Putting the Rage in Ragefire

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Faelen, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Faelen Member

    Anyone have any information on this quest? Theories so far is that one of the rare spawn anmers in the ToV heroics has something to do with it...
  2. Mixxit Active Member

    he spawns from mystery box in nexus

  3. Faelen Member

    One of the rare ones from that pillar looking thing at the end?
  4. Mixxit Active Member

  5. Estred Well-Known Member

    How do you get to be able to see those?
  6. Mixxit Active Member

  7. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    This quest is literally kill one mob, inside nexus core heroic at the end. It's an x2 that has broken adds. Adds have an extra 0 of hp and I didn't find any way to avoid pommel strike but maybe I missed it, one shots a random person every 30-40 seconds (~4 hits of 150-200k damage each). Solo mount vs Ragefire reward mount:


    Unless there's a follow up quest somewhere, this quest isn't worth your time. Mount is arguably worse than the mount you need from the pre-requisite solo quest.
  8. Maergoth Well-Known Member

  9. Permafrost.Werena New Member

    The first nexus core heroic we did, a mob named Sentinel Anderin popped after clicking on the pillar thingy. Don't know if he was the x2 or not.

    Had some interesting mechanics - a bulwark/stoneskin, and would flip flop between immune to fighter/scout/physical and mage/priest/mage damage. Took approx 20 minutes to kill, parsed at ~530 million hp. I dont believe anyone was on the quest at that point, but not sure.

    Ornate chest dropped a 4-hour temp adorn 'pattern' for 5% crit bonus or 5% potency.
  10. scousetroub Active Member

    Lighting is short range area check (it will cast several lighting bolts around the area) - you get a animation before it is cast and you can move out of range of it (just look for the dark cloud)

    In a pug in Veeshan zone so pretty much got wrecked by him =(
  11. Lera Well-Known Member

    The Halikus mount is the reward from this quest?
  12. Estred Well-Known Member

    I have a very large bug from this... we had the Iksar Champion Spawn and well, the picture speaks for itself.


    Take a gander at Incoming Damage. This is over a 3:15 fight. He was at 96% Health when we evaced. If nearly 370 Million is 4% HP that means this boss had 9,250,000,000 hit points. This has to be a bug as it seems most of the bosses in Fractured Hive glitch out like this or take no damage from an Add's shielding, but no add ever spawns.
  13. Faelen Member

    I managed to get ragefire to spawn! Talked to him, killed him, but no quest update...am I missing something here?
  14. Snapshot Active Member

    he has a heroic and x2 version, you have to kill the x2
  15. Estred Well-Known Member

    Hm.... actually question. Is the issue I experienced even related to this quest or did I confuse things?
  16. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    If you get Ragefire to spawn, do a half dozen guilds try to gank him from you?
  17. Bouncing Skull Active Member

    So is the x2 bugged and unkillable, or is it doable? We have not tried it again since the first week, but back then our gear was mostly quest and heroic at the time.
  18. Bouncing Skull Active Member

    I would say the quest is worth your time now.

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  19. Sylke Active Member

    It was supposed to remain a secret so I could still get the disco on my server (once a few more guildies get geared up)!
  20. Widem Active Member

    Was this mob changed?

    He is now casting something called Ethereal Enfeeblement which is an 950k mitigatable tick every 3 seconds.

    It was not part of the encounter on any previous pull I've seen on it.

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