
  14. Aquaskaientos Member

    Edited: just checked, duration depends on level and maybe spell quality. 47 lvl coercer Master - duration 4 minutes in pvp. 20 lvl master - 2 min, 10 lvl master 1 min 36 sec, 2 lvl Apprentice 1,1 sec. Don't think anybody would pvp at 2 lvl. When control duration counts in minutes - it is lame. Still too long.
  15. Dixa Active Member

    even on pve pretty much all healers will be druids. they provide better group buffs for both physical and casters (that int buff from fury - focused to provide 50% more combined with their second group wide int buff is HUGE, contributing over 60 int to a level 25 caster). fury has the better buffs overall imo, but wardens have the single ally hot proc when hit which gives them an edge on single target healing. furies get something similar earlier, but it's an offensive debuff that procs a group hot every 20% health lost on target.

    druids have travel. that matters now

    and both druids have spirit of the bat. the only other healer with mana regen is inquisitor's inquest. healers are going to have mana problems with or without enchanters on fights that are more than a few seconds. these three will have less of a problem .
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  16. Xephane Active Member

    You must have missed the part where I said I looted my OWN chest. He didn't loot it, I did, and it had half the money that I lost in it.
  17. Xephane Active Member

    Then you are obviously ignorant and worth none of my time. :) Have a good day!
  18. Ilovecows Active Member

    hmm... Server starts at 12pm PST, right? :)
  19. Pomakik New Member

    druids were always the pvp healers from what i recall. can tanks taunt in pvp?
  20. Daarkstar Active Member

    So if something was broken all along we shouldn't fix it?