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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Macaron, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Macaron Guest

    Iv been doing bg's with my ranger and it's fun but I got some questions around it.
    Why do I see scouts using shield?
    Should I be using one?
    Why is it when I fought a wizard and used all my big skills I did like 5% dmg barely touching him(he destroyed me).
    Im in 60's bracket with my 67 armor from quest and mastercrafted jewls anything to improve dmg (tips),
  2. ARCHIVED-Taemien Guest

    Using a shield skyrockets your avoidance from what I've seen in PVE, I'd imagine it does the same in PVP. Damage comes from the bow more then the offhand so the extra survivability might be worth it.
    I'm no expert in Ranger PVP however, mine's only 78.
  3. ARCHIVED-Morro Twistedbriar Guest

    Like he said, we dont melee to often so having a shield in offhand boosts your defense and such and wont touch your dps.
  4. ARCHIVED-Macaron Guest

    I see what bout the part with wizzy taking dmg like a tank lol.
  5. ARCHIVED-Taemien Guest

    Sorcerers in general have ways to spec to increase mitigation and resists AFAIK. They are still killable at the lower levels, though admittedly I don't know too much about it at 90.
  6. ARCHIVED-yellowbelly08 Guest

    Wizzies get magi shielding AA which is a regenerating ward of around 1k. They also get aa for massive tank like mit and good avoidance....They also use stoneskin items..
    However its RANGER that is undoubtedly the most op class in BG esp at lower tiers. Plus you should never lose even to a high survivability wiz. Keep range dont get complacent. Mind you..if your using armour from quest etc ya then a decent wiz is gonna destroy you tbh..

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