(PVP) High lvl bruisers.. Cpl of questions.

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Tharrakor, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Hello guys, couple of things I want to ask before I put in any effort on it.
    Bruisers... I keep getting the need to play one yet on the TLE everytime I make one I get bored. I know they don't get the cooler stiff until later lvls and I know what they'll get as I play one on 100. However so many things are different on the TLE. Now I've noticed that brawlers get defensive skills on gear with DoF gear to counter the massive amount of weapon skills on scouts, wich is great.

    However. They screwed monks over with Tsunami. Does close mind work in PvP as it should work or are there any hidden nerfs to it? (I don't trust DBG at this point on the PvP side)

    Does Stone Deaf work in PvP? Will it absorb a HT or an ice comet?

  2. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    No bruisers reading the forums? :p
  3. Genghes Active Member

    Sorry been busy, stone deft should absorb 100% of a spell hit as long as it meets the damage threshold to trigger it even in pvp
  4. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Are you on Deathtoll? :-o
  5. Genghes Active Member

    no, I don't have the time to play eq2 time lock :(
  6. Hoiyay Active Member

    Tsunami is absolutely broken! It used to riposte all incoming attacks...but now it just prevents strikethrough...which isn't even in game yet. So our biggest, class-defining ability is literally useless.

    I am the only monk on server at lvl cap it seems. I have seen many bruisers but haven't seen a monk. And pretty sure its because all the 50-60 abilities are broken for monk, but work great for bruiser.

    I have seen the abilities for bruises on tle...close mind works as intended, and so does stone deaf. I haven't actually used them...but from reading descriptions, they should work fine.
  7. Syere Member

    I don't think riposte is in game yet, which probably explains it. BTW, way to hijack this thread to make it a duplicate of your other threads. Agree things need to be fixed, but this is a separate issue and thread. /rude
  8. Genghes Active Member

    Not very relevant to the current discussion. You should make a post in a separate discussion to talk about monk abilities :)