PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Faragel New Member

    Maybe...just maybe.. you should simmer on low till you can actually call for help from your faction, since you can only ooc/sh lol. Its the pvp server. there's always going to be someone(s) that has a toon in range. doesn't matter if its lvl 14 or lvl 50.
    Biggest reason I disagree is that greys count toward your pvp kills... i wanna be the "best-in-class" of my class for pvp....sooo lets go farm lvl 10's as a 50 so I can rack up some kills =/ non non non!

    opening the level range goes both ways...let's NOT welcome back fame leeching with open arms please...pvp titles should actually mean something imo
  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Greys definitely should not count as PvP kills unless they hit first; if greys go looking for trouble then people should be able to fight back and get credit. Otherwise...no.

    If Daybreak ever launched an open PvP server without these silly level restrictions in the zones (and to any who call that style "Free For All" PvP, it isn't-- FFA is factionless as well as not having level restrictions), they could just modify greys not to count as kills unless they attack first then.
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  3. GBlack Active Member

    Please, don't feed Siren with that no pvp range crap. There much more important things on the list :) Siren, no offence, but that is rly doesn't fit EQII at all =)
  4. Faragel New Member

    i agree with both of what you said

    All an open level range would do is create an over abundance of lvl 50 babysitters imo. why pvp or try to contest anything in a semi-fair fight when you can just have a red do the work o_O

    Maybe i missed a post or something but why would you want open lvl pvp other than to have more people to ask? I don't remember this ever being a problem live...post name/lvl/class/last location in 1-9 chat and w/e lvl range it is and people came for the pvp.
  5. fozzlingreborn New Member

    Yeah, as good as it sounds, ideas that change the scope of original pvp have always been crap in reality. "Hey, wouldn't it be cool, if like, we focused everyone in one zone.. like some sort of warfield." And if I'm not mistaken, those ideas always originate from armchair devs on the official forums. Plz get out of here with this FFA nonsense.
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  6. Tituli New Member

    id vote for that too, siren.

    greys should lose fame if they engage. they shouldnt get hit by aoes unless they engage.
    i think its been like that somewhen
  7. Chiaroscuro New Member

    It's no wonder Devs don't come in here much with super off-topic derailing discussions like the present one surrounding FFA pvp on a server that has its rules set in stone with a launch in 1 day.

    Perhaps some of these hypotheticals are interesting topics that should be discussed in their own thread to see if they gain traction. However, most are tendentious clutter that detract from the threads purpose and push away participation.
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  8. Xephane Active Member

    I disagreed with the "All Overlord" fame system but I also disagree with this "All Slayer" fame system too.
    Call me whiner if you wish but I honestly think that the fame system was best at the time AROUND fame decay... Not fame decay itself, I didn't like that, but I'm saying when you could get fame from anybody in the game and it would vary based on title. It was very hard to keep titles and get higher titles at that point.
    Does anybody else remember when killing an untitled gave 16, and a champion gave like 48 fame? So far I've only seen everybody dropping 16 fame if they are 100% of pvp value. Most of the time I participate in group vs group fights. We have wiped groups of slayers with our groups of untitleds and received nothing for it. It's quite a disappointment in my opinion. I understand people like to title farm and title hug but this was the best fame system in my opinion.
    Higher title = bigger fame drop.
    The main reason I ask this is because I feel if I manage to kill somebody with a higher title than me I should definitely get an infamy reward for that. It's kind of like a commoner killing a knight you know? They would be recognized for that. Also, most of the people I've seen on beta are slayers anyways, which means over half the people that I kill are giving me no infamy reward, kind of a disappointment. Please look into this a little more.
  9. GBlack Active Member

    Well at least that +/- 1 title range fame loss/gain worked and that was fine. After they starting to implement new rules it started to be a crap. So I'd stick to the trustworthy system.
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  10. Thinwizzy Active Member

    Fame should be the original system. Only +/- 1 for a fame hit. It's much better when you have to work to keep the high titles if that is what your goal is.
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  11. Xephane Active Member

    How is it not working when you lose tons of fame for being a higher title?
  12. Twelvetrees Member

    You can still see scouts who have cast Sneak / Smuggle no matter what the distance they are away from you.
  13. Xephane Active Member

    That means you can see stealth... Totems, or a spell. I can't see anybody in stealth.
  14. Xephane Active Member

    "You lost 29 silver, 68 copper for losing the battle"
    "You loot 14 silver, 84 copper from the treasure chest of ___"
    Why did my chest only give me half the money that I lost? Is that supposed to happen?
  15. fozzlingreborn New Member

    This would encourage title hugging even more. No one with a high title would bother engaging people they couldn't get fame from if they thought they could lose it to some scrub running around in a full group. You know how many kills it takes to get hunter, w/o deaths? Like 12 solo. Quit WHINING and go put in the work to acquire a title. You know what this post is? It's you complaining that your group fame gain xp isn't anything comparable to solo, so you want to accelerate it somehow by making higher titles worth more. That way, you can roll over legit pvpers with your full group of rangers.
  16. Xephane Active Member

    Where in that post did I say higher titles cant get fame? I clearly stated "Untitleds gave 16" EVERYBODY gave fame back then, it was great. Also I clearly said call me whiner if you wish, so that statement really does not bother me. This is just my opinion on what the best fame system was. I've had multiple titled characters in all systems, and IN MY OPINION that was the best. And no "You know what this post is? It's you complaining that your group fame gain xp isn't anything comparable to solo" this is not what I was saying at all. I was saying that we did GROUP versus GROUP pvp. This happened in Fallen Gate multiple times, they would gank us and we would sometimes kill them, we would sometimes lose, regardless... No infamy reward because everybody in their group were slayers, they also got nothing from us because we were untitled. When everybody gave fame to everybody regardless of title the system was better, that's all I was saying. Read the whole thing before quoting and judging please. Be a little open minded towards other's opinions. I haven't even met you once and I already have a feeling you are an extremely negative player.

    P.S. There are enough players for there to be a lot of group vs group pvp. So solo players will obviously lose because it is their CHOICE To go out alone. Just because people group do not make them "scrubs". Just because people go alone does not make them "legit pvpers"
    Everybody who plays on this server are legit pvpers, have a good day :)

    Edit: Also, this makes it harder to KEEP titles which gives them more value, don't forget that point.
  17. fozzlingreborn New Member

    I lol'd and stopped reading here. The rest of your post is irrelevant if you think high titles should get fame from people outside the +/- 1 range. One, because it is a terrible idea, and two, because the devs aren't implementing it.
  18. Balbasur Active Member

    healers are going to be a train wreck....devs pls
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  19. Gromph Member

    It would be nice to get a dev statement before tuesday about the healer balance disparity, and the general shittyness of mages outside of the enchanters in t5
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  20. Drew575 Active Member

    t5 will probably be end game for all of 30 days...same with t6..yeah it will suck for anyone who is not a scout, but once KOS/EOF hits around hopefully it will balance it out.