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Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by ARCHIVED-Kesstryl, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kesstryl Guest

    A player run library is being planned, and we would love the help of the Antonia Bayle RP community to see this accomplished. The goal is to make this library a place for RP, gatherings of mages, researchers, and anyone who would like to include the place for their own RPing and storytelling. We wil be collecting every player book written on AB, and every EQ2 book for that matter. We hope to make this a multi-guild event. Please contact Rinda or Amariella in-game, or any Knights of the Golden Wheel member that you run into.
  2. ARCHIVED-mozart357 Guest

    Have you looked at the Norrathian Research Library?
  3. ARCHIVED-Medeya_AB Guest

    This sounds like a nice idea. And yes, the Norrathian Research Library is a must-see!

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