Provide DVD release packs again for this reason!

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  1. ARCHIVED-Van Leuven Kendal Guest

    Hello EQ2,

    My nephew has a very slow internet connection. The game down load can take up to 4 days and longer if it is by your streaming feed, and game play is terrible during streaming. And when his computer crashes and he needs to reloaded everything all over again, it is a pain to have to down load the game again. I even have problems with how long the down load of the game is. The down load is so long my internet service has timed on me in the past. And then the down load has to be restarted.
    The yearly release should be offered on DVD, so us slow internet users can have a clean version of the game to start from. Down loads to create a one time use can have too many corrupt files in it. I am sure you at Sony know what we are going through. Why can't you help out the customers with slow internet by providing DVD releases again of the yearly game release. I for one stop playing the game and spending money on sony gamed all together when the downloads get too long!

    See what you can do,
    Mr. Kendal
  2. ARCHIVED-Estellar Guest

    Just backup the Everquest 2 directory to a memory stick or the like when you know it is ok and then just copy it across to the PC if/when required. Its only 15-16GB ish so fits easily on usb drive.
    I always keep a backup of the Everquest folder for this reason, and also to make install to a new PC easier/faster. :)
    Then the only thing you would have to do was patch it again depending on when you made the last backup.

    Also, these days with the streaming client, you do not have to download too much to start with, it should do it in the background.
  3. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Estellar wrote:
    yeah andi f you dont have a ubs stick large enuogh you can always make a .rar file and put eq2 in it and then segment the .rar into seperate pieces and copy the pieces over one by one and then extract the game when youh ave all the peices trasfered.
  4. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    I've been using the same install of EQ2, patched, since 2008. I just move it from computer to computer.
  5. ARCHIVED-ke'la Guest

    Even if they sold DVD copies of EQ2 you would still be downloading a very large amount of data on launchday, atleast 4-5GB if not more, because the DVD goes "gold" and is printed long befor they are done making changes to the game.
    For example if they where to release a DVD of CoE that would of had to have gone gold, about 2 or 3 weeks ago.
    A few of the dungons art assests are not done yet, the new summonor pets where still being CREATED as of last week, and they still need animations and the like, they are still resieving sound assests from thier partners, and such.
  6. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    Perhaps, they must not sell the expac, just provide a yearly update package on dvd to be purchased, if needed.
    Or let some sub let the work do
    Or find a nice player near you, with a fast line, that can copy you the files to usb and transfer it, since its just the client not the game
    After all... if your line isnt uptodate.... the fun on eq2 will sufer in many ways.... at least on vc (if it´s working someday ^^)

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