Protege' of a Dragon

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    ((A month ago my husband and I purchased Altar of Malice. With the SC he had saved my husband purchased the Noble Aerakyn race and a race change potion. With the race change potion he transformed his main character Silzin into an Aerakyn. When I created my Monk Kyriu I wrote into her background she was Silzin's protege' or student of Silzin. As I looked at my husband's character I began to think what would Kyriu's reaction be to her mentor being a dragon and being a writer I decided to write that story. With my husband's approval of Silzin's portrayal I now share this story with y'all. I hope y'all enjoy,))
    Within the library of Ancestral Glory's guildhall Kyriu Flamefist meditated. She was bored. Her mind raced through all things past and present. As a child she had gone everywhere with her parents... well almost everywhere. She sighed remembering the one time they had left her behind.
    After her parents' deaths she had become the protege' of Silzin Lightfoot. This was a great honor. In all of his time on Norrath Silzin had never taken a protege' until he chose her. Now, he kept leaving her behind as he tried to save the world; going to areas she was not ready for or so he claimed. Kyriu took deep breaths to calm herself. She had to trust her mentor, but she had been wandering around by herself to keep her body and mind in form, however she felt stagnant. Without someone to lead her she was not sure how to proceed in her own training.
    There was a magical chime in her mind alerting her she had a letter. Kyriu stood and ran upstairs. She turned and walked out of the guildhall into New Halas. She shivered as her bare feet touched the snowy path leading to the mail box. “Why haven't we installed a mailbox in the guildhall?” she wondered as she ran to the mailbox. She took out the letter and returned to the warmth of the guildhall where she opened it.
    Kyriu blinked twice as she read who it was from: Silzin. She opened it and began reading:
    Dear Little One,
    She hated being called Little One, but it had always been his name for her since she had started training under him. She had given up on him calling her anything else but she had vowed he would be the only one to ever call her Little One. With a sigh she continued reading:
    Dear Little One,
    My apologies I have neglected your training recently. As I am sure you are aware many things have happened. I am sure you have heard that Kerafrym also known as The Awakened is no longer a threat to Norrath. This means there will be many changes within the world. There is a matter we must discuss which might impact whether or not you continue training under me. Meet me at my dojo at your earliest convenience
    Grandmaster Silzin Lightfoot, the Nullifier

    Kyriu read the letter again and wondered what had she done wrong? She folded the letter and took the portal to the dojo.
    The dojo was empty except for a few mats.
    “I see you received my letter Little One,” Silzin's tranquil voice came from somewhere in the room.
    Kyriu turned as she tried to find the Wood-Elf but she could not pin point his voice “Sensei... you mentioned in your letter this meeting would determine if I continued under you... what have I done?”
    Silzin laughed “You have done nothing wrong Little One. You have always been far too hard on yourself.”
    Kyriu breathed a sigh of relief “Then why would I ever cease training under you save becoming a Grandmaster myself?”
    She heard Silzin take a deep breath. Was he nervous? Silzin was never nervous about anything.
    “Kerafrym enslaved a race from another thread of time known as the Aerakyn. A few managed to hide from him in other forms. Now that Kerafrym is defeated.... the Aerakyn no longer have to hide.” Silzin said as he dropped his windwalk ability making himself visible.
    Kyriu gasped. She remembered the Wood Elf with a gray braid mingled with true red. Now in front of her stood a tall figure with with a light red chest Kyriu wasn't sure if she could quite call it a pink chest framed by blue scales and then there were the wings, which were the same blue and red as his skin. She tore her eyes from the chest and wings and looked at his face. One horn was on his chin reminding Kyriu of a goatee. His hair was red not the blood red she remembered from his braid but a human red like her father's hair had been and a portion of her own hair was. “Sensei?”
    The figure nodded “This is the true me,” Silzin answered “I was adopted by a Feir'dal family, the Lightfoots who for whatever reason had never been able to have children. Later they adopted Hurkual and then Qwity. My parents gave me a potion to appear as a Feir'dal so I would fit in better. Of course my brothers knew the truth.” he paused “We never knew what I was until my travels led me to Ethermere... no I did not see Mesena or Jacob. My apologies Little One I did not have time to look for them. Further investigation led me to the the Ethermere of Dragons,” He took a deep breath “We found ourselves fighting these men who... resembled me when I was not hiding. I do not know how I came to this thread as such a small child but somehow I did... ." He took a deep breath "I saw Kerafrym defeated and discovered I did not need to hide any more so I made the decision to no longer hide my true self.”
    Kyriu blinked “An Aerakyn? You kind of look like a dragon...”
    Silzin smiled “I am descended from dragons.”
    Kyriu bit her lip. The silver ring encircling her lip clinked against her teeth. “My mentor is a dragon...”
    “Is that a problem, Kyriu?” Silzin asked. There was doubt in his voice and an anxiety Kyriu had never heard from him before
    Kyriu bit her lip in thought “No Sensei,” she said with a bow “I would be honored if you would continue to train me.”
    Silzin nodded.
    The door to the dojo opened and a brown Kerra stepped through the door. “It has been a long time since I saw you this way.” the brown Kerra said to Silzin. “I take it the meeting went well.”
    “Wait you're actually Sensei Silzin's brother...” Kyriu whispered “so then are you an Aerakyn too?”
    Qwity laughed “Nope I'm a Kerra whose fur was lit on fire by a certain older brother breathing fire.”
    Silzin sighed “How long have you been waiting to bring that back up?”
    Qwity shrugged “Doesn't matter, I'm still here. And I'll be here when you get back with a nice warm meal for the two of you.”
    Silzin nodded.
    “Where are we going?” Kyriu asked.
    “Outside for some training.” Silzin answered.
    Kyriu smiled before stepping outside the dojo into Maj'dul.
    Silzin stepped out behind her.
    They walked to the city gate leading to the Sinking Sands.
    “Now what?” Kyriu asked.
    “Now for a lesson in trust,” Silzin answered as he grabbed her around the waist and the ground beneath her fell away. On either side she could see the blue and pink wings flapping. Below her she could see the city and all of the land marks of the Sinking Sands. The wind rushed through her ponytail as they flew. She held her breath as the ground quickly approached again as they dived
    Silzin let go of her in the midst of ruins swarming with undead.
    “Show me what you have learned in my absence Little One,” he instructed.
    Kyriu smiled as she twirled her staff around her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw fire engulf a few of the skeletons she had not caught in her sweep. She had heard of Monks breathing fire and she hoped to learn someday. In the midst of the battle Kyriu challenged the skeletons and wraiths around her “I am Kyriu Flamefist, daughter of Jacob and Mesena Flamefist, protege' of Grandmaster Silzin Lightfoot the Nullifier, I am the protege' of a dragon!”
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    [[ I absolutely love it! ]]

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