PvE Stat to PvP Stat Conversions

Discussion in 'PvP & Battlegrounds' started by Caith, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Xloitl Active Member

    Yeah but, those 2 items give a good amount of spell double + casting speed conversion. It's way op to be not nerfed...you could get to almost 100% in pvp and that would just make me rage quit instantly :(
  2. Victour New Member

    100% Doublecast chance = 15% Doublecast chance in PVP....so my cloak and belt that have 10.7% Doublecast on each one is like nothing when I enter pvp. Sister of War is false advertising! PVE stats on PVP jewelry lol
  3. Xloitl Active Member

    You want a 100% spell double cast in pvp? I really hope not, it's the same **** as flurry. Except spell double is 10x better than flurry in pvp and has a better conversion rate~
    So plz don't complain about spell double
  4. Victour New Member

    No I don't want 100% doublecast but its dubbed down to damn near nothing to where it rarely even happens....
  5. Mopeygothic Active Member

    How about the rest of the stats, like dps and multi attack? Etc :)
  6. Ucala Well-Known Member

    most are easy to figure out yourself.
    toon has 105 MA, only 51.2 in pvp.
    194 MA, 64.4 pvp
    250 -- 64.5
    361 -- 65.3
    450 -- 65.8

    it seems to get a super heavy curve after like 200 MA or so.
    I would guess it caps at maybe 70 MA in pvp at around 700

    377 dps -- 211
    462 -- 242
    524 -- 252
    616 -- 262

    I would guess it caps at around 300 at maybe 1k dps pve
  7. Bosque Member

    there is no reason in game at the moment to have more than 0 MA atm... perhaps a bard with procs.. maybe.. but zero reason in pvp to have ma...
  8. Twinbladed Well-Known Member

    Do you ever have anything positive to say? Yes there is a reason to have ma in pvp. Particular people have figured this out, and have great auto attacks, you might have missed something.
  9. Talathionwins Active Member

    Potency/Critical Bonus should be equalized. (Buff CB, Nerf Pot.)
    DPS Modifier needs to be buffed. (1/1 ratio.)
    Ability Modifier needs to be buffed. (1/1 ratio.)
  10. Trasor Active Member

    Are these caps changing in this expansion?

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