PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    exile should be in this game. It keeps both sides in check. You are gonna lose a lot of players by not having this. And all classes should be able to be on each faction.

    I am pretty shocked about not having exile to be honest. Its easily one of the most unique pvp features of this game, the ability to betray your side and work for the other, or work for none. I honestly am shocked players didnt vote for it.
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  2. Punchie Member

    My bad, it's there
  3. Fetish Well-Known Member

    Level 1 spies? I mean it really makes sense...the whole "but I am leveling my toon as a crafter" thingy is moot as it is a PvP server. It won't be a disadvantage to the people just starting to quest there...they will likely be in range anyways. It will only hurt the people who are taking a lowbie there when they have no good reason. It is a PvP server. ALL zones should be PvP'able, with some more ruthless in their range than others. Asking for the top tier zones to be "all enemies are fair game" seems like a sound decision.
  4. Ecno Active Member

    Thank you for the thorough response Caith, keep up the good work and keep us in the loop!
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  5. Peak Nagafun

    Definitely agree!
  6. Sempermalum Member

    I am so glad that they tell us days after the server opened that oh yeah by the way exile won't be in, thanks for that great communication. I can't imagine why anyone would want to ddos you all, with that wonderful customer service of yours.
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  7. madent Member

    man to not have exile and not aparence slot is beyond the comprehension of any logical thinkin....

    i cant believe they were voted off.... whats wrong with human beings ?
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  8. Kendayar Active Member

    The factions can still have their 24 classes. It's a bit strange this even went to a vote at all because most people that played in PvP only went Exile during a betrayal process and not actually to play in Exile long term. Of course they don't want Exile in because they couldn't handle the PvP - but some of us actually want to be Exiled.

    Exile is our only "Hard Mode" PvP option. It's actually fun being an outlaw. We can go into PvP with any faction and among ourselves. The gameplay experience of being an Exile is absolutely nothing like it is in a faction. I can either try to make it alone looking over my back at all times or I can try to bring together a community that can handle being against the entire server.

    Not having Exiles will lower the overall quality of PvP. I really don't want to have to reroll factions over and over because all these secret PvE players on a PvP server jump ship to the faction that has a decent PvP guild going around steamrolling people and now all of a sudden a faction is stacked and now I log in and can't find any PvP. If I were exile, it wouldn't matter what's going on in the factions because everybody is a target.

    Please reconsider.
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  9. Siren Well-Known Member

    Maybe some players voted after the polls were counted (but the mails were still in their mailboxes)? Or maybe some people spammed results with all 30 of their characters or whatever, and they really got counted instead of just counting the first one per account like Daybreak said they'd do?

    Er, or maybe a big guild *didn't* want Exiles leveling the playing field if the factions get unbalanced (if they're planning on, say, Freeport and there are a lot of them, they might weight that side more heavily population-wise and they don't want to deal with Exiles evening things out?).

    I dunno. It's a head scratcher for sure. And I can see not allowing name changes for potential griefing, but no appearance slots?! Who would want their character to look like a circus clown for 50 levels?

    I don't recall the exact wording on appearance items, but I don't remember the actual slots themselves being under vote; the question seemed more like "Do you want appearance items in the cash shop?" So...appearance items for the cash shop actually got voted OUT but XP potions were voted IN?! And since appearance items won't be in the shop, we can't even make the crafted ones/use holiday/festival clothing because they're completely removing appearance slots?

    Did the poll have a vote on removing the actual appearance slot, anyone remember for sure? Or was it just SC appearance items in the poll?
  10. Ecno Active Member

    I made a thread for this, but nobody is going to read it... so posting it here as well.

    Just thought everyone should know the /lfg & /lfm search window does work and its really our only form of finding people for groups besides shouting in the zone youre in or randomly sending players tells. As most of you know on the PVP server we are all usually set to /anon so people cant spy on you easily to find you. Which means you cant just go down the /who all list and find someone. You either need to know their name/class/lvl or get lucky.

