PvE Stat to PvP Stat Conversions

Discussion in 'PvP & Battlegrounds' started by Caith, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Caith Developer

    It comes into play with some cooldown abilities however, which I think was the direction of Exur's question.
  2. Bosscog New Member

    Caith, I had a quick question on the converters that you posted. If 10K pve AB Mod is equivalent to 1K pvp and it progresses on a diminishing returns basis......how is it that I have 16,764 AB Mod and in pvp it states that I have 2,099 in pvp? I am making decisions on gear based on this post and am not sure if what I am seeing is accurate. Perhaps I could be missing something. Can you advise?
  3. Savej Active Member

    I can break that down for you. Its diminishing returns UNTIL you hit 10k, the conversion then INCREASES from 10k-50k at a rate of 40k/6500=A factor of 6.154. Take anything you have above 10k (in your case 6764) and divide by that factor (6.154) so 6764/6.154=1099. At 10k, you had 1k. Add the 10k value (1K) to the >10k value (6764/6.154=1099) and you have 2099.

    From 1k-2k, you pick up 200. Every increase of 1k between 2k-5k only awards 100. Then there's a huge slowdown from 5k-10k where that whole 5k range only gives you 100 more. So you see these "target" values, like 300 Crit bonus for example, where there is all of a sudden an uptick, as there is with the 10k abmod breakpoint.
  4. Savej Active Member

    To add to that..I think its designed this way to maintain some viability for those under lvl 90 or so, where you will have artificial limits imposed by gear, to where someone cannot just find a huge critbonus surge and nullify all the mechanics in place for those levels. They have probably calculated where best in slot items would put say, a lvl 85 toon, and kept the growth of pvp values toned down until such a point as where prestige abilities come into play, at which point to offset the immense heal potential they must increase dps, and also keep gear incentivized (hardcap removes incentive to acquire latest greatest stuff).
  5. Caith Developer

    That is the correct number, when transcribing the tables my brain apparently didn't want to let go of 525 from the previous point.
  6. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    Not trying to smother you but I am eager to know if you have found any issues with how wards scale or why they are so weak as it has been a problem for a year or more now.
  7. Exur Well-Known Member

    This 15% is a hard cap, right? Meaning casting speed will not increase Doublecast in PvP?
  8. Stylish Active Member

    Would also like to know if Shaman are getting any bumps with regard to PvP.
  9. Caith Developer

    Haven't been able to make any progress on it yet.


    Edit for clarification. The PvP conversion happens after any other stat conversions, so casting speed does modify your Doublecast chance, however it will not increase it above the PvP hardcap of 15%.
  10. Magic Missiles Active Member

    What if someone has 200% casting speed but not any doublecast on cloak or belt- would their casting speed affect doublecast up to the 15% cap or not at all?
  11. Caith Developer

    Edited above to provide clarification.
  12. Magic Missiles Active Member

  13. Ykysha New Member

    What scales for damage per second and weapon damage bonus?
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  14. Magic Missiles Active Member

    Can you tell us how Lethality compares to Crit Bonus and to Potency please.
  15. Xakanis Active Member

    Can we get a break down on defensive abilities, and caps on things like Parry and such?
  16. Tonno New Member

    The numbers and formula's make me dizzy... I simply go by what is working and what is not. I play an Inquisitor and have always felt easily overwhelmed ingame with death (in my opinion) coming way to easily to those combating me. A few months ago two charms became available from the vendor in BG's - I purchased Vial of Bolgin's Brew AND The Gamblers Winning Hand ... these two items FOR THE FIRST TIME in my opinion, finally gave me half a chance to survive if only for a few more seconds. When the PVP values of these two items was completely eliminated I once again became the typical slaughter for my foe's that I had always been. First, WHY was the pvp value taken away from these two items, particularly when I purchased them IN BATTLEGROUNDS which is purely a PVP zone? Second, why was I not given an option to return these items for the hard-earned tokens I spent on them from a strictly PVP vendor? Third, will you please put them back as they were so I have that half-a-chance at surviving those few extra seconds?? My inquisitor is pretty useless again : (
  17. Pawder Active Member

    No wonder a lot of players are having issues with their classes. Way too many formulas and conversions. K.I.S.S. As in, remember when MC gear was awesome in pvp?..
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  18. Victour New Member

    Why is double cast even a stat on pvp items if it is reduced in pvp?? Huh?
  19. Xloitl Active Member

    Why is crit bonus/potency a stat then??? Hmmmm
  20. Victour New Member

    Im saying because there are only 2 items you can get with doublecast on them and they are reduced to barely anything in pvp. Crit bonus/potency is on every item and is way higher

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