PuGs are dying out, and this is not alt friendly (no time when zones take so long)

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Altho, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Altho Active Member

    Current observations having completed all T2's a couple times. Earth isn't bad in fact its somewhat the most balanced one imo, its harder than a T1, the scripts are fun and almost everyone can take part in doing them. You also don't need a perfect group to do it. Now the bad, the rest of the zones still require the perfect group (even then can fail hard) These are too hard for the average player, pugs are dying and raiders need the casual players as well to fill groups. About half of fire is too hard for most, and don't even get me started on Midnight Aerie, many players will never finish T2 because of that.

    Secondly, its nice to have unlockable armor to gear and alt, its bad to not have any time to play them. This is due to the fact it takes forever to make a group since you need, 2 healers, one to ward is extremely helpful, one that can dispel also, both can not be the same type, then you need a chanter, also helps if chanter can parse if not we are down to only 2 dps, after that a tank that can hopefully parse as well. Once the planets have aligned and your T2 group is ready to go, it will now take forever to complete these zones.

    300 Bucks for a lifer sub for this?? No thanks almost end of December and QoL still sucks.
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  2. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    We will see if raiders need casuals, I don't think they do.

    This expac is the worst for alt-friendly to date.

    Good Hunting!
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  3. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    PUGs are dying out because hardly anyone plays the game and the few that do, they clear content with the people they have been playing with for almost two decades (guildies or friends). I konw a lot of people in 2018 wants to kill the cool pixels too and feel amazing, but they refuse to put any effort into getting to the cool pixels.

    I mean who wants to spam a LFG channel for 30-45 minutes just to find 5 random people when u have several AAA titles that has a tool that can do it for you in less time and do it while u do other stuff.

    This has nothing to do with zones having scripts or gear being harder to obtain. If it was, playing a MMO might be a bad genre choice for the people having issues.

    I saw the exact same post in AoM, in ToT, in KA and in PoP
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  4. Altho Active Member

    PoP was actually really great for me, even on slow days I managed to put something together, usually not perfect group but we got by and eventually finished. Normally I would have groups all day many of which were pugs. Also yes even raiders need casuals, usually there is a clique or 2 but not all will have full guild groups. Seems like many will need T1 raid gear to go back and kill T2 heroics... wheres the logic in that!?

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