PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. GBlack Active Member

    Yeah, make EQII yet another pvp WoW or any korean thing. That "pseudo dueling" is the core thing that makes EQII pvp so great. You're talking about 8 lvl higher griefers but also want 10 lvl questers got killed by 50 lvl griefers? I see no sense here.
    EQII pvp is pretty casual but casual in a good way. That lvl ranges make almost any fight fair, not like one way ground stomping. I guess there is no way to such mess in the EQII future and it is good.

    If I'd like to play hardcore pvp I'd stay in EVE, old UO or something like that)

    You have asked about FFS tradeskill npc - it is till there but they removed advanced books form the store. So Qs have to loot it or buy form the brok as intended. Did they do Fps to access the FFS?
  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Griefing is griefing, but like I said in my other post, it is much easier to get others from your faction to come and help if you can call any "L29 to L50" to come down after that L29, then trying to find someone within 8 levels of the griefer. And also, like in my previous example, if there is a gank squad of several of them, one highbee could easily wipe them out, so it's even easier to get help instead of having to try and find several more L29s to come down, etc.

    Not to mention that it makes factions more tight-knit when people of various levels can band together against the enemy more often, instead of (like what usually happens in EQ2) most everyone gets to stand there helplessly, watching their ally get creamed over and over, unable to do anything because of lame restrictions that don't exist in other MMORPGs.

    It just further divides the populace and makes people care less about their faction, while protecting the griefers more.
  3. GBlack Active Member

    Completely disagree with you. As you said - griefing is griefing. Look at any "no pvp range" game - it is noob killing fest. If ppl are allowed to kill a harmless target - they will do it over and over with laughing. That is what I call griefing :) PvP range is casual, but as I said before - casual in a good way. At least I have the chance to fight back against 8 lvl higher enemy and don't need to bother about a 50 lvl nobrain when I'm lvl 22. That is good.

    So did they grant frepps access to the FFS?
  4. Padrepyro Member

    Please change the option to reset class/faction to 30days and not 7days.
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  5. Naroc Active Member

    We don't even know yet if there is a 7 day restriction on changing faction because Exile does not exist on Beta. If there is, then yes, maybe bumping up that part isn't a bad idea. That being said, I don't know why you'd need to bump up the class changing mechanic of the NPC. It doesn't really affect you whether or not someone decides to play a necro or conj, nor switch between.
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  6. Peak Nagafun

    I've started to like you more as time goes on, Siren.
  7. hartsia New Member

    i agree peak
  8. Xephane Active Member

    Honestly, I agree too. I noticed that she went from complaining about bags and charm all day to actually making logical points about what does and doesn't need to be changed. That's how you get the developers' attention. Good on ya Siren.
  9. Siren Well-Known Member

    Charm could still use changing too. :p
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  10. Glida Active Member

    Wait. You guys actually think removing level restrictions would be beneficial to pvp? It adds no value to the experience. Most people will have alts locked at multiple tiers. If I'm lvl 14 and find myself unable to fend off someone higher than myself someone will have a toon capable of dealing with him. It doesn't "divide" the populous when everyone can just quickly log onto an alt to help somone who asks for it.

    Also. What would keep low level toons from not just grouping with a lvl 50. It will ultimately just lead to lvl 50s killing lvl 50s in dlw while the rest us just sit there and hope our side wins before we get 1-shotted.
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  11. Peak Nagafun

    Didn't lead to that in other games. What makes you think that would be the case here?
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  12. Baish New Member

    Having no level restrictions on low level Pvp zones is one of the things from other games I despised. Literally having to just log off and afk because a max level character is 1 shotting you is the dumbest thing ever. In max level zones where the level 20 doesn't belong, that's a different story.

    Ps. Fix the ffs quest, "sometimes you feel like a knut" and also fix necro spell, awaken grave. It's "rapid decay" is doing an incredible amount of damage. Thanks!
  13. Nadasdy New Member

    I may have missed this, whats the plan with the level 50 crafted spells since we don't have access to the next tier mats.
  14. Dreki New Member

    From PvE feedback thread:
    "47. Level 50 Tradeskill recipes require raws from the next tier - Not going to change."
  15. GBlack Active Member

    I guess he typed the wrong digits. Every game with no lvl engage restrictions is full of such noob killers. The only thing it's no big deal in those games in case of a common MMO design when you're forced to aquire max level asap, so you will be able to deal with such ppl or became a part of them. EQII with it's unique lvl/content locking experience is whole different story. So you can grief grey characters somewhere else if you want, but I hope, not in EQII =)
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  16. Balbasur Active Member

    Yea FFA pvp is a terrible idea, but having no pvp in certain zones is dumb.
  17. Aquaskaientos Member

    There is no black broker. His tents are in place (Antonica) but no Fuddlesprock there. Is it beacuse of exiles aren't here yet or is "working as intended"?
  18. Balbasur Active Member

  19. Damoke New Member

    As a few others have pointed out, there is no guard aggro in FFS towards opposing faction players. All other cities have this protection and even in the lower level questing areas DLW/CL/Ant, the guards provide players with some sort of protection and especially in crafting and banking areas. Of course players use this to their advantage, but that's alright... if you want to go to their leveling area's to PVP, then you have to deal with the mechanics. We realize that this zone was supposed to be TD's equal and the release city should have been Kelethin to match up with DLW, but this doesn't help that freeps are using the exploit to attack AFK players and players crafting and banking.
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  20. GBlack Active Member

    Well it's called Karma =) We have killing them in Freeport before the wipe so now they have a chance for revenge =)
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