PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Ecno Well-Known Member

    I laughed a little, cause its true...
  2. Drew575 Active Member

    I'm gonna charm everyone just to make you all upset.
  3. Slant Well-Known Member

    I spent a long *** time charmed last night. The charm AI sucks. I never even got to HT my group mates!

    I dont understand why 20 mins ever seemed OK... Atleast make the chance to break after 1 min drastically higher
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  4. Siren Well-Known Member

    Like with every OP/I Win button, there are two camps for Charm:

    There are those that feel it's ridiculously OP at 8 minutes long (made even worse because only a consumable pumice stone can possibly dispel it, and there's only a chance that the stone will dispel the correct thing besides).

    And then there are those who play/are going to play Coercers. :p
  5. LizardKing Member

    Except that the betrayal usually works the other way -- people moving from the least populated faction to the most populated faction, which makes the balance even worse.
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  6. Shanyn Member

    Well I got charmed on my warden last night, made to kill the tank I was grouped with, and then the two who had me under their control just stood there looking at me like "What do we do now?" LOL I figured they were going to try and kill me any second instead of take advantage of me for 8 minutes, so I was ready for it, and sure enough that's what they did. I had one almost dead before a comrade came along and killed the other for me, and I have to say it felt REALLY GOOD to turn it around on them after the charm thing! Fun =)

    I can say though, that after that I now see why people might disagree with the 8 min duration - I have limited game time, and to have a chunk of it taken away so I can't even MOVE my toon on my own kinda sucks. I will be glad for the pumice stones when they arrive, but I do also thing that 8 mins is way too long. Even cutting that in half is kinda long but I could live with it.

    Charm SHOULD work in pvp - but it should also be counterable. To that end I think once you have been charmed you should have an immunity to it for a period of time, so you can't be "chain charmed", and if you resist it, that should also trigger immunity.
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  7. Slant Well-Known Member

    Which is why when you betray it needs to reset your spells/CAs to app 1 like it used to.
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  8. Slant Well-Known Member

    The charm I was hit with last night said 20 mins on the tool tip and left me with 40 mins immunity. I'm confused were 8 mins is coming from. Does it auto break at the 8 min mark? (they killed me 7 mins in)

    It definitely read for 20.
  9. Tract New Member

    So level 24 Coercers should not be able to charm the level 35 mobs from obelisk in common lands, or if they do the mob should have its level scaled down to the Coercer's level, his pet destroyed me and I'm in the level 20 armor quest gear and good jewelry.
  10. Tract New Member

    Also what's the point in running as any class other than coercer at this point when you can charm ^^^ mobs and annihilate anyone. Just run a full group of coercers and you'll have overlord in a day
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  11. Drew575 Active Member

    all i hear is qq...
  12. Primaeval Active Member

    Raax > Dreww
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  13. Tract New Member

    Someone plays coercer
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  14. Drew575 Active Member

    I've always played coercer get over it. I hope they don't fix it.
  15. Tract New Member

    I hope they give another class something OP so you can whine about it ;)
  16. Nuada Active Member

    Beta Buffer PLS better for class balance!!!!
  17. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Well see here's the thing. I understand you're entitled to your own opinion and everything. But your opinion is wrong and idiotic.
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  18. Hammdaddy Active Member

    Raid content is beta tested on live, they had to wipe the server so people couldn't test beta content on beta
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  19. Nuada Active Member

    Beta is >NOW< for testing PVE/PVP endgame Balance not for grinding to max lvl

    PS: Agree Kazooooooooooo

    i can it not say often enough please Buffer!!
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  20. Manglar New Member

    So I'm guessing the server is not going live on the 16th like yall said?
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