PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

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  1. Caith Developer

    Please see the PvE TLE thread for general issues/feedback that will affect the PvP server as well. This thread is specifically for issues that are not covered in the PvE TLE thread.

    First, a quick note: The goal for the Time-Locked Expansion server is to bring us back to launch as near as possible. Now, obviously there will be some differences, and that doesn't mean we won't be making any changes, however it does mean we won't be making them without careful consideration. Limiting the knee-jerk reaction fixes as it were. Otherwise we'll end up having everything the as it was originally, except that, and that, oh and that until we can't tell the difference between Deathtoll and Nagafen.

    1. Mount types - Flying, leaping and gliding will not be made available on TLE PvP servers.
    2. Infamy and Titles - Fixed the bug that allowed players to gain infamy from people more then 1 title level above or below them. This should also have fixed the bug that prevented Infamy loss on death. This should also correct that bug on Nagafen.
    3. Infamy Bar - Not going anywhere.
    4. PvP Spell Templates - We have removed the vast majority of PvP spell templates, in almost all cases. What this means is that there will be no differences between a PvE, and a PvP use of a spell, except where dictated by code.
    5. Appearance slots - Voted off of the island. If you are going to be a plate tank who tries to look like a mage, you are going to have to take the mitigation hit to do so.
    6. CC Duration - CC duration is entirely based off of it's PvE duration. Your immunity is x2 the duration of the CC. So if you get mezzed for 5 minutes, you have a 10 minute immunity to being mezzed again. Immunity is based on the duration of the ability, not how long you were under the effect.
    7. CC Duration addendum - Pumice Stones are now available in game from the city merchant for gold and status, which can self cure charm.
    8. City PVP rules general - City PvP rules have been returned to an approximation of launch code, which means you can be attacked by anyone of any level, but you are no longer prevented from attacking others.
    9. City PVP rules/level ranges in city dungeons - City adventure areas (not the city itself) and Darklight woods will be reduced to a 4 level PvP range. All other zones will stay 8 level.
    10. Exile - Was voted off the island. Neriak's betrayal NPC was fixed to stop being a dirty cheater in a recent beta update. We're discussing options to allow all classes on each faction.
      1. After lots of feedback and discussion, we have decided to allow Exile. If there is enough demand to bring a second PvP TLE server up, the second server will not allow exile.
    11. Level Locking - Staying. Fixed the bug that caused PvP kills to continue granting XP despite disabling.
    12. PvP immunity - This was reduced to 20 seconds recently, which is short enough and should still give even the slowest zoner time to prepare or call to home after zoning/reviving. We aren't going to reduce this any further, as it runs the risk of someone getting into a revive/killed loop without any recourse to escape.
    13. Tracking - Should not be able to open a new tracking window while in PvP combat after the next beta update.
    14. Warfields - Should no longer be spawning as of the next beta update. The code for these is stuffed all over the place, so if it comes up again it won't surprise me, but we'll track them down as they happen.
    15. Chat Channels/Mail - The Beta PvP server does not have a chat server, which is why there are no global channels and why mail does not work. That will not be the case for live.
    16. Cross Faction Chat - Will be disabled.
    17. Auto engage when attacked - Not going to happen without a server vote after the TLE servers are live.
    18. Revive/Resurrection Sickness - Duration is not going to be reduced.
    19. Return to bind on PvP death - Travel time would make this silly.
    20. Procs that cannot be used in PvP combat - This should be addressed, but it's a time intensive task.
  2. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    So no vote on exile? You're going to intentionally ruin the servers?
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  3. Sirvandal Active Member

    I am slightly saddened about the appearance. I guess looking good is no option :(
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  4. Sirvandal Active Member

    Becoming an exile is cool and stuff but it gives a major advantage to the exiles sometimes. This is unfair to city-aligned players.
  5. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Class restriction isn't the reason people want exile.
  6. Propofol New Member

    Completely disagree. Exile was nice when the cities didn't have access to all classes, but it in no way made or broke the game or raid experience. Once the classes were present in both factions this became a mute point. Exile never had writs, PVP tokens, etc and could be attacked from both factions.
    Try raiding contested mobs while having both FP and Q attacking your raid and block force.

    Spend some time in exile before you make bold statements and assumptions that don't hold true. We want exile so we can have more PVP targets and deal with less inept players.
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  7. Clairvoyiant Member

    I always was exile from the first time I found out about it until the day I had quit. It wasn't because I could group with a Defiler when I was a Conj. It was because IT DOUBLED the amount of pvp for me. Yeah reds could kill me. But it was worth it. Let both sides have whatever class they want who really cares about that? Maybe PVE TLS but this is the PVP TLS. Removing Exile simply takes away from pvp and I can't think of a single thing that anyone would even gain from there not being Exile.
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  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    Major advantage like what? You know there are no WFs here, right?
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  9. KorvenusCrushbone New Member

  10. Thinwizzy Active Member

    The only major advantage that it gives now is its more fun.
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  11. Jubileet New Member

    Uh, this seems rushed. Can we get some clarification on all classes on both sides? Thats kind of important to know before release.
  12. Jubileet New Member

    Can we also get some clarification if vitality and XP pots will be available on PVP TLE?
  13. Gromph Member

    Confidence just deflated. One week to go and you simply reposted **** you had already posted?.. zzzzz
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  14. Tubsass New Member

    We definitely need an exile vote. Removing that part of the pvp server is quite frankly ridiculous, imo. Let both factions have every class...I don'y think anyone really cares about the ability to roll a conjuror in neriak.
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  15. Drew575 Active Member

    good job , thanks
  16. Dull4h4n Member

    Sorry, but returning to bind on PvP death is less silly than having to kill and rekill the same people every few minutes after you defeated them for rights to a zone or mob. THAT is silly. This is supposed to be open world PvP with contested content, but you've removed the consequences.

    At the very least players should be moved to an outpost in an adjacent zone, not just dropped right back where they died.
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  17. Healface Active Member

    Can you please clarify, if this means there will be made no further spell changes to balance out classes?
  18. Spodos New Member

    Another vote to put exile back in - still don't understand what the downside is if players want to choose that path. Plus it's an easy solution to the all classes / both factions issue.
  19. Siren Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that Daybreak is at least taking a stab at launching a somewhat better PvP server than Nagafen currently is, but I'm not really seeing the purpose of the beta server wipe as everything looks about the same here as before.

    And for those who haven't seen this in announcements yet: The TL servers go live next week, on Tuesday July 21st.

  20. Dull4h4n Member

    I was wondering the same thing myself. If you are exile here, does it not mean that both factions can attack you as well as other exile players? I guess I can see the downside if other exile players cannot attack you. It should be totally FFA.