Proposed fixes to the Ranger class 2012

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    Alright here is a completely new idea list some old some new, some revised. Some with shout outs to Rangers on the Beta forums; Twyxx, Neiloch mainly.

    • No minimum range on ANY combat arts or bow autoattack. This is mainly a cure for PVP since as soon as any melee class gets on top of you it is usually lights out. But I have been finding more and more in my soloing travels that many mobs have huge hitboxes. This could be an add-on to our myth buff since our mythical bow removed the minimum range from our CAs and Autoattacks.
    • Extension: Bonus increased to 10% and maximum range of melee based combat arts increased to a minimum of 10m, enabling us to remain at a farther range at any given time.
    • Lowered casting time on most abilities.
    • Focus Aim: 5% damage increase, 25% strikethrough, have it last longer and be raidwide.
    • Makeshift Arrow: Change it to an Until Cancelled buff without a trigger count. Add an effect called "Shattered Fragments" (or something lol) Which has a percent chance to proc 50% of the damage caused by Makeshift Arrow in a 10m radius with a DoT effect after the initial damage.
    • Double Arrow: Change it to an effect that ALWAYS triggers a focus damage effect equal to the damage of your autoattack. Only triggers one time, not off of multiattacks. IE: So you hit for 50k autoattack, Double Arrow hits for 50k, then the rest of your multiattacks/flurry go off.
    • Hookshot: pulls the enemy to you and causes high piercing damage. The attack is guaranteed to hit and the next attack made will crit and do 10% more damage. Possible increase to recast time as it would actually be a good attack.
    • Hawk Attack: Siphons 25% of the groupwide/raidwide hate to the fighter with the highest current hate position. If no fighter is present it siphons the hate to the hawk. The hawk will have 50% HP, and 75% of the Avoidance and Mitigation of the Ranger using it. IE Ranger has 50k HP 75% avoidance and 60% mitigation. The hawk would have 25k HP, 56% avoidance, 45% mitigation.
    • Thorny Trap: Reduce the casting time to 1s, increase the damage caused drastically. After the initial hit triggers a DoT.
    • Catlike Reflexes: Enable it to work in PVP. In PVE reduces hate with the enemy by 5% per proc (instead of a static value), lowers hate position by 1.
    • Killing Instinct: Changed from DPS and Ranged Skill increase to Autoattack multiplier increase and damage proc for the Ranger and a groupwide 5% Ability Double Cast (this effect would apply to the ranger as well).
    • Snipe: Add an effect that increases the damage the target takes by 2-5%.
    • Hunter's Instinct: The current bonuses it gives, plus 5% dodge chance. Groupwide buff with the group portion being half the effect of the self buff portion.
    • Conservation: Added affect of 20% ammo conservation.
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    Agree with this 100%. The only other thing that could be added is maybe some more ammo con somewhere (like 10-20% more) but if these actually get changed, I think i'd be too excited about the changes to worry about ammo con.

    Make. Rangers. Desirable. For. Raids.
    Give us utility!
    Any utility!
    And tier 1 DPS equal to the assassin and beastlord!
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    Orthureon wrote:
    More inclined to voice my wants this way though:
    ZUES wrote:
    And then give feedback on what they do. I don't want them thinking its our possibly unreasonable ideas or nothing.
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    Neiloch@Butcherblock wrote:
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    The problem is past devs weren't very giving to rangers and the design team in general doesn't like going back and changing things. They prefer to pile on new stuff in quantities to try and achieve a net balance. Recent inq and templar changes are good example of this.
    Unfortunately this doesn't work well when class has fundamental flaws built into their mechanics. It could work actually, but if they did it for CoE, rangers would be getting nothing short of a large suite of changes and abilities while others would be getting basically what they are getting now.
    Rangers need an iconic piece of desired utility. I really can't say it any simpler. A debuff to increase incoming damage by a set percent solves so many problems. Even if it was just 2% that is a raid wide increase of damage by 2% that you can't get anywhere else (far as I know).
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    First post completely re-written with new ideas, or revisions.