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  1. Spectre Member

    I played on Nagafen on day one. Same with Deathtoll until that died

    2 factions:

    Sempiternal & Havoc reigned on Q side
    Talisman & Kraken reigned on FP side (Ebonlore cheated throughout until they were banned)

    Freeport ran Nagafen until Exile came out. Havoc melded into what became Onyx

    Problem is the EQ2 tries to make PvP balance... It never will since those crying the loudest that their class stinks is not the classes fault. It is the player.. They suck.

    I look forward to starting this server as fully Free-For-All
  2. Kalika Well-Known Member

    So I guess that you rolled a templar ... Pvp is for non cooperative sociaopat and/or people with IQ much below average; those combining the two "qualities"are truly addicted.

    In a sense this PvP server is welcome since we get ride this way of all the dregs of the community.
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  3. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    *tips fedora*
  4. Wolvelf New Member

    I suck at PVP therefore everyone is stupid who plays it... Anytime you non pvpers' want to sit down and take questions back to back to prove IQ, just say LOL you aren't the 1% you're the 99% that everyone thinks someone else is a part of.

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