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  1. ARCHIVED-KCD97 Guest

    Why does this endline ability NOT affect Dark Aggravation ? It clearly states that it affects spells ONLY..and no where on the spell itself does it state "cannot be modified". This needs to be changed to affect our new endline, as thats what Propagation was meant to do. It would make the spell ALOT better, something thats got a fair chance to proc...and be able to parse what it should.
  2. ARCHIVED-KCD97 Guest

    Is this not a concern for other locks, or whats the deal? Our endline doesnt proc near enough to make it a "worthy" endline. This would and SHOULD increase the proc rate, to make it more worth its endline status, and do whats it supposed to.

    And while your at it. Fix Plaguebringer to the same reuse of a wizards Hailstorm. Its stupid to have one spell double the efficiency as another, with both being Sorcs.
  3. ARCHIVED-SageGaspar Guest

    It's a tricky thing to balance a proc this powerful. It's probably better that it's unmodifiable honestly. If it needs to proc more often then they just need to make it proc more often. So far I've been fairly satisfied with it though.
  4. ARCHIVED-shurcon Guest

    It procs so erratically right now, its kinnda stupid. On one fight it will proc up to three or four times (over writing itself at least one time). Then for the next three or so fights, not one single proc. Dont get me wrong I love the damage it can do, but given how the random number generator in this game works, Tying the ability to a proc chance was proble not a great ideal.
    As far as balancing this spell, I dont care if they intend it to be unmodifiable. At least have the thing proc less erratically.
    Maybe even get rid of the recast time on the activator so we can at least cast the thing, when it does decide to proc ,before it overwrites itself in an annoying proc frenzy and after that not proc for the next three or four fights once again.
  5. ARCHIVED-Rotchi Guest

    Strange, I have no problem with this spell at all. Works like a charm and adds alot of damage.
  6. ARCHIVED-KCD97 Guest

    Yes, it adds alot of damage..WHEN it goes off. I get very irritable when i see it DO go off at 3% and the mob dies before i can trigger it...then not seeing it proc in the next 8 fights. Its kind of annoying. Ive also noticed, and i dont know if it my own luck, but i rarely see this go off on on ae or aoe spell. It seems alot easier to get to trigger on a single target spell.
  7. ARCHIVED-rudy2 Guest

    It should be affected by things like this and your myth clickie... if there was more ae mobs in raids I wouldn't care, but as it is this should be proccing more.
  8. ARCHIVED-Froed2004 Guest

    It actually procs often enough for me. I've had some times where it procs a couple times during the fight and then others where it doesn't proc at all, but I think that for something that hits this hard, it's set at the right rate. Besides that, I kinda like the erraticness of it... feels like winning the lottery when I see that icon light up, especially when it's off the first couple of hits :p

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