    On a side note, we really really really need our basic Qeynos/Freeport chat channels back. Its very hard to organize and keep groups going when we cant find people to fill the groups. Especially at off hours when there is barely anyone on... you kinda get stuck wherever you are with whoever youre with.

    Anyways... /lfg search window, use it... youre welcome!
  11. Odyssey Active Member

    It would be nice to have these votes where the results are viewable after you vote and only people who are subbed to play on these servers.
  12. Siren Well-Known Member

    You know, that's a really good point. What the heck were people who don't even intend to pay/be here doing voting on anything beforehand, and more importantly, why were they allowed to vote in the first place?
  13. madent Member

    to redo the vote on beta servers would be nice
  14. Ecno Active Member

    Yes there should be Beta server only votes... the best input we can get right now is from the dedicated players that paid to test and are actually on the server daily.
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  15. Exur Well-Known Member

    What the??!! You do realize that the PvPers you WANT to poll on this matter weren't back yet. You have since attracted a TON of them back and they DID NOT get a vote on this. I don't know how you can prevent it, but the voting results you received were primarily PvE players contributing to PvP topics.

    I know a lot of old, strong PvPers that have returned and are very excited... but you just unloaded a huge pile of disappointment with this no exile news. I'm at a complete loss as to why any PvPer would vote no exiles. 3 faction PvP is great.. why are we eliminating a faction?! Are you eliminating the ability to change factions too? ... or will that be a marketplace ($$) item? I say you re-poll this, immediately. I don't want this to linger and spill over into the live launch.

    And for Exp/Vit pots on the marketplace... again, you just got a big PvE response on a PvP focused topic. Who votes for these? I'm again at a loss.

    Everything else I'm cool with. Thank you Caith and the rest of the dev team for their focus and responsiveness. It is really great to see and be apart of. I'm just eurked by these two points is all.
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  16. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    You can't be serious.. You need to revote on the PvP Beta server only.. Exile is essential to a successful PvP server...
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  17. Tynsil New Member

    Writ Quests: When Completing Writ Quests - Example: "Scatter the Bones" - lvl 15-19 Repeatable City Faction & Guild Status Reward - "City Token" Is (( Not )) Rewarded on turn in. ((( Potentially it is auto Redeemed with Credit ))) But there is No Tangible/Inventory Reward based upon Completion.

    07/10/2015 - 2:09 AM - Zone: Antonica - Harvesting: "Wind Felled Tree" - Foresting Skill Approx lvl (70-85) - Character: Name: Tynsil Class: Templar - Recieved Message - " You need at least 20 Foresting Skill to harvest Rare Components from the wind felled tree"

    07/08/2015 - 8:06 PM - Zone: Thundering Steppes - Griffon Tamer Near Antonica Entrance is Missing ( May be Removed Intentionally at this time )

    7/10/2015 - 6:45 PM - Bugged Monster - Forcefully Resetting To Spawn Point Location: 1,218.76, -0.87, 237.59 - Highland Patriach

    7/10/2015 - 9:05 PM - Tynsil [DarkHand] Level 18 Templar - Beta Server [PVP]

    Thank you for your Time & Consideration with these Matters
  18. Aeyana New Member

    I would also like to weigh in on doing a revote on beta for the relevant issues that will impact the servers. I don't mind that live servers have a vote on the server names...but to have them involved in the actual game changing votes is a bit silly considering they may not even be a part of the TLE community. I would greatly appreciate a revote to the beta community, because the people who are paying and taking the time to test the game should have the ultimate say on issues regarding the TLE servers. You guys have been so responsive to feedback so far, which is greatly appreciated, I hope you consider the testers in these upcoming decisions. I would specifically like to participate in a revote on exile! Thanks Daybreak.
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  19. Thinwizzy Active Member

    Need to do a revote on the PvP TLE server only. The people on live that got a chance to vote a month ago are not a good sample of the people that will be playing this server.
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  20. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Keep in mind I think Siren is a complete idiot. But she's right. Good on you Siren.
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