PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Peak Nagafun

    Fame/infamy being rewarded only from someone a title below, equal, or one title above is the way it should be. Anyone else remember the rarity of seeing a Master titled player roaming around? Anyone remember everyone being Overseer/Overlord after the changes to the system?

    Think it's obvious which system is better.

    I definitely think that grey con players should gain fame/status/etc off of red con players. But I also think they should lose fame to red con players if they've engaged. That's how it used to be and that's how it should be again. The gear was way different then, where a 70 Ranger could kill our entire locked T5 group with a single Rain of Arrows. It made it a challenge to kill 70s (which we did), and we were rewarded for doing so.

    Either way, as it is now, a grey can jump in a fight between two conning players, influence the outcome, with no personal risk to him or herself. There's no gain, either, but it's still an influence. I'd be all for that happening again with both opportunity to gain and risk to lose being reinstated. Leaching already happens (and continued to happen after the change to rewards from red cons), so there's really no issue in my mind.
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  2. Minko New Member

    Enough with the bull about not having the original codes... Does anyone have a hard copy of the original game and first few expansions thy can mail the deva??? I'm sure someone there could rip the code for the starting areas and quests and tweak it.. And this does seems rushed, I really want the live servers to drop but I would rather you take the time to get this RIGHT even if that means we have to play the beta server.. Start a poll system with the in-game Mail since it's goofed anyway. Get feedback from the entirety of the TLE pvp.
  3. Drew575 Active Member

    Last time I checked the "community" was the ones who ruined this game by asking for stupid things such as removal of fame loss and 60 sec pvp immunity..and also by asking for wfs/bgs...the final straw that broke the camels back was the seperation of pvp/pve gear (bgs also plays a huge roll in this as well)....oh yeah and stupid mounts....now with all of these things gone this server has some real potential....I can't wait personally...good job @Devs
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  4. Gromph Member

    The game client isn't the same as the game server. Plus the original game disks are compiled code. 0/10 will not work.

    All they have left is to acknowledge the current balance issues and give us their plan to fix them and this thread will be left with a few appearance slot complaints and nothing more.
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  5. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

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  6. Glida Active Member

    Who asked for BGs on nagafen? Or enabling mercs in pvp? restricting pvp in t2 zones? being able to get 280aa at lvl 10?

    And the better question is, what did you do about it, and how long did it take you to act on it when these things clearly made pvp worse?
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  7. vernon New Member

    Please, please, please add all classes for all factions at release. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work.. Ignore all the whingers
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  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    Technically they have: If you can't roll it where you want it, betray it to where you want it.

    Oh c'mon, playing an Exile is a total blast on the PvP server. I can practically do it by heart. My guildies and I are already planning out a bunch of them now.
  9. Xephane Active Member

    Just please remove master-crafted food/drink or at least make the rares unattainable. The stat boost is just too much, regardless if "anybody" can get it. To people who don't have it this is an extreme advantage and this obviously wasn't made available until AoM. I do not think it should be on the live server.

    Also please do not say "we will not remove this because we will have to add it back in later". Do you really think that AoM is actually going to be voted in? I think only a very select few people actually want to make it past DoV to be honest. I don't see any of this actually coming in to play if it is player-voted.
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  10. Peak Nagafun

    I can't see many people even wanting to make it to DoV.
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  11. Xephane Active Member

    My point exactly, this food/drink has stats that do not belong here. Max health increase was not implemented until later and neither were attribute increases by %. Yet it is located on here. There are going to be too many provisioners just for the sake of making that stuff, it makes every other food/drink in the game completely useless.
  12. acoloss Active Member

    9 second delay bows probably going to be bad idea, and maybe 6 second delay dual weilded weapons. When the rigid scale bow came out, it was pretty OP.. not sure if bows at higher level (50) will have the same effect (OP).
    Seems a lot of items have DPS mod.
    imo, autoattack shouldn't do a lot of dmg in pvp, considering it's automatic (although does require alignment). All the best rogues don't need autoattack and can still destroy you by pressing the correct buttons.

    Pet infinite CC procs that are not effected by immunity (or maybe they are, they are just OP - not sure if a necro pet is better CC than an enchanter or if it was just the necros (had almost a full group wiped by multiple different seperate necros), and conj seem pretty insane dps.

    I like how enchanters don't seem to have insane DPS (at least at the lower levels) but instead have the CC ability to lock someone down... killing someone with CC instead of spike DPS is what they should do.

    Fame System - imo should be reverted to the old way. only receive fame from someone 1 title lower/higher or the same. For multiple reasons.

    Charm lasting 10 minutes in PvP...

    just some quick observations.
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  13. Pomakik New Member

    are they adding exile back in as ffa? nvm i just read it WOOOOOTtt. but lets talk about spells now what the **** were they thinking removing pvp templates?
  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    Exiles should be the same as they are on live. I doubt they can revamp anything much even if they wanted to.
  15. Twelvetrees Member

    I have a solution to stop you making the same mistake again.

    Once you have reached a sweet-spot for PVP combat balance (6v6)... put everyone on the PVP server on /ignore. That goes for GM's too... they can keep their noses out of our affairs.
  16. Thinwizzy Active Member

    In addition to this, I think the top tier zones should be open pvp range. This is the way it originally was and it worked well. It helps prevent grey leechers, and it also encourages players to move to their 'proper' zone. SS docks was miserable when they limited the pvp range. Top tier zones should be dangerous for players who are to low of a level.
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  17. Clairvoyiant Member

    BGs became popular on a lot of other mmos,I think it was just them following the crowd. Mercs was that thing they talked about earlier about how they didn't take pvp in to consideration. Removing t2 locking/zones, because the people got killed from lvl 14s the second they hit 10 and went straight to the forums. Seriously, there was at least one a day.
  18. Bosque Member

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  19. madent Member

    sorry but when BG came game awas basicaly headin to dead already
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  20. Kendayar Active Member

    I stopped giving SOE money almost immediately